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16 Businesses You Can Run From Home


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Running a home business isn’t a thing of the past, it’s becoming the wave of the future! People are slowly embracing the power of the internet and creating incomes from home. It’s hard to believe there are still people out there who believe that every opportunity to make money online or at home is a scam! Where have these people been? There have been countless stories on the news featuring different organizations offering virtual employment. Were these ads only shown on my TV?

I talk about working from home to anyone who will listen, and everywhere I go, but still run into that one person who asks me, Is it a scam? I have been researching these WAH (work at home) jobs for several years and haven’t discovered any scams associated with the jobs I’ve researched nor the employers offering positions. The scams people refer to are not jobs, they are ‘money making’ opportunities that will steal your time and money. If you believe every claim online about making you RICH, you are not researching a j-o-b! Since when does a job make anyone rich? I’ve never heard of that before!

The rich work for themselves and no one else. If employees could become rich, none of us would probably research too much more about other types of work: changes in the job market were created because there was a need! As jobs seem to disappear in some areas, or as job requirements change with regard to education and experience, many prefer searching online to discover ways to create a steady income. The internet has aided users in discovering home based business ideas and in becoming independent business owners by using software, apps, and virtual assistants to aid in the streamlining of services.


Though there are probably too many to put on one list, I will give you 16 home based business ideas you could be doing from home. Each idea may have fees associated with them because you are establishing your own business and there are necessities associated with any business venture.

  • You may have to file your business legally with the Secretary of State near you.
  • You may need certain licensing to run your business.
  • You may need to hire assistants/employees
  • You may need monies to keep supplies in stock. office/business
  • You could grow and eventually need more operating space.

Here are a few possibilities for your future business venture;

Call Center Agent —One of the most popular choices. Nowadays doesn’t take much more than establishing your business name and filing with your state (fees vary from state to state). You would require; a quiet, dedicated space in your home, a separate phone line to receive your calls and possibly a head-set, and a computer with broadband connection. Some companies may require that items are printed, so a printer may also be needed.  For software, Host, Host2  Resources   WikiHow  –How to start a call center in 10 steps.  CCH –How to set up a call center from scratch. #1

Travel Agent–Popular home business ideas. For those with an interest in booking travel. Fees associated would depend on the method used to enter into business. You can step out on your own as an agent independent of other agencies, or you can sign up with a host company and partner with them. A host company would offer deals to split commissions, and other fees because you would essentially be running your business by way of their services. (contracting). A travel agent needs proper licensing to operate and you will need a license for your business and location. Try MTravel as your host company or search find a host to locate one.   Resources —Entrepreneur –How to start a travel service. WikiHow –How to start a travel agency w/pictures. #2

Arts & Crafts —If you are artsy and enjoy creating this option may be a viable one. You’d need to advertise your work and services on your social media accounts and possibly create a website to showcase your finished pieces. Websites like Etsy allow users to create online shops and sell arts and crafts. There is a listing price of 20 cents per item listed and you can get paid by direct deposit. Either option would create fees for supplies needed to create your art, and possibly the administration of a website, and whatever other means you use to advertise. Resources WikiHow –How to start an arts and crafts business online. Art blogs, PromotionTools#3


Graphic DesignThis category is one of the most popular job categories. If you are a designer this is the perfect time to open your own design studio online to display your work. Many organizations are looking for your talents. Owning your own business puts you in control of the jobs and pay you will accept. Make sure to advertise on your social media pages and direct your customers to your portfolio online. WeGraphics –Self-made graphic design artist. Blurb –Create professional portfolio books. You could also create a website for your venture and allow potential clients to view finished work from there.  Complex  –20 resources for graphic designers. #4

Voice Over Artist —Voice over artists perform character voices for cartoons,,commercials, radio, and more. Not much equipment is needed besides a microphone and recording devices, as well as a sound board and a closed in space. If you enjoy changing your voice or are already a natural character, I would give this a shot. If you start off doing voices for a host or network on sites dedicated to voice over artists, it could be a good way to grab your first clients!  CheapVoiceTalent –No studio fees. Free auditions. VoiceToons , VoiceOverX –A resource for voice over artists. FREE work space.  VOC –A resource for voice over artists. SuchAVoice –A resource for beginners in the industry. Tools Voice Over Guide  #5

Bookkeeper —Are you good with finances and keeping good financial records? This may be the career for you! Every business must keep track of its finances, and would be in need of a thorough number analyst. Start up companies and other smaller companies may be in need of your services. There are also several ways to gain prospective clients;  Find Clients,  First 50 Clients Tips, FREE Software , QuickBooks. You would need a dedicated phone line, a computer with internet connection, and a printer. It would also be wise to create a website for your business. #6

Greeting Card Company —If you always have something clever to say at every occasion this may be the choice for you! Greeting card companies services are used for any and every occasion…or you can create your own! I enjoy quirky and obviously modern greeting cards!  Step-by-step, 11 steps , 101. Create a website or portfolio of your finished work, so clients have an idea regarding your creativity level. Best software, more software, templates.  #7


