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16 More Apps That Pay!






Hello, WAH family! I have composed a list of more apps I have discovered that are paying users. If you find information (or know of information) to the contrary please post or send me a message.

Many of the apps I post have received reviews regarding pay. There are many not listed on my site because they are known not to pay. If you enjoy trying new apps here are a few more sites to add to your earnings.

Earning from apps most often does not require much skill, we often download apps regularly to be social or conduct business (Banking, FB,), but don’t receive pay. These apps are for those who want to earn by trying apps or being social as well as complete other tasks.

If these sites are not quite what you’re looking for, feel free to visit previous posts about apps that pay; Money Making Apps. These micro jobs have no set schedule. Happy earning!




Paying apps







An app that pays users to download and try other apps. Users earn rewards by trying these new apps. Rewards like; Xbox, Amazon, Facebook, Visa, PayPal and more. App available on iTunes and Google Play.







Split turns pages you share in to links that pay. Best of all, Split links pay senders and recipients for every share, click and purchase. Available on IOS only.






An app that rewards its users for downloading new apps. Pays via rewards like; Google Play, Amazon gift cards, and Steam cards. App is available on iTunes and Google Play.









Is a money making messenger app. The app pays you when you use it! Look at the reviews and decide if you’d like to try it. App also available on Google Play.

Cash Panda





An app where users earn by completing tasks, and offers. Pays via Paytm and PayPal.

Champ Cash





An app where users earn by watching videos, trying apps, and completing challenges. Your first challenge is to try between 8-10 apps. Refer your friends and earn from what they do. A great platform for app creators who want users to try their apps. Must earn at least $10 to request payment. Pays via mobile recharge, bank transfer and more.







Generate money by movement. Bitwalking is a new way to participate in the world. A technology that recognizes our human value. A new global currency generated by each of us, for all of us. App available on Google Play and iTunes.






An app where users are paid to complete simple tasks. Receive a $10 bonus upon sign up. Users can earn completing such tasks as testing apps, sharing posts, completing surveys, and Promoting products and courses.  Must have earned at least $50 to request payment. Pays via PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Payoneer, or Wire transfer ($100 minimum).

Review for Dev




Download and try apps and earn rewards for your honest reviews. Many of the apps are paid apps, which means your downloads are not free.






An app where users are paid by selling their photos online. App available on Google Play.







Take short surveys and earn cool rewards with this app. SurveyMini rewards you for answering quick surveys (no more than 11 questions) when you visit some of your favorite restaurants, stores, and attractions. Every time you complete a survey, you’ll receive rewards like free food, discounts, and points toward gift cards. App available on iTunes and Google Play.

Elusive Stars





A platform that pays its users for testing Android apps. Click the tab marked ‘Developer sign-up’ to sign up as a tester(member option available).







An app that rewards users for uploading their lottery tickets. Earn from daily check ins. Pays via PayPal and Amazon gift cards. App available on Google Play and iTunes.







Users are paid for completing tasks. iPhone users only.







A platform where users are paid for their selfie pics. Pics of you, by you, doing normal things, posing for the camera, in your room, your home, outside, etc. Submit pics for cash is a marketplace where you can create income from the pictures you take. Earn $1-$5 for you photo submissions. Pays via Check or PayPal.










An app where users are paid in rewards by trying other apps. Redeem points for gift cards. Pays via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, phone bill top-up, and more. App available on Google Play.







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