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I felt this blog was necessary because of the job market. If you watch the news regularly, you’re aware that they often speak about the number of jobs available (usually in the tens of thousands) versus the number of people who are unemployed or looking for work. It frustrates ┬áme that others cannot find employment when all I see regularly are open positions in every field!!

Are people looking in the right places for employment? Do applicants possess the skill(s) needed for these available jobs? Are professionals creating portfolios of past work, or doing simple resume submissions?While unemployed, are applicants updating skills and learning NEW technology? Are people using their social networks to find employment opportunities? And last but certainly not least, Have you searched online for employment???

Why Should We Learn NEW Technologies?

Why continue to allow opportunity to pass you by? Do you think Steve Jobs was the ONLY person at Apple who knew technology and where it could/can go? Or that McDonald’s would never have competition? Knowledge is power! I use to hear that phrase EVERY weekend as a child: becoming empowered to learn whatever I could and as much as I wanted. There will always be someone competing for your spot, so if you don’t upgrade your skills regularly, you will become obsolete/not needed.

Are you trying to stay relevant in the job market? If the answer is yes, you need to possess the skills these so-called new jobs require. It may have been OK 30-40 years ago to stay where you are, never learning anything new nor having the desire to. Today is a different job market and a totally different story! There are new programs and technologies being developed regularly, so it is a necessity to learn these technologies, or ultimately be phased out by either the millennials (who apply for jobs with mega skill sets), or by technology itself….if you can’t accomplish a job/task an organization will find one who can.

Why Should We Learn Foreign Language?

Parlez-Vous Francais? Why is it a chore for some to understand the importance of learning Foreign language? It boggles my mind! Let me explain something: Every job I see for WAH usually has another position for those who can interpret or translate. Do you know what you do when you don’t learn/know a foreign language? You give money away! Say a job was open for a reservationist at $10/hour, if the reservationist spoke/understood Spanish or Mandarin the pay could be $15/hour. So you’d basically be losing around $40/day in pay because you refuse to learn a language….I’m sure those who do don’t mind…their jobs are plentiful and well-paid!



Business doesn’t just happen in English!! Why continue to limit yourself? Next to tech I’d have to say that interpreters/translators are the most requested jobs/applicants I see on a regular basis. Doesn’t it sound like a good idea to update or learn skills that are the most requested around the globe? It doesn’t matter your age, most times we can learn online and at our own pace.

The purpose of this post is to inform my readers that there are resources online that help us learn things FREE!! This means that you can learn a subject at your leisure and the lessons don’t require your payment info…how does that sound? We must keep up with technology and follow business trends if success is our goal! We also need to search for jobs…..where the jobs are!! We know outsourcing has been occurring for more than (3) decades now… that would mean the jobs are where? Online!

This isnt a lecture because people do what they choose, it’s an FYI…just to inform others of what is occurring that many don’t seem to see…we’re going virtual folks! I have put together some resources that will help you to gain skill needed for many of the new jobs. People who don’t know the past are doomed to repeat it! Remember Block Buster Video? They refused to adapt to the new streaming of movies and TV and were shoved out by Netflix….they had good sense and followed the trend! That is why keeping an eye on your competition is so important.

Concluding Thoughts: Take advantage of the educational and other resources listed. You are in control of your future and it’s time to take action! Never be complacent in your current position, things change in the job market too frequently! Prepare for your success as if your life depended on it, because it does! Much success!



FREE Online Learning

GCF –FREE online learning platform. (Technology, Reading, Math, and more.)

Coursera –FREE online learning resource. Learn from the top schools around the country. Not all courses appear to be FREE.

Alison –FREE online learning resource. Learn Health, Finance, Business, Customer Service, and more.

DuoLingo –A resource to learn languages FREE. App available on Windows/Android/IOS.

Khan Academy –A FREE resource to learn anything! Programming, Algebra, Biology, and more!

EdX –A FREE resource for online learning. Option available to pay $49 for certificate of completion with school logo and instructor signature.

Code Academy –Learn coding modules FREE.

Open Culture –A Resource for FREE online learning. 12,000

online courses from the top universities.

Udemy –A resource for FREE online learning: may have to search ‘FREE’ to find those at zero cost.

Open Yale Courses –A resource for FREE online learning modules.

Astronomy, Chemistry, Economics, and more.

OCW –An online learning resource.

Code –Learn coding modules FREE. Site is kid-friendly..the youngsters can learn too!

Ted-Ed –A FREE online learning resource. The Arts, Business &

Economics, Math, Design, Engineering & Technology, Psychology,

and more.

Memrise –An online language tool. Learn vocabulary in any


National Geographic Kids –An online learning tool to teach kids

about Geography.

Fun Brain –An online learning platform for kids.

Whyville –FREE online learning and interaction platform for pre-teens.

Open Universities Australia –An online learning platform open Worldwide.

Hubspot Academy –An online learning resource.

Moz –A platform to learn SEO, Social Media, and Search


Future Learn –A platform for online learning.

E Learning For Kids –An online learning platform.

Deutsch Lernen –Learn to speak German online.

Auto Desk –An online learning platform.

MVA –Learn how to use Microsoft products from experts.

Madina Arabic –Learn Arabic FREE online.

Learners TV –A resource of FREE online video learning courses; Accounting, Management, Engineering, Dentistry, and more.

Draw Space –Learn to draw FREE.

WiBit –Learn to code FREE.

Accounting Coach –A FREE online resource to learn accounting.


Learning Resources

Degreed –An online platform that allows users to track their

learning experiences. FREE.

OEDB –A FREE resource for online learning. Lists institutions

and available curriculum.

E Learning Industry — A resource for E Learning professionals.

Management Library –A resource of FREE management tools.




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  1. This was a really good article to read and i can’t further agree to what you have to say. There are job opportunities out there but most jobs do require to upgrade skill. Most of us become complacent and stop progressing or learning. I personally think you should never stop learning at any age.

    I never thought about learning a new language but i think you might be on to something. I definitely eager to learn Spanish.

    In your opinion do you think the online market is overcrowded or that the pie is big enough for everyone to make a profit off of

    1. Hi, Vinnie. I think the online market could never be saturated because working at home won’t interest everyone. Not all people will be suited for remote work because it does take WORK! I do know that there is ample opportunity for beginners up to the professional level to find a work at home job/opportunity. Skill upgrades are extremely important to remain competitive in the job market. Absolutely essential! Thanks so much for stopping by. Come back soon!

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