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Afilliate Marketing: Blog #100





Hello all. It took me some time to figure out what my post would be about today. Today is my 100th blog post! I can’t believe I’ve already talked about 99 other subjects/categories! Today we will examine what Afilliate marketing can do for those newbies trying to earn online! Why did I choose Afilliate marketing as my topic? Because I am here for the newbies to earn online too, and Afilliate marketers are becoming millionaires!

What is Afilliate Marketing?

Afilliate Marketing is basically selling products and services that belong to someone else! My most often used example of a successful Afilliate Marketer is WalMart! We all know how much WalMart is said to make annually: Billions! So is Afilliate Marketing a lucrative industry? Yes! For newbies? Absolutely!

There have been many millionaires made with the explosion of the Internet and most of them earned that spot by being successful Afilliate Marketers! As an Afilliate one would earn commissions from sales. If you are an efficient ‘seller’ this could be the financial lift necessary to take you to the next level in your career/financial plans.

What training is necessary to become an Afilliate Marketer?

There is no training necessary to be successful! No degrees or certifications are necessary either. If you have a huge social following, or already have experience with selling, you could be successful in this industry. What one could do is follow trends to see what items are selling, or jump out there and sell something you’re passionate about.

What do Afilliate Marketers earn?

This figure is not a number that can be retrieved because there is no median salary connected to this industry. I did check with the BLS (Buraeu Of Labor Statistics) to see what they had to say about Afilliate pay. Believe it or not there was no retrievable information regarding pay for this industry. I take that to mean you may not earn much, or you could become wealthy!

There are so many programs out there that allow marketers to earn and it is probably a task to keep track of average earnings/ commissions. Let this not be discouraging, but encouraging, there is no standard, but I’m sure you would know from sales if you’re creating wealth or just wasting your time: Not all of us are qualified to be Afilliate Marketers. I’ve been doing it for years and it has not changed my financial status, but that does not mean you won’t be successful!




United Games –A better way to play. Mobile Gaming. The Wall Street Journal reports that Mobile phone games are now a $36 Billion Dollar industry growing 30% per year. Poke’mon Go grossed over $200 Million in the first 30 days after launch. The United Games App is projected to be the largest App launch ever. Join the fun, become an Affiliate and be commissioned on game play. As an Independent Affiliate you have the opportunity to earn significant commissions.
Be a part of the United Games Sports App, the biggest launch ever!

Ring Partner –Buy and sell call on the Ringer pay-per-call exchange. Scale and grow your business effectively with pay-per-call marketing.

Law Depot –Earn money while helping your visitors solve their common legal matters. By simply promoting LawDepot on your website, you will immediately earn a 30% commission on every sale. Join the top online legal affiliate program!

Revenue Wire –e commerce subscription service.

JVZoo –Earn up to 100 percent commissions.

Lead Pages –Marketers can earn by creating lead pages on their website.

Commission Junction –Popular network that hosts many products.

ShareASale –Popular network that hosts a ton of products to sell.

Rakuten –Popular ad network. I had to list Rakuten as it is #1 with regard to Afilliate marketing programs and returns.

ClickBank –Population Global internet marketing platform. Thousands of digital products to choose from.




Get Cake –Afilliate tracking software.

AMFB –Afilliate Marketing: Your first 7 days”.





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