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100 Ways To Earn Money From Home




I always get asked “How Can You Make Money From Home”? And I always answer in the same manner: ‘It depends on what you enjoy doing’! Just because an opportunity is available it doesn’t mean it will be the one for you! I have seen so much over the years and my interest has been peaked several times by open opportunities, but I still want more! I haven’t found my ‘perfect fit’ yet either!

Keep the questions coming, they give me blog post ideas!! ???  I decided to create a list of things one could do to earn money at home, some may be repetitive to you, but hopefully you will see some new ideas you can glean from also!


  1. Baby sitting –We all know someone who may be able to use these services. Daycare providers are paid rather well for keeping children while their parents work!
  2. Consultant –A consultant is a person knowledgeable in a particular field that gives directed advice.
  3. Paid Surveys –Many sites pay via PayPal or other reward options. Signing up for several can create a nice side income.
  4. Flower orders –We are certainly in the season where people will be ordering a lot of flowers! Several companies hire people to take those orders from home. You can also try Teleflora.
  5. Selling and buying used books. There are websites that will pay you for your used text books, and many (myself included) buy used books from sites like Amazon frequently.
  6. Volunteer your vehicle to run errands for others. Of course the fees would be up to you, and you would control how you advertise. Anything you do locally, should also be advertised locally as well as online.
  7. Taking in laundry –Still pretty popular. I think I would feel more comfortable with a laundry service than just going to the laundromat. You charge the fees you want to.
  8. Home appliance repair –Are you a Mr. or Mrs. Fix it? Why not open your own repair business? You might even help save a few electronics from the garbage pile! Lol
  9. Baking–Bakers are needed for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and most any occasion!! You may just like to bake in the summer….so look for weddings and graduations, even bachelor and bachelorette parties have cake!!
  10. Calligraphy –Still a good idea. Along with the baking you may design wedding or birthday or other invitations, or perhaps your passion is designing heartfelt obituaries?
  11. Parties –Are you good at throwing fun parties? If you have ample space or inviting features like a pool, deck, or big yard…this is a good time to throw a BBQ!! You can make it BYOB when you throw them, and charge a fee for entry and eats!
  12. Lawn Care –I admire the manicured lawns in the summer. If you’re talented or just like cutting grass, why not start your own lawn service. Of course in the winter months your lawn care business turns into snow shoveling! If you keep a good customer base, you may be busy year round.
  13. Hair stylist –get clients by sharing your work on social media. If you don’t have any photos of finished work start creating them: clients like to see examples of what you can do.
  14. House Sitting –Believe it or not people still employ house sitters.
  15. Apps –You can use coupon apps to save your family money on things you buy on a regular basis. There are also cool apps that pay users really well, like VOIQ.
  16. Sell T-Shirts –Design and sell your own creations…most of us like wearing t-shirts with weird sayings or cool pictures on them. Teespring is another good resource.
  17. Voice/Dance/Art lessons –If you are a retired teacher, or just have skill you want to share, lessons are still used, but especially by those interested in the arts. Advertise your services in your neighborhood.
  18. Virtual Assisting –There are many organizations that require extra support staff, hence one reason for the need of virtual assistants. You can always sign up with a company that hires assistants before venturing out on your own.
  19. Reseller –Sites like EBay are great for resellers to display their goods. You could also set up your own website and advertise.
  20. Podcast –you could monetize your podcast and earn money that way. Of course it also helps to have an audience listening to what you have to say.




21. Home Typist –There are several companies that hire typists to work from home. Most jobs we do online need at least basic typing experience.

22. Recycling –Of course you won’t get rich, but there are sites that pay you for your empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls by the bunch. How cool is that? You will at least make enough to help supplement extra supplies if needed. Usually those into arts and crafts look to buy these items.

23. Mail decoy — A mail decoy watches for certain specific pieces of mail, verifies them and is rewarded or paid in some way for being a decoy.

24. Gigs –Several sites and apps pay users to complete tasks for a set fee. One of my favorites is We Go Look. Gigs pay from $25-$200, and you will need a smart phone and a vehicle.

25. Micro Jobs –A micro job is a job that has been broken into little sections instead of one big job. These websites are popular among college students.

26. Web DeveloperDevelopers are certainly in demand. With advances in technology and the word being spread about WAH business, developers must have loads of work!

27. IT –Many organizations require professional skill to be completed. Why not earn on your own terms?

28. Travel Agent –This will come up in every list. Travel agent use to be one of the only methods one knew about working from home, for decades.

29. Assembler –If you are good at putting things together, you could have your own assembling business. There are all kinds of things individuals may need assistance putting together, why not get paid for it? It’s warm out so families may be buying bikes and play sets that require assembly.

