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As long as there are new companies starting regularly, I believe we will see an increase in paid surveys. Most companies want to know how we shop, why we buy what we buy, and how we use/intend to use what we buy! Companies want to know the brands we use if any, and if we are price conscious or whether or not we shop online or prefer to shop in the store….or at least these are usually the questions asked when participating in surveys.

 I also wanted to reiterate that surveys claiming to pay outrageous amounts of money are probably not going to pay you. Those sites usually just use you to advertise and help build their email lists, please don’t waste your time. I will however, disclose information on ANY site making these claims that I find to actually pay its members(though I’ve yet to find one).

If those listed here aren’t really what you’re looking for you can visit my Paidviewpoint review where I’ve listed other sites that pay users to complete surveys. As I find more sites to earn from, I will definitely post more, but these have not been listed on my site previously and I hope most of them are new to you. As I state frequently, please be mindful of the rules/requirements to sign up. If you have questions about a particular website, please contact that site’s administrators, I’m just the messenger.

Survey Sites

1Triaba –A survey site that pays $0.50-$5.50/survey completion. Has panels in 44 countries. Users can request payment once their balance reaches $12.50. Pays via PayPal.

2Viewpoint –A survey site. Earn up to $5/survey. Users can request payment once their balance reaches $12.50. Pays via PayPal.

3Survey Compare A survey site where users can sign up to other survey sites and earn cash and rewards. PayPal, Amazon, Barnes & Noble to name a few. Sign up is free. –A survey site where users write small reviews after listening to music selections. Pays via Amazon giftcards. Similar to (SliceThePie).

5The Panel Station –A survey site where users can earn cash and rewards. Users must accumulate at least 3000 points to be eligible for rewards. You still get 20 points as a token of appreciation for facing Screened out/Quota full surveys. All Shopping Vouchers will be sent within 6-8 weeks of redemption to your email Id with a Voucher PIN/Code that can be used directly at the shopping website for your favourite purchases. App available on Google Play and iTunes.

6Surveyeah –Survey panel where users earn cash and rewards. Users must be at least 15 years of age to participate and need a parent authorization signed. Users must obtain a balance of €10 Euro to cash out. Pays via PayPal, Amazon, download e books, or donate to charity.

7Survey Consensus –A survey platform where users can earn cash and rewards. Users receive a $5 bonus for signing up. Users must be at least 13 years of age (with parental consent) to participate. You can choose rewards from the extensive list of gift cards, movie tickets, vouchers or simply transfer your money to your PayPal account, simple!

8MySurveyVoice –A survey panel where users earn by completing surveys, answering polls, watching videos, and browsing other websites. Receive 10 percent of your referral’s earnings. You can cashout your money once you reached required minimum balance of $5. Pays via Paypal, Bank(India), Amazon.

9iSurveyWorld –A survey site. Users will receive a $5 bonus upon sign up. Pays via PayPal. Worldwide.

10SurveyRoundtable –A survey panel where users earn rewards. The average survey pays 1000 SRT points, users can claim rewards once they’ve accumulated 10,000 SRT points. The site has an extensive list of rewards available, 88 to be exact. (Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, Red Robbin and many more). Payouts are made once per week.

11GlamSpotters –A survey site where users share their opinion on fashion, beauty, entertainment, relationships, career and more! Try new products before they hit the shelves. “Enter to win some of our favorite items Enjoy insider access to events and offers.” Users must be at least 13 years of age.  –A survey site where users earn points for their surveys. Users can cash out once they’ve accumulated 1,000 points ($10). Pays via PayPal. Members must be at least 13 years of age. Only those residing in the following areas may participate; United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy & Australia. 

13Nicequest –A survey panel where users earn points to redeem for gifts that the site has to offer. Gifts to choose from in home appliances to beauty. Free shipping on all gifts. USA.

14FocusGroups — Participate in focus groups, test new products, taste new snacks and beverages, watch new TV shows, take online surveys, and more! Join today to begin receiving invitations for upcoming studies.

15ParentSpeak –A survey panel for parents to share their views and experiences. Most surveys have the reward of $1. Users can request earnings once they’ve accumulated $10. Pays via PayPal.

