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Often many positions or job duties that are completed in the traditional work place,  also have virtual counterparts that allow work to be completed successfully. Usually, not much more is needed than a computer, a phone line (or VOIP capability), an Internet connection, and whatever skills you possess.

Administrative office jobs are a bit different than being a Secretary or Receptionist. Not to say those positions are not professional, but there are obvious differences in job duties and authority. (Most often).

What is an Administrative professional and what are his-her job duties?

An administrator is one who oversees office procedures and ensures that they are completed toward the success of the organization. Administrators perform such tasks as;

  • Booking Travel
  • Answering Phones
  • Audio and Copy Typing
  • Word Processing
  • Letter Writing
  • Keeping Diaries and arranging appts.

What training is necessary for Administrative jobs?

“Although there are no educational requirement to become an administrative assistant other than a high school diploma or GED, formal education programs are available. Some employers may require an associate’s degree.





Many community colleges, technical schools and vocational institutes offer 2-year programs leading to an associate’s degree in administrative assisting. Although specific duties and responsibilities of an administrative assistant vary depending upon the size and nature of the organization, there are a number of aspects that are common to each setting.” Study

What do Administrative Aasisstants earn?

According to The BLS: The median salary for Administrative Assistants and secretaries in the USA in 2013 was $32, 840. The projected growth between 2012-2022 is 12 percent for Administrative Assistants and Secretaries.

Concluding Thoughts: It doesn’t take much more than a HS Diploma or GED to become an Administrative Professional. Basic training in computers and typing and organizational skills are needed. Never allow the lack of skill deter you from a possible career. Get out there and learn the skills necessary to be successful. Much success on your journey!




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Foreign and Commenwealth Office –An open position for Administrative support at the Polish Embassy. Must be fluent in oral and written Polish. Poland.

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MWMC Jobs –A job board with open Administrative jobs. Remote/Massachusetts.

Mayo Clinic –Open positions for Remote Administrative jobs.

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