30. Freelancer –Freelancers pick up jobs when they choose to and basically control their own finances. A good way to make extra money, or to create a steady income. Freelancer2, also try outsource.

31. Mystery Shopper –This could be a fun side job or even part time job for one interested. Most times gigs may be few and far between, so sign up for several that need shoppers.

32. Order Entry Agent –Order entry agents work for food companies that need their customers food orders called in! These jobs usually pay well, agents earn more than $10/hour.

33. Blogging –Companies pay bloggers to blog. Grab a piece of the pie. If you have strong opinions, blogging is a good outlet! ???

34. Customer Service Agent –Handles inbound calls from home as an agent. Choose the hours you want to work.

35. Dispatcher –Dispatchers can work in most any field. Your interests would help decide which avenue to use to become a dispatcher. You can dispatch 18 wheelers, or you might decide you prefer the towing industry.

36. Tech Support Agent –As a tech agent you would handle technical issues customers may have.

37. Chat Support Agent –Work from home as an expert answering questions for a company’s customers. Chat Agents handle issues without being on the phone.

38. Computer Repair –Our world is overflowing with gadgets that may need fixing. If you have the skill why not open up shop at home? You control the pricing and the flow of repairs.

39. Advice line –People still like the idea of anonymity, perhaps you could set up a website and encourage users to choose avatars for their profiles in order to leave an advice request. You could list prices once the request was made so as not to advertise prices to the world, only to potential clients.

40. Upholstery business –If most are like my family things are used until they are no longer of use. Lol People save money by re-upholstering instead of buying new.




41. Tutoring –Use your skills and teach others what you know. Tutors are needed in almost every field, so don’t think because you’re not a math whiz you can’t be a tutor. Are you good at language, writing, English, Science, computers? Most every field needs tutors!

42. Pet Sitter –If you love animals, why not make money loving on them while their owners are away? This is a service one could start by simply advertising in his-her neighborhood or possibly placing a small ad in a local newspaper.

43. Organizer –Perhaps you are good at arranging things in small spaces, or creating space in cluttered areas? People love organizers, Lord knows I could use one! ??

44. Translator –Because businesses are now discovering avenues to take their organizations to the global level, there has been an increase in the need for translators. Many of the jobs I research have a counterpart for those who are able to translate.

45. Transcriber –Transcribers will always be needed. As long is there is data to be transcribed, and it is used in many fields, not just the courts. Transcribers translate police data, law info, medical info, info for movies, TV, news, and more.

46. Content Writer –These writers create content for newspapers, books, websites, blogs, and any type of business that requires relevant content.

47. Captionist –Captioners type out the words spoken in movies, TV, news casts, and more. These come in handy for those who may have difficulty hearing.

48. Expert –Experts answer questions he-she has knowledge in to receive payment. You can venture out on your own or sign up with a host to advertise your expertise.

49. Social Media Mgr. –If you are skilled at social media and enjoy it, why not earn from it too? Most companies have a social media account (or several) and they require maintenance.

50. Tatto Artist –If you are a skilled artist you may already know your potential customers. Search Google for affordable tools to conduct your business.

51. Stylist –A personal wardrobe assistant. Pick clothing, jewelry, and other styling choices for your clients. Sounds like a fun job for those who love fashion.

52. Artist –There are several ways an artist could make money from home. You could create and set your work out in the yard in your neighborhood, or set up a booth at your local flee market. There are also websites that need your skill.

53. Make-Up Artist –These artists are needed in many venues, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthday parties, Halloween, most any occasion.

54. Voice Over –Voice over artist perform voice characters for cartoons, radio show, commercials, and more. There is a place for beginners to earn as well.

55. Cartoonist –If you have skills in drawing or artistry, this may be a good side income job.

56. Caterer –Good cooks wanted. I can’t see there being a shortage of catering jobs, every venue needs good food! Put yourself out there and make some dough! ??

57. Programmer –If you are good with setting up computers, or programming them with vital info, this may be a good choice for you!

58. Exterminator –Bugs, bugs, bugs! It’s the season for bugs to be invading homes near you! A pretty good time to open an extermination business, if you have the skill.

59. Cleaning Service –Businesses usually hire services to keep their organizations squeaky clean. There are many opportunities for any person or group of persons who choose to conduct such business.

60. Bookkeeper –Keep track of other’s finances for a fee. Bookkeepers will always be needed, even with software making things easier. Advertise your services locally or on your social networks.




61. Pharmacy Tech –Pharmacy techs can work at home. In most instances their clinical knowledge is needed for phone order entry positions.

62. Concierge –A concierge is basically a professional assistant. Do you remember the term ‘gal Friday’? Well, that is similar to a concierge, usually a personal assistant to one or several individuals.

