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50 Mystery Phone Shop Companies





Mystery Shopping is a great way to get out when you usually don’t, and talk to people. I always encourage college students and young teens to try mystery shopping because you control your own schedule, which means you control your pay! Unfortunately, everyone can’t get out and about like some can, so then I suggest Phone Mystery Shops.

Most companies want shoppers to be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for employment, and most jobs can be completed with just your cell phone. The secret to being a mystery shopper is that your job is, well, a secret! You can’t let the company know they’re being shopped! Violating the terms regarding discretion will get you banned! So keep in mind other organizations are relying on your accurate feedback and professionalism.

Did you ever think you could be a mystery shopper and never be required to leave home? With these jobs, you will perform your shops from home (if you choose and whenever possible) and do not need to worry about background noise. No one expects you to be a secret shopper because, well it’s a secret, so background noise can be a positive in disguising your true identity.

Because you are rarely (some may hire you as an employee, I don’t know them all) hired as more than an independent contractor, you can sign up with as many companies as you choose. Some college students have created full time incomes by mystery shopping in their spare time. This is a great opportunity to earn extra income for those who may not be able to leave home for whatever reasons.

Be mindful of sign up and testing instructions in order to be considered for these positions. If the site says NO CALLS, then please do not call or your application may be ignored. All jobs require attention to detail and good written and verbal communication skills. Much success on your journey!


Phone mystery shopping jobs

Shoppers View –A mystery shopping company that hires for phone shops. Phone shops can be performed from home or anywhere you can call out to perform the shops. Flexible scheduling with the option to accept or reject assignments as you see fit.

The Brandt Group –An organization that seeks mystery shoppers. Sign up is free.

Telexpertise –A company that specializes in calling solutions for organizations. Seeks phone mystery shoppers. Shops pay between $3-$10/each depending on the shop’s complexity. In the onset you may earn around $50/month. You must email them for employment @ jobs@telexpertise.com and indicate which job you are applying to.

Perception Strategies –A healthcare based mystery shopping company that seeks mystery phone shoppers. Currently, shoppers would go on a list to wait for openings in phone shops. Don’t let ‘no current openings’ prevent you from applying.

YardiMatrix –Seeks mystery phone shoppers to complete rent surveys on a seasonal basis. Starting September 5, 2017! The Rent Survey updates an apartment community’s rents, current rent specials, and several other factors subject to frequent change. The process requires calling apartment communities and asking various questions. Required technology: computer/telephone needed. High speed Internet access and long distance telephone service are required. There is no selling involved, but apartment communities are called to ask them simple questions about their apartments, a process requiring good telephone etiquette and a pleasant demeanor. Survey Timing: Team members must complete 75 surveys within the first week and 100 per week thereafter. Calls are to be made between the hours of 9am-6pm within surveyed time zones. Compensation: Surveyors will be paid $6 per hour and a piece rate of $.50 for surveys marked Done, $.30 for surveys marked Wrong Number, $.20 for surveys marked Part-Done, and $.07 per survey marked Answering Machine or No Answer. You will receive at least minimum wage in your jurisdiction for all hours worked.

Call Center QA –Seeking phone mystery shoppers. Users can sign up free. You can make calls from your cell phone. Users must submit a report once call is completed for each shop. Shops pay $5/completed call/report. No experience necessary. Background checks are NOT required. Users must be at least 18 years of age.

Arllc –Seeking call center evaluators. Various hours and schedules available. Those proficient in language/translation encouraged to apply.

Intelicheck –Seeking phone mystery shoppers. Create your own schedule. French speaking shoppers encouraged to apply. US/Canada.

Confero Inc. –Seeking telephone mystery shoppers. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age to participate. Pays via PayPal. Mystery shops are available in every US state, Canada, Mexico and South America.

Mystery Shopper Services –Seeking mystery phone shoppers. Set your own schedule and accept only assignments you are comfortable with completing. Must enjoy interacting with people. Decent extra income. Pays via PayPal.

RBG –Seeking phone mystery shoppers. Set your own schedule. All shoppers are paid on a schedule once per month via PayPal or direct deposit.

Intelli-Shop –Seeking mystery phone shoppers. They also have shops that can be performed online.

Secret Shopper — This company seeks phone evaluators to complete their phone shops. Must be at least 18 years of age to participate. Shops range from $12-$25 depending on the shop. Mystery shoppers are paid on a schedule. Checks are mailed on the 20th of each month for shops done the previous month. If the 20th lands on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the checks will be mailed on the first business day after the 20th. For example, a shop done in June would be paid on July 20. There is an app available on Google Play and iTunes.

Ritter Associates –Seeking mystery phone shoppers. Users can sign up free here.

Shopper’s Critique –Seeking mystery phone shoppers. There is a stepped application process along with a requirement to submit a 750 character writing sample. Please follow directions closely.

Ellis –An organization that specializes in apartment shops. Shops can be done by phone, by video and also online.

Alta360 –Seeks mystery shoppers to perform phone shops, video shops, and online shops. Users must be at least 18 years of age.

RDAssociates —A company that specializes in healthcare shops. Phone shops to be performed depending on scenario.

MSP –Seeking mystery phone shoppers.

Multi-value –Seeks mystery phone shoppers. An organization that conducts shops in the automotive, retail, catering, government, medical sector, bank and insurance, etc. The mystery shopper is a regular consumer and only does what a regular consumer would do: shopping for groceries, making inquiries, exchange an incorrect purchase, get advised about a new outfit, search for information on a website, etc. The experiences and impressions are recorded in a survey afterwards. Through the internet Multi-Value suggests consumers to voluntarily visit its website and take part in surveys within their daily situation as a consumer.

