Amazon FireTV stick Review


Firestick Review


I decided to do a review of the Amazon Fire stick. There are so many gadgets for us to

choose from nowadays, but especially since many of us want to ‘cut-the-cord’ and get

rid of cable: these services seem more necessary than before. The fire Stick is not a paid

service like Netflix or Hulu, it is a device that can be used to stream television programming

and it is equipped with many games as well. My family actually bought two (2) at the time we

purchased, for two separate bedrooms. At the time of purchase the device was priced at $35

for each and what we received was what is depicted in the above photo.


You get the USB plug which of course goes into your TV unit and the plug goes in the wall.

The installation is fast and simple. Once you start and download the information for the

device, you just need to log in to your accounts (Netflix and Hulu, etc.) and you’re ready to

watch movies, keep up with your favorite shows, play games, and listen to music. There is

also a choice to order a “gamer’s” remote where you can play the games better, and it looks

a lot like the ‘Xbox’ controller.


Compared to paying a monthly cable bill that will run you over $100 per month for a list of

channels you never watch, this is certainly to be considered a bargain. All you need is a TV

and internet access. Of course no electronic device comes without its flaws. So I will list a

contrast of the pros and cons associated with using the device.



  • One time cost of $35 (at the time I purchased)
  • Easy installation
  • No monthly service fee
  • It’s mobile, take it anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Save $100 per month by not paying a cable bill which turns into $1200 per year in savings
  • Watch your favorite shows, listen to music, and play games whenever and wherever you want to (with internet access)
  • Make your friends and family jealous that you watch the same shows they do, but for much less



  • A strong internet signal is needed at all times or the device does not work
  • Most changes in the weather (wind, rain, snow) could possibly cause the device to malfunction
  • Navigation can be difficult with such a tiny remote control
  • May have to restart the device often or uninstall and re-install it to make it work after a malfunction
  • Streaming can often still put you a week behind the original air-date of certain shows (not totally Fire Stick’s fault)
  • Must pay full price for any replacements needed (remotes, etc.)


I would give this product a high-five for being a great bargain. I am sure with the upgrades

available and continued improvement the few issues I named could be easily rectified. I

always say if all devices work the same, I’d rather pay the lowest price. There are issues

with cable and internet through a service provider too, I just like paying less. I had wanted

to get rid of cable for years before these devices came along: it makes no sense to me to

have to pay for 300 channels when you only watch 10. May be one day the cable companies

or service providers will get it.


We see companies like HBO already stepping up and providing their services ‘separate’ from

the cable companies. That is the way technology is moving. Mark my words: those that fail to

keep up with the advances in technology, we will see slowly start to disappear. Remember

Blockbuster? Yes, that part. I hope you enjoyed this review, there are more coming. This just

happened to be a product that I enjoy and would certainly recommend. FIRE the cable guy.

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