63. Photography –Photographers are needed for mostly any occasion…since when did any of us have to have a reason to take pictures? Lol Also there are many websites that allow you to upload photos and when people download or buy them, you get paid.

64. Car Repair –If you are good at fixing cars you could open up shop at home and earn a side or full time income….everyone needs a mechanic. Lol

65. Teacher –Educators have ample opportunity to work from home because of this new trend in virtual learning. Many online institutions require your expertise.

66. Sell Your Junk Mail –Turn your junk mail into rewards with SBKC.

67. Website Tester –Earn extra money testing apps and websites. Not a full time job seriously just extra money.

68. Sell photos you take with your phone. You receive $5 each time any of your photos sell. Foap. Or Iconzoomer.

69. Sell unwanted coupons on EBay. There are more than 3,300 auctions on EBay for coupons.

70. Refunds or cash backParibus scours your emails and issues you a refund when prices go down for past purchases.

71. Sell clothing on Poshmark.

72. Books reviewer/proofreader/editor/copywriter. There are sites that look for those talented in each field listed, many sites look to contract newbies.

73. Search Engine Evaluation — We need evaluators to monitor search engine results, so when we search we find what we’re looking for. Bachelor Degree Required.

74. Affiliate Marketing  –Affiliates are said to rake in billions of dollars per year advertising other people’s items. Once a sale is made, the affiliate receives a commission.

75. Become a reviewer. Companies want to hear your opinion about their products and/or services. Often after a review you get to keep the products: this is only for reviews where the product is sent to your home.

76. Care taker –Take care of our seniors! It takes a special, personality to care for the elderly and the ill.

77. Sell your gently used clothing –Second-hand clothing is still popular. I come from a big family, so I’m use to just passing things down to whomever can get use out of them.

78. Call Center Rep –You can run a call center from home, or sign up and work under one. There are quite a few companies that regularly look to hire call center representatives.

79. Telephone Nurse –Medical professionals are needed to give consults from home. Pharmacy and Science positions here too.



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  1. Wow my friend you really have tons information on your website. You have privided great information on how to earn money from your computer. Great resources that show you how to go by earn money. Anyone having a problem with idea they really need to check out your post. Great job .

    1. Hi, Anthony. I have been researching these jobs for close to 10 years, so I would say I’m an expert! Lol I try my best to find opportunities for those with skill and those who lack skill. I enjoy what I do. I want people to know that the jobs are online and that we are NOT facing a shortage! Thanks so much for your feedback! Come again soon! 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful list of options and things anybody can choose to do from home! Being that I’m in pursuit of trying to create income from home, I see a lot of list and different opportunities on the internet.

    This list however brought some new ideas like selling clothes on Poshmark. Never heard of this site, but it definitely something I will check out considering I have to many clothes as is!

    But is anything on this list that you’re personally leveraging for your success?

    1. Hi, Joseph. I actually use quite a few regularly. My favorite is completing surveys and performing Data Entry. I always encourage those new to earning online to try the ‘Crowdsourcing’ sites, they are a good place for newbies to start. Thanks so much for stopping in. 🙂

  3. Being an online entrepreneur I’m always looking for potential opportunities and you have put together a real impressive list and with the right education anyone can achieve success online. Thanks for sharing you have given me some new ideas.

  4. Wow!! there are so many ways to flexibly earn money from home–i can’t believe how many you managed to list here! this will be such a help to many people.

    1. Hi, Hillary. I love lists like these, they inform people that working from home can certainly be a possibility. Thanks so much for stopping by. Come again soon! 🙂

  5. Wow Audra you have really shared some great information on the different ways to make money from home. I really like that you can sell flowers online through an affiliate company. When certain holidays like mothers day that just passed this would really be great for making a few extra dollars.

    I really appreciate the huge list provided this is giving me some ideas to choose from! Thanks

    Dawn 🙂

    1. Hi, Dawn. Thank You. I just know there are tons of ways we can all earn from home, and what I may enjoy doing, you may not…so I tried to find as many different options as I could. So glad you stopped by. Come again, soon! 🙂

  6. Audra,

    What an amazing list! Everyone can find at least one, if not more, item here that can allow them to earn money at home!

    How did you ever find all these ideas?

    Great job!

    I especially enjoyed seeing “Sell your junk mail”! Finally, a use for that junk!



    1. Hi, Roger. Thank You!! It actually took me a few days to complete this list and add resources, but .i enjoy doing it! I was excited about rewards for junk mail too. Lol. Seems like we’re all a bit sick of if!! ???. Thanks for stopping by. Come again soon! 🙂

    1. Hi, Jim. Thank you, I certainly had to do plenty of research! Lol. Thanks so much for stopping by. I would love to hear of your experience(s) working from home. Come again soon! 🙂

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