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18 Companies That Pay You To Test Websites and Apps




The wave of technology has caused many changes to occur with regard to employment. Many positions one learns today that are open, are usually not the typical 9 to 5 job. Flexible scheduling is certainly a requirement in today’s job market. Believe it or not, this leaves many openings for new start ups and those organizations that perform business mostly online. An organization based online will still require many if not ALL of the requirements of a standard brick and mortar–minus the building and other expenses.

Companies that hire website testers, have basically contracted out several hundreds (probably thousands) of individuals to perform these necessary tests. Let’s say 100 start ups have created websites or apps for their businesses, but want to work out bugs or make navigation simpler. The company would need someone like you to give honest feedback on the ‘usability’ of the website or app. By giving your honest feedback, each company would be in position to make changes and upgrade or delete certain features so that users would have a better experience.

Have you ever gone to a website or used an app that was just hard to navigate? You can’t find the support page, or even pages that got you there from a link you clicked? Perhaps used an app that crashed on you before you could log in? These are issues that would be examined during a test. There is virtually no skill needed to be eligible for these tasks: possibly a computer, Ipad, smartphone, Android tablet, and internet connection.


Paid to Login

Paid for Logging in


I have personally tried it a few times and the tests are interesting. Of course you would not consider this more than “extra income”, but I enjoy learning and trying new things. It may also enhance your skills to be offered entry-level jobs in tech if you’re not already technical. All things one learns can be translated into a job skill. Or your experience with smaller organizations may lead to your recognition and respect from larger organizations.

The tests I have been a part of only lasted between 5 to 10 minutes in length. There are instructions before each test to see if your profile matches what is needed from the tester (organization needing testing results). If you do not qualify you will get a message that you did not qualify and to return to your dashboard. I usually let them pile up when the notifications come in, just because I may only qualify for 1 out of 5. That is MY personal experience and not necessarily what would be considered the norm.

The user is not on camera (for most tests), but the software can hear what is said, so it is best to perform tests in a quiet area where you would not be disturbed. You must speak through your experience, so clear English is a requirement.  Users must be at least 18 years of age. I have been testing websites and apps for at least two years now and you better believe it is on my resume. Here I have listed a few sites that I’ve found that may be looking for more contractors to test their websites and apps. Please visit each website to verify if testing is available and are requesting new applicants.


UserTesting–This the one of the most popular sites I have seen. Tests pay $10

for website tests, and usually around $3 and up for testing apps. Cashout is via PayPal. 

Whatusersdo–Website testing. Get paid up to $8 per test completed. Company is based

in the UK. Pay is via PayPal. 

Userfeel–Website testing. Earn $10 per completed test. Not currently accepting new


Userlytics–Website testing. Earn $10 per completed test. 

TryMyUI--Website testing. Earn $10 per test completed. Pays weekly via PayPal. 

StartUpLift–Website testing. Users are paid $5 per test completed. Payments are

made via PayPal weekly on Mondays. 

Enroll–Website Testing. Pay differs depending on the test type and length. 

Feedback Army–Website testing. Most tests seem to be available through

“Mechanical Turk”so you’d have to sign up there to get assignments.  



Paid Surveys and various ways to earn.



Analysia–Website testing. Earn $10 per completed test. 

Utest–Website testing. Pay varies based on project. Webcam and microphone required. 

Loop11–Website testing. Site states the pay is $5 per test, but I have received $3 for testing

an app. so I’d say pay varies depending on the test and the time spent within the test. 

Testing Time–Website testing and surveys. Pay varies per project completed. 

Test Birds–Test websites and apps. Earn $15-$20 per completed test.  

Mycrowd–Website Testing. Get paid for finding ‘bugs’. Pay set for each bug to be found. 

Testadrome–Website Testing. Exchange points for cash or gifts. 

Erlibird–Website Testing. Pay varies per task required. 

Validately–Website Testing. Pay varies per task. 

UserZoom–Formerly ‘YouEye’. Website testing. Pay varies per task completed. 






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