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5 Things We Should Absolutely Be Doing In This Economy!





I know technology has most of us a bit lazier because technology does everything for us!  But what the heck are we waiting for? We need to start doing things for ourselves since many of us see that our outcries fall on deaf ears!

America has forgotten how the world worked before the government ruled every aspect of our lives. We can get back to that. We don’t need them for many things that we should be doing for one another. You trust rich people who’d watch you starve than to feed you, but distrust your neighbor? I don’t get it!

I know everyone won’t jump on board, that’s just life but be sure you know who has your back and who makes you feel like you need to watch it! ??  Because of the social programs that will potentially be demolished in this administration, I believe it is of utter importance to recapture many of our ‘old ways’ of getting things done.

To that end I have composed a list of things I believe the willing and able among us should absolutely be doing. We all have something to contribute to our families and to our communities.


1. Starting a business

There are thousands of ways to get started in business. Whether you’d prefer a home business over a brick and mortar is the question. It is much cheaper and less tasking on your wallet to open a business in your home. The possibilities are endless and one could even start at home to build a customer base and later expand. Anything is possible. I’ve written quite a few posts about several business ideas that can be started at home.

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2. Purchasing a home

It may seem an impossible, unattainable goal for some, but the reality is, it’s not. There are under-developed or run-down neighborhoods all over the USA that could use a bit of TLC. Properties are for sale for as low as $1. And the first time buyers credit still applies. Once you purchase a home you’ve eliminated the expense of rent. Taxes are usually paid quarterly. If you install solar energy sources, you can eliminate your utility bills, you can’t do these things when you rent.


Capital Rehab


(I had to write a side-note that you can also look up homes for sale for $1 in your state. There are tons of resources, don’t stop at just one)



3. Growing your own food

Yes! I said growing your own food! We’re all paying attention to the news and what’s currently happening in our world, right? I’m not sure if the plan is to starve us all, or just the elderly, the poor, and the disabled. We should be going back to our old ways when we need NO government input. I can’t watch my neighbors go hungry we will all eat together, or we will all starve together, that is how it SHOULD be, but I digress.

If we grew our own food we’d know what’s in it! There would probably be less sickness if we all grew our own produce and fresh seasonings. I’m looking forward to the day when NO family/person has to be concerned about how they will eat! You can also help your neighbors who may have issues obtaining these goods. Many people who grow sell their goods to stores and create income for themselves.






4. Recycling

Recycling, as in EVERYTHING you can! Lol I recycle shopping bags, soda cans, old clothes, electronics, and more. Not only is it necessary to stop waste of “one-use” products, but others may be able to use what you view as garbage to make or create something else. We need to take better care of our planet while we still can. Oh, yeah, we recycle batteries too, buying rechargeable ones as often as possible. There are also several sites that pay you for your old items. Why not make a few dollars?

Business Insider





5. Investing in your community

It’s easy to support a community that isn’t lacking, not much to do there! Those in communities that are suffering should be helping one another. In this day and age that is not easy, but necessary! We all have something we can give back to our neighborhoods. Is there elderly nearby that may need visitors or assistance? Are you good at something you can teach others? Are you AWARE of the needs of your community?

Why wait for things to fall apart before we do something? It needs to be done NOW! We need to be prepared for what is to come, and many won’t make it without the help of others. Don’t think that because you’re okay now, you’ll never need help. And when you need help, remember those you helped or didn’t! Karma is real, and people are not having to wait long to feel her wrath! We get back exactly what we give. What will you reap?



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