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20 MORE Businesses You Can Run From Home



I’m not actually a big fan of long posts, but often they are necessary. I found another 20 businesses you can possibly be running from home to create an income for yourself. I say 20 more because I made a post about “16 Businesses You Can Run From Home“, so I guess this is part #2. There are so many ideas, a few of which I put on the list because my interest was peaked.

Whatever your skill or talent, I am almost positive that it can be transitioned into an at home business idea! I research these opportunities so people will know of the possibility to have their own businesses. Not everyone knows how much easier (most times) and more affordable it can be to run your business online or at home. So without further adieu, I give you a comprehensive list of 20 home based business ideas;

Massage Therapist —A massage therapist is one who studies the art of massage and works out tension in our bodies as a comfort. I love massages! If you have this skill or are interested in learning it is not a difficult field to enter. AMTA–A resource for prospective therapists. I found a resource on Wiki How about how to start as a therapist. PayScale gives us salary and industry information. Necessary supplies list.  #1

Caterer/Baker —Don’t we all love caterers? They make the food at all of our gatherings throughout any given year. I know many good cooks who should be in business for themselves! If you enjoy cooking and-or baking this may be a good choice for you. How to get started in the baking business resource. Resource on how to get started. Tools, for bakers, Wiki How –Starting a catering business. Catering software.  #2

Personal Concierge —A professional assistant. 25 years ago a concierge usually worked for a hotel chain and took care of the guests needs. According to TC, You can now find a concierge everywhere … in hospitals, malls, corporations, apartment buildings, office buildings, airports, colleges, associations, churches and on and on and on. Wiki How–How to in 5 steps. Software, resource, hospitable people –hire or work as a concierge.  #3




Party/Event Planner —If you’re always the go-to for planning great parties/gatherings this may be a good fit for you! We all know someone who has fun or ‘decorative’ parties. People pay good money to have the perfect event planned. Kids birthdays are still huge, graduations, weddings, you name it!  Entrepreneur –how to. Another resource. A guidebook for planning events. Event planner tool, event mgmt. software .  #4

Notary Public —A notary is a person authorized to perform certain legal formalities, especially to draw up or certify contracts, deeds, and other documents for use in other jurisdictions. Resource –how to. Necessary software. Needed supplies–notary store. Helpful tools, even more tools.  #5

Truck Dispatcher —This position has always interested me and I will be blogging about it soon…stay tuned! A truck dispatcher basically tells the truck drivers where they are needed. Management software. FREE e-book on how to get started. The trucker’s report. Specialized training through caps. Good resource.  #6

Paper Shredding business —A business shredding paper? Absolutely! There are important documents that should be shredded not only for recycling purposes, but because info like credit card and social security numbers should not just be thrown in the trash! Chron –how to. A resource–shred tech. More important tools. 6 SEO tips for paper shredding. Destruction software.  #7

Gitft Baskets —This is such a good idea! Gift baskets are used for most any occasion; weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and much more. A how to–Chron. 99 marketing tools($39). More tools, these are FREE. Wholesale supplier.  #8




Drop Shipping —So what is drop shipping? Drop shipping is a fulfillment model that allows you to buy products individually from a wholesaler and ship them directly to your customer. Instead of purchasing a large amount of inventory, you simply partner with a drop shipping supplier and list their merchandise for sale. Shopify is gaining popularity online. No need to worry about inventory. Resource at ship wire. Doba, a resource, more resources.  #9

Hair Stylist —We will never stop needing hairstylists! If you’re good at styling hair, or you’re the go-to for the latest styles this may be for you! Most stylists already have a client base established, no method works better than word of mouth! Wiki How–how to. Marketing tips, even more marketing tips. 1,000 Ideas about salon promotion on Pinterest.  #10

Manicure/Pedicurist —Men and women alike enjoy getting manicures and pedicures! If you’re good at it, why not work for yourself. I’d assume a massage is added to a  pedicure, but I could be wrong! ? 11 Mistakes to avoid, resource. 14 Steps-How to–Wiki How. Tips and tools from Nail Pro. “15 Nail Salon Nightmares and How To Avoid Them”, HuffPost. Salon business tools.  #11

Makeup Artist —Makeup artists can find gigs at birthday events, weddings, anniversaries, business arenas and more. Here are some resources to help you get started; tips, artist tricks, tools, a resource of how to.  #12

Home Staging —Home staging is when a person decorates a home that the owner (it could be them ?? ) is renting or selling to be attractive to perspective tenants. If you’re good at decorating or just enjoy it this may be your business idea! Wiki How — how to. A good resource. Tools, more resources,.  #13




Midnight Daycare –Many parents have a hard time finding daycare providers in the off hours, why not take advantage of those potential dollars. Of course this would mean having munchkins around in the wee hours of the night! A Wiki How–how to. Resource checklist, tips, tools, marketing strategies.  #14

Bed And Breakfast —I love this idea! I’m just usually not up early enough to cook breakfast! Lol  The first B & B I remember was on ‘Little House on The Prairie’ ran by Nellie and Mrs. Olston! If you are bubbling with hospitality or just have the right space, go for it! Running a B & B for dummies cheat sheet. Entrepreneur –how to. More good resources. Even more resources. Marketing tips.  #15

Digital Forensics —These services are needed because of cell phones and different technology. What you would do is retrieve information users have ‘seemingly’ deleted! A guide and how to. A good resource, popular computer forensic tools. List of digital forensic tools. More useful tools.  #16

Employee Mobile Monitoring —Because many workers are allowed to work virtually, a system was needed that monitors employee’s work ethic and performance. Useful tools, tools, tracking tools,.  #17

Tattoo Artist –If you are skilled at tattooing you could be making decent money! Many still get tattoos. You may already have clients. Here are a few resources to help you along in your journey. How to–Wiki How. Tools, must haves-resources. Links and resources.  #18




T-Shirt Design –Believe it or not T-shirt design is a big money maker, if you are an artist why not combine your skills? Or perhaps you have quirky things to say that others may enjoy? Spread shirt,shopify, strarting tips, business resources, legal documents.  #19

Computer Training Lessons — Because technology continues to advance, we will always be in need of computer trainers who can show us how to work new systems and technologies. Entrepreneur info. Start a computer training business resource. Ideas,  great resource.  #20

Whichever direction you choose you are going to need resources! You need to advertise your services; start with social media; Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google + , Instagram, Tumblr, and reddit. You must engage your audience! You will also need other advertising and I will direct you to my previous post, where I give you advertising ideas and a method to make a FREE website for your business.  I am also including a resource I discovered from a site called SMB CEO with a comprehensive list of tools for small business owners. Check it out!





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  1. Hi Audra:

    This is a great list and synopsis of different jobs that can be done. Some of these positions I had never thought of either. I am an Affiliate Marketer but have experience in some of the jobs you have posted. I believe in multiple streams of income, so I will be checking some of these out. Thanks again fellow WA’er

    1. Hi, Naima. Believe me, I discover new things with each post! Lol Quite a few items from (both lists) stand out as…I might try that…lol. Thanks for stopping by, love. Come back soon! 🙂

    1. Hi, Michelle. You’re absolutely welcome! I am glad you see something you’d like to try. There are a few that interest me as well! Thanks for stopping in. Come back soon! 🙂

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