Skilcheck –Seeking phone mystery shoppers. Must have access to a computer with Windows installed. In some cases tablets may work. Must be familiar with cloud servers. Unlimited long distance required phone charges are not reimbursed. Calls made around the country.

Clear Evaluations  –Seeking to fill mystery shopper positions. Perform video/written shops with this company.

SBG –Seeking telephone mystery shoppers. These are voice recorded telephone mystery shops. By using this method, the client has direct insight into how employees react and respond in different situations.

Second to None –Seeking phone based mystery shoppers. Applicants create their own schedules. Accept and decline assignments at will. Users can also request video and online shops whenever available. Seeking male and female candidates across the U.S. and Canada. Sign up is free, do that here.

Advanced Feedback  –Seeking to fill phone shopper positions. Position open for video mystery shoppers with experience. Please see site for further application details.

Performance In People –Seeking to fill various mystery shopper positions to perform phone shops, covert video shops, report only shops, and more. UK Only.

QAMS –Seeking telephone mystery shoppers. Make scripted calls to assess other call centers. Available in all 50 states (except Nevada) including Canada and Puerto Rico.

Bare International –Seeks mystery shoppers to perform online and phone shops. Set your own schedule. Accept and decline assignments as you see fit to. Nationwide.

iSecretshop  –A mystery shopping company that offers phone and Internet shops. Users must be at least 18 years of age. Create your own schedule. They also have an app available on Google Play and iTunes.

Xzamcorp —A mystery shopping agency seeking telephone mystery shoppers. Users can apply via the employment tab. They also have video and cyber shops that they assign.

AcePlusSurveys –A mystery shopping company that specializes in video shops.

Devon Hill Associates This company specializes in secret medical shops. Shops are also performed at senior living and long term care facilities. Phone shops available. “We engage only the most qualified applicants. Many of our clients are hospitals, although we also are engaged by clinics, medical offices, outpatient facilities and assisted living and retirement communities. Our healthcare mystery shoppers become actual patients — ER patients, outpatients. This may mean undergoing some tests.”

DSG Associates DSG offers Independent Contractors a variety of ways to make money on your terms – in person, by telephone or on line. We never ask shoppers to send us money. We have very few shops which pay more than $100. Most pay much less, but some pay in the $50 to $75 range. Bilingual applicants encouraged to apply. US/Canada.

imyst  —Seeks mystery phone shoppers and those who can complete video and online shops. Payment for assignments are different, but they will always be stated prior to your acceptance of the task. Imyst, Inc. currently makes payments to mystery shoppers by both PayPal and by check.

Remington Evaluations -A mystery shopping agency that specializes in apartment shops. “Our most popular shops are phone and onsite leasing consultant evaluations as well as email shops. Clients also look for competitor shops, potential employee shops, Fair Housing shops, customer service shops, video shops, and more.” Checks are issued bi-monthly and a check will usually be cut within 6 weeks of completing your assignment. Checks are sent in plain white envelopes and will NOT have the company name on them.

Service Performance Group –Secret shopping programs are not limited to simple mystery shopping, but includes c-sat’s (customer satisfaction surveys), telephone and internet shopping, marketing promotion support, competitor evaluations and more.

Shadow Agency –A mystery shopping agency that performs video shops and recorded phone shops. USA/Canada.

Test Track Research  —A mystery shopping agency that performs online, by mail, and phone shops.

MeasureCP –A mystery shopping agency where users can perform video and online shops.

Civicom –A mystery shopping agency that operates worldwide. Many mobile and web options available to complete shops. This includes: U.S., Canada, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia/Pacific, and Africa.

MSE –A mystery shopping company that performs phone and video shops.

Vocall Group –A mystery shopping company that specializes in phone shops.

Coyle Hospitality  –A mystery shopping company that specializes in hospitality. Phone shops available here.

Berneslaihomes –Hires seasonal/periodic phone shoppers. Our mystery shoppers complete 15 mystery shop phone calls four times a year to our main phone lines. The mystery shopper will ask a routine set of questions and score how well we deal with them. Company is based in the UK, so phone calls may be to that area.

Leblanc and Associates –A Mystery shopping company that specializes in video and phone recorded shops. Shoppers are paid once per month via check for the previous months shops. It seems that you need to meet with clients for this job. Please see site for further application details.

Informa –A mystery shopping company that performs phone shops.

Blue Twinkle –A mystery shopping agency that performs phone shops. Shoppers are paid on a schedule by the 25th of each month. Salary is as follows; Full time: The pay rate is $20.00/hr+ сommission $30-$60 for each performed task. 5 day a week operation. Part time: The pay rate is $13.00/hr+ сommission $20-$40 for each performed task. 5 day a week operation. UK.

Retail Maxim –A mystery shopping company that performs phone shops. UK.

TRANSMR –A mystery shopping company that performs phone and online shops.

The Ehler’s Group –A mystery shopping agency that specializes in senior living/senior housing sector. They perform phone shops.


Mystery shop forum –A forum where mystery shoppers discuss issues and jobs within the industry. Sign up is free.

MSPA –A platform for mystery shoppers to network and seek employment. As well as for employers to list their open positions.

Mystery Shopper Magazine –A free subscription to a mystery shopping magazine that informs you of new openings.

Video Shopping Pros. –Receive video mystery shopping training from leaders in the industry.





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