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If you are proficient at recruiting, a job in Admissions may be a good choice for you. This is a good time to talk to prospective students. Back in the day there were only certain times per year to recruit new students. Now because of technology and the upswing in online learning, recruiting can occur throughout the year!

I believe these recruiters are more than just recruiters: they’re dream makers. What I mean by that is, your education will be tailored to whatever your chosen career path will be. I’m not sure if I was just excited to be attending school, or I was working with the best! I’ll choose the latter, since my experiences were awesome!

What Does an Admissions Representative do?

“Admissions representatives may connect with prospective students by answering incoming phone calls, responding to Web inquires, attending college fairs and visiting high schools. Once they have identified a prospective applicant, they often begin with an introductory assessment, such as a phone or campus interview.” —Study.

How much education/training is required to become an Admissions Advisor?

According to Learn, Admissions Advisors need at least a Bachelor Degree. Sales and marketing or related field. Job growth (2012-2022) to 15 percent for all post-secondary educators. Internship or 1-3 years experience may be required.

What do Admissions Advisors earn?

In 2014, the median annual wage for College Admissions Advisors was $40, 671.

Concluding Thoughts: Admissions positions do require a certain level of skill. Many of the jobs available require applicants to possess at least a Bachelor degree. Admissions advisors do much more than answer phones, a background in sales or customer service is usually a requirement. Much success on your journey!




Higher Ed Jobs –Seeking; Associate Director of Admissions. Position is remote/Canada. Full -Time. Bachelor Degree required, Masters preferred.

GCU –Opening for Admissions Rep., Enrollment Counselor, and Student Advisor Services. Positions are online/remote.

Indeed –A job board with open positions in Admissions. Remote.

Simply Hired –A job board with open positions in Admissions.

Admission Consultants –Seeking Admission Consultants. Must have Consultant Committee experience. Openings that do not require committee experience are in-office. VA.

Monster –A job board with open Admissions jobs. Arizona.

ACAC –Seeking to fill Admissions positions. Location specific.

Remote OK –A job board with an opening for Admissions Consultant. This is a remote position. Experience working from home preferred. 1-2 years sales experience and recruiting experience, Huma Resources, or similar field.

Angel –A platform for different start up companies. Openings in College Admissions.

Ed Surge –Opening for Director of Admissions. The position is remote. B.A. required (preferable in Education or Business); master’s degree preferred. Minimum of two years of professional experience and success in higher education admissions required. Minimum of two years of professional experience and success in educator certification (licensure) preferred.

College Coach –Seeking to fill Admissions positions. Education Counselors. CA/NY/Remote.

Careers 2 U –Seeking Admissions Counselors. (Denver, Colorado/Landover, MD). Admissions Counselor. (Denver, Colorado).


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