16ZapSurveys –A survey app. The site claims users can earn anywhere from $0.30–$100/completed survey. Users can request earnings once a balance over $25 is obtained. Pays via PayPal and Amazon. App available on Google Play and iTunes.

17MedicalAdvisoryBoard —The Medical Advisory Board a worldwide group of healthcare professionals who help influence the future of healthcare by participating in online opinion surveys and online discussions. Members can cash out points once they’ve obtained 2,500 and donate their earnings to a charity or choose to receive cash via PayPal.

18SBKC –A platform that pays users for their junk mail. The site use to be just for those who wanted to earn from their junk mail,but now they also offer mystery shops as an earning option. Individuals, business owners, and any person working for themselves are welcome to apply. By becoming a Consumer Panelist, you will earn participation points that can be redeemed for a Visa Debit card. Frequent participants can earn as much as $20 in points every 6 to 10 weeks! Business owners and those who are self-employed can earn rewards even faster. Members must be at least 18 years of age.

19Columbia Business School –The center is continually recruiting people to participate in online studies. Recent studies have included completing interactive decision-making tasks, short cognitive tests, solving brain teasers, as well as answering questions about taking risks, the value of an improved environment and general questions about politics. In the future, the center plans to incorporate games that assess reaction time and other aspects of cognitive functioning. If selected to participate in a study, you can expect to be paid at the rate of about $16/hour.

20Data Intelligence  –A survey panel. The site says users will receive (on average) 1-2 surveys per month. Members can request earnings once they’ve accumulated 1,000 data points. Users can cash out and request a check, digital giftcard, or use points to shop in the site’s store. Members must be at least 18 years of age and be residents of the USA.

21Latino Eyes –It is listed as an online family of Latinos in the US. Surveys will be in either English or Spanish. Users can request earnings upon achieving a balance of $15. Pays via check.

22SurveySheep –An online marketing community that offers paid surveys. Users must be at least 18 years of age to participate. For those ages 13-17 there is a page for teen surveys that you can participate in. 

23Knowledge Panel — A survey community. Welcoming members ages 13 and up, though many projects may require respondents between 18-29 years of age, all groups encouraged to apply.  If you have Internet access at home, you will be given 1,000 points for every survey session you complete, which is equal to $1. You can redeem your points for cash, games, gift cards, or a vast selection of merchandise from their customized online marketplace.

24Engage –A marketing research company where users are rewarded for media testing, consumer products, medical conditions, website and software development and more. The site is for consumers and business professionals. Most projects pay $50 – $250, often for less than an hour of your time. Worldwide.

25HCD Surveys –A survey community where users earn and can redeem points for cash. This site says they pay by check and processing may take 6-8 weeks. So it may be wise to allow your earnings to build up before requesting payment. 100 points is equal to $1, and users can cash out earnings once they’ve obtained 1,000 ($10) points in their account. If you enter a survey and do not qualify, you will be awarded 10 points for trying. Users who refer, will be rewarded 50 points for each referral sign up.

26HotSpex –A survey platform where users can earn cash (PayPal) and Amazon giftcards and other prizes/rewards. Users can request up to $50 per calendar month. Open to the US/Canada.

27Survey Talkers Take part in market research surveys. Users can earn up to $5/survey. Users can request earnings once they’ve obtained a balance of at least $12.50 for PayPal but only need $10 to request Amazon payment(s). Currently open to US/UK residents only.

28Student Edge –A survey platform for students based in Australia. The site is actually a plethora of necessary info for anyone currently a student. Accepts users ages 13 (with parental consent) and up. Students complete surveys for PayPal cash and/or an interesting list of rewards. Students can also upload their own content and interact with a large community worldwide.

29BeForthRight –A survey panel where users can earn cash and rewards such as; PayPal, Amazon, Tango card, Bitcoin. Please be cautious with this particular site. I take issue with earning sites that do not have a TOS or terms of service page. 

30Op4G –A survey panel open to users at least 13 years of age. Take interesting surveys on politics and social issues. Earn $1-$3/survey. Users must obtain at least $20 to request earnings. Cash out rewards via check or PayPal. Currently open to users within the US/Canada.


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