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6 Sites I Do Not Recommend






I needed to do this post because there are so many scams out there. I wanted to inform my readers of the program’s I have tried and believe to be scams and wastes of precious time.

What compelled me to write about this was that I still see individuals sharing and actively recruiting new users to these SCAM sites, and it just irritates me. Most times the fraud has nothing to do with taking money, but with failing to pay money owed to users.

As we search for opportunities to earn online we usually look to many sources for proof of each sites validity, but what if those recommending those sites are the site’s administrators preying on newbies and those who don’t really know their way around scammers?

What many failed site owners do is to open similar sites in their name to fool users: though you can search to find who owns or administers any website. The scam aspect for many of these sites is that they take from you and earn through your actions without paying you.


1. Hits 4 Pay 



Hits for pay is a cash and rewards website. The big earners here usually have large down lines of people completing actions also, adding to the pot to reach cash out ($25). I knew nothing about recruiting and down lines at the time, so I mainly clicked the ads that came either on the site or in my email. I try these sites not only to add to my family’s income, but to also inform my readers of good earning opportunities.

It actually took me years of ad clicking to finally reach the $25 cash out threshold. Depending on when you cash out you may have to wait until the following month to receive payment. (Or so the site says). I requested my first payment in February of this year, but because it was too late in the month (payments sent between 15 & 25 day of each month) my payment would be due the following month. Here is what my account still says:

February 1, 2016








So my pending payment from February…is still pending! This site has obviously stopped paying its users. Do not waste your precious time and energy because you will not be paid!


2. Jill’s Click Corner



This is a GPT site where users are paid to complete different actions to earn. Many of these sites have no minimum cash out requirement which means users can request as little as a penny. During my time using the site I had received 2 payments for previous actions. As I attempted my third cash out request the cash out button was not present. (Often you may have to wait a few days until others who cashed out first are paid). I still see users sharing this site and bragging about how easy it is to earn, beware! You won’t be paid!


3. Donkeymails



This is is a GPT site that was popular at one time. Once they stopped paying me I stopped sharing this opportunity. I had been a member for a couple of years and had received over $20 in payments. As I frequently returned to check on my cash out request, I found that my entire account had been deleted! Huh? Now I get a message that says my account was cancelled and to contact them. No Thanks! This was another site that had no cash out minimum requirements to receive your pay. I would not waste time here. It’s been more than a year and I still haven’t received my $1.


4. No-minimum



A GPT site very similar to Donkeymails. Users do not have requirements on their account balance and can request payment at anytime, though payments are dispersed on a schedule. I noticed that I was not able to request my funds at all. I waited and returned, waited and returned and still no button that said I could cash out. Upon my final visit to the site (more than 6 months ago) I discovered that my account had been cancelled. I believe both sites are owned by the same people, do not waste your time or money attempting to earn here, you will not be paid!


5. GPT Planet



GPT Planet started off as a paid to click website, but as other sites added micro jobs and other earning actions they followed suit. I had been a member for more than a year when my payments stopped coming. I noticed that once I requested payment I had difficulty logging in until I was locked out completely. I am shocked to see users are still sharing this site as an honest earning opportunity. I had received more than $15 in payments from them until they locked me out of the site. I also noticed (toward the end) that the closer I got to cashing out, it seemed the threshold was rising. Beware! I doubt you will be paid!


6. Paid-Surveys-At-Home



This site claims that users set up their own schedule to earn money by completing surveys. It has been around for quite a few years now, but when I joined I was truly searching for ways to supplement my income or to even create a side-job.  This site is not free to join, if memory serves I paid around $30 to join. I was angered at my choice to join as soon as I logged in for the first time. Your very first assignment is writing the site an awesome review with promises of a payment of $100. I have never heard of reviews paying that much. I can’t say I went any further, I contacted ClickBank immediately and requested my refund! Sites with wild or excessive payment claims are probably scams. Most often professional level writers earn that kind of money, not newbies! I would beware, they don’t seem honest!


DisclaimerI am in no way advocating for my readers to join these sites. Though I have had bad experiences with them it does not take away from anyone else’s personal experiences. I am in no way earning from sharing these sites with you today, this is a DO NOT Recommend list. Join at your own risk!






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  1. Hi Audra,
    I was interested in your post because I too am sick of all the scams and people who are not really helping others but are just in it for a money grab. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for letting people know of those sites.

    1. Hi, Cynthia. You’re welcome! I try to uncover as many scam sites or sites to avoid as possible. Honestly, with every opportunity there is probably a scammer around to taint the original idea. Many are out to take your money, but I believe the real offenders to be those who earn from your actions and don’t pay their users. Thanks so much for stopping in today! 🙂

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