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I have to review the Acer-all-In-One. I am a bit of a ‘tech-junkie’, so I like to try different technologies and introduce them to my children…which most times they already know how to make things work…go figure! Of all of the brands I researched I decided on the Acer because of its price. Most other brands like HP, and Dell had their All-in-one’s priced around $800+. A bit out of my price range so I chose the Acer which was $599.

I had to order mine with the 23-inch screen which was the only thing I added to the package because it was introduced with a 17-inch screen. My computer arrived in less than 72 hours and was delivered by UPS. I was so excited my new toy had arrived! Though I still didn’t assemble the system myself, it only required the plugging in of a few cords and I was online!

The the feature that caught my attention with this type of system is the touch technology. What that means is I don’t always have to use my mouse to navigate while I’m on the computer. If I want to open an app or listen to music I just “tap” on what I want to do and it does it. I thought that would be such a neat feature. Of course it comes with a built-in web-cam and speaker system. It also came with a keyboard and mouse (both corded).



I would mention the processor and all that but I have no idea what that jibber-jabber even means. lol  The speakers get pretty loud, and the downloads never seem to take more than a few seconds to complete. I think it has a 64-bit processor. The specs are not really what should be highlighted in this review because quite often they are or become irrelevant.

I am by no means a computer expert, but I do have an opinion on this product that I would like to share. For all my techie readers that just had a heart attack because I said jibber-jabber..sorry not technical AT ALL! lol  I know that when I push the start button and it starts up…I’m good! 🙂 I am happy this system did not come with a tower and 300 feet of cord that no one can ever find a place for. Seriously, here are the specs;

  • Intel core i3 4160T (3.10 GHZ)
  • 8 GB DDR3  1 TB HDD
  • 23″ 1920 x 1080
  • Windows 8.1 64-Bit

There are pros and cons associated with the use of any products, but especially when it is an electronic product. Often organizations use automatic software downloads when upgrades are available, and they are usually free…but may often take several hours before the upgrades are complete.



  • Just a few plugs and it was ready to go
  • Don’t always need your mouse
  • Can easily be transported.
  • Sleek design
  • Touch technology
  • Price lower than competitors


  • Often “touch” features don’t work
  • Often the computer won’t recognize the keyboard or the mouse.
  • Often though your system is wired, it will not connect to the internet
  • Windows apps rarely work
  • Media Player malfunctions and doesn’t work


All-in-all I do like my PC. It’s technology and sometimes it WILL malfunction, move slowly, or freeze up on us. This is not a recommendation nor is it a warning. I wanted to review products and services based on how I felt they stood up to all of their hype. Advertisers are good, but the public is much better; we can tell the truth about these ‘new’ inventions. To say my standard PC never froze or acted up on me would be an untruth, there were issues with that system as well and that was a standard HP.

Here are some real reviews from Amazon customers who have purchased this same system;









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  1. Hey Audra, seems like an awesome computer. If a non-techie person like you set it up easily I’m sure I can as well! I’ll be sure to check this one out.

    1. Hi, Matt. I agree..I mean literally not technical to the point of doing a thing…and not remembering how I did it…lol Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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