Writing —Writers seem to be doing pretty well for themselves online. Several companies will often pay top dollar for seasoned writers. If you have faith in your skill, why not start your own business? You can create a website with samples of your work to advertise your services. You could run ads on social media where millions of people visit regularly. How To, WikiHow –Start a home based writing business in 11 steps. You may want to try a freelance site to gain clients, freelancer, Tips. Business ideas for writers. Client strategies.  #8

Social Media Mgr. —If you are a pro at social media management , many companies require their pages to be updated with current, valid, industry news, or substantial engagement with prospective customers. Digital marketing–Free social media business kit. 6 steps to becoming a social media manager. Tips, Tools, freelance. This seems like a fun job, but not necessarily an easy one. #9

Mystery Shopping —This option would entail you establishing yourself as a professional shopper and gaining respect in the industry. Any freelance work performed full or part time means that you’re already working for yourself! There are many agencies that hire mystery shoppers and you could sign up for several to meet your needs financially. All you would essentially need is the knowledge of which types of shops you would prefer; phone shops, in-house shops, video shops and more. You would need a computer with internet to complete your reports. Product Testing, Market Force, WikiHow –Become a mystery shopper. Bestmark. Tools, More tools. #10

Consultancy —A consultant is a professional you tell your issue to that helps you figure out best methods for you to be successful. If you had a medical issue, you would go to a doctor for a medical ‘consult’ meaning: the issue will be stated along with possible solutions and outcomes. If you have experience in any field you can get paid for your professional help/advice. Entrepreneur –How to start a consulting business. Tips, Resource, Tools, More tools. #11



Photographer —Photographers (in my opinion) will always be needed. If you’re good at capturing memorable moments, or just take good pictures, why not get paid for your talents! You probably already have decent equipment and if not,  it’s not hard to find. You can upload images into an online portfolio to display your work. There are sites that allow you to do this FREE; Wealthy Affiliate, and Wix. Tips, More tips & tools, Resources. #12

Website Developer —Website developers continue to be in demand because of the increasing trend toward online business. If you are a skilled developer with a bit of free time, why not invest some time in starting your own business! If you started out as a freelancer, maybe a bit more advertising would help you gain new clients. FYI, More FYI, Resource, Tools, More Tools. #13

Virtual Assistant —If you enjoy office work but require a more flexible schedule, this option may be for you. You work at your convenience and accept or deny clients as you see fit. You can head out on your own and advertise your talents or start out at a host company and contract your services to them. Virtual assistants do everything from answer phones and emails, to making reservations. Tips, FYI, More tips, yeah Tips, Tools, More Tools.  LongerDaysVoiceNation.  #14

Editing/Proofreading —Proofreaders are usually the ones to make sure that our printed materials aren’t riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Honestly, this is a position I see open worldwide, so the opportunity is definitely sustainable. There is software available to aid in the process. Tools, software, Tips, More tools, Resources, resources, More tips. #15

Affiliate Marketing —This option is for those who have a knack for selling other’s products and services. There are several affiliate programs to choose from, but if you are a newbie and have no idea how and where to start, I would recommend The Wealthy Affiliate network. Here you will learn step-by-step the fundamentals of setting up and maintaining a successful online business, and there is loads of support from other community members. Sign up is FREE! Wealthy Affiliate, Resources, Tools. #16

Aside from the necessary equipment needed you will more than likely require a website for your business needs. The easiest method I know of is by using the site rubrix tool. You can have your site created in 30 seconds!

Small Business Resources

Forbes –30 Tools for small business owners.

Small Biz Trends –21 business tools.

All Business –Marketing advice.

Apps and Tools –Online resources.

Ad Sites –Top 100 FREE ad sites.


Concluding Thoughts–Most business ventures will have associated costs. It would be wise to choose options that will not cause financial burden. Running a home business can be both challenging and rewarding: the time and effort you put into your business will be your end result! (good or bad). Be sure not to lose the passion for your passion and success will be inevitable!


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  1. This post is full of great ideas! this shows that anyone can make extra cash online without much trouble.

  2. Hello there, you have some great content here, for many people it would be a dream come true to have a successful business that they can run from home. However, the average person may not know how to go about doing this. I believe that there are two reasons that prevents people from starting a home business.

    1. They are skeptical and they may think it’s a scam if they come across a legit home business that can earn them some decent revenue.

    2. They believe that it will be far too complicated for them to accomplish this, so they decide not to pursue it and they end up spending the rest of their lives working for someone else.

    Hopefully some people will view your website and get a different perspective on this.

    1. Hi, WMP. Thank You! I believe fear holds all of us back at some point in our lives. If people would research for themselves and stop believing what people who know nothing of what they speak say, there will be more people working online or at home. It just makes sense! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

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