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AppCoiner Review



I decided to write a review on AppCoiner because I had seen the site around the internet a few times as I am still involved with a few paid-to-click websites. Here users get paid $30 for testing apps. Not necessarily a new concept, so no big deal, right? I researched as much as I could to find out whether or not any users have been paid by AppCoiner and found no evidence to their honesty in paying its users, nor have I found any evidence that any users have ever been paid by AppCoiner.

The reason I wanted to investigate this particular opportunity is because app testing and website testing are becoming very popular online and on our devices, so of course any new opportunity I find for my readers to make money I want to share it with them! This opportunity is not free though. There is a fee associated with the sign up of $27. Users are told the money can be made back quickly by just completing a test which would pay $30.

Further investigation uncovered that users are not really getting paid for testing apps! Deception Detected! Users are actually paid to write reviews and promote the apps as an affiliate of AppCoiner. What’s wrong with being an affiliate, right? Many affiliate programs are available now but not all of them perform well, and users should be somewhat acquainted with the products and services. If you are an affiliate and don’t know it, how, when, and why promote? I’ve never heard of being an affiliate secretly!




As you’ll notice in the above photo it says you will be paid X amount for your reviews. Though the website and introductory video say that users are paid to test apps. They have already contradicted themselves here. Don’t just take my word for it, you can watch their introduction video below.


Cute little video….VERY deceptive. Videos and images are meant to draw in customers…that is what they do! It is up to you to investigate every aspect of an opportunity before EVER reaching for your wallet! Most app review sites will pay you from $.50 to maybe $20 (that I have discovered) to test apps. When you visit a website that has outlandish earnings claims, they’re probably false if the majority is earning/paying less.

If it was a FREE site I probably would’ve just added it to my bookmarks and never thought of it again until I needed to post something new on apps, but because this service charges users $27, I wanted to investigate to see if it was a real opportunity or were users being scammed.

If I had to give my opinion or recommendation on this site it would have to be that I do not recommend this opportunity for its deceptive advertising practices. If you are not a seasoned advertiser or have help to show you how, you will not make money just promoting a thing, no matter what it is! It sounds easy enough, but marketing isn’t easy, especially when you know nothing about targeting the right audience and the time and effort it will potentially take to accomplish your goals.

The apps they require users to test are not the well-known popular apps we would find on Google Play or iTunes, they are apps created by new developers, so if no one wants to try the app you’ve shared, then you don’t get paid. Of course that is not disclosed in their video, nor in any content on their website. So in essence you will have wasted $27 and however much time you spent trying to earn money with them.

I cannot honestly recommend this site to any of my readers because they are not honest in their explanation of how users make money!


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  1. Hi Audra, Another SCAM revealed! There are so many website taking advantage of people who just want to earn some extra money, it’s sad really. Thanks for revealing this SCAM, because I may have fallen for it!

    1. Hi, Stuart. It’s my pleasure! I don’t like people who try to take advantage of others. There is plenty of money to be made without scamming people! And I don’t think I could ever get “paid” to give reviews, because I’m telling the truth! lol Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned, I will be doing more reviews! 🙂

  2. Thank you for your warning, Audra.
    It is so crazy that people will try anything to get our money.
    I would love to have this kind of job. Reviewing apps sounds so good that I immediately want to jump in.
    Too bad it is a scam. Do you know any other jobs like this that really pay?

  3. I love your website it has a beautiful layout. It is very informative and I love the fact you are looking out for others best interest. If you help others you can’t go wrong. I will definitely revisit.

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