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Apperwall Review

Apperwall is an app that pays its users to download and try apps and to get paid for their short reviews. Since I always have an opinion like most of us do, I decided to download it and try to make some extra money. I checked the reviews first (always check the reviews first!) and they were pretty good, so I thought I’d give it a try. 

Sign up

Signing up for the app is free, but users must connect a social account to participate, so if you aren’t connected in some way to social media, you won’t be eligible to participate. Signing up took about 1-3 minutes. It really depends on how your network apps are running and whether or not your internet connection is strong. My Facebook app never works correctly, so it probably took longer than necessary.

Earning Tips

Upon logging into the app users receive instructions of how to maximize earnings for their actions. One method was to sign in daily for (7) days straight to receive a 5 percent income boost. In order to receive this, users need to download a “bot” to their device that notifies them of current or upcoming opportunities.

Available reviews

There were exactly two(2) reviews available once I completed my sign up steps; one for $.50 and one for $1.50. Both required that I download an app, try it, and submit a review for the reward shown. Not much different than most apps, right? Wrong!! Not only was I required to give each app 5 stars (whether I liked it or not), but I was instructed to copy and paste a pre-written review and was not allowed/permitted to submit my own! 

I take issue with sites that permit fake reviews just to receive more downloads! It’s not only dishonest, but it is a waste of a person’s time. I only enjoy sites that allow for REAL reviews and feedback from users. I was looking forward to this opportunity, until I actually tried it! This is not to discourage anyone from using the site, but I cannot recommend sites that have questionable methods. And the app says nothing about copying and pasting, so it’s certainly not for me.

Payment Proofs

Because I had found so many reviews on this particular app, I started searching for payment proofs. Certainly with all of the positive reviews there must be payment proofs all over the Internet, right? Wrong again!! I couldn’t find proof of any payments at all, though other popular bloggers have stated that the app pays. I’d just like to know WHO and WHEN they’ve paid.

If you still would like to try Apperwall you can sign up here. Keep in mind you’re doing so at your own risk and through no recommendation of mine. I can suggest however, that you visit a previous post “Money Making Apps” and discover apps that are currently paying users.

Final Thoughts: Although I cannot personally recommend this app, there are several people who say they have been paid for their reviews. My advice would be to proceed with caution. Please feel free to return here and post proofs of your payments if you’ve tried the app and were paid. Much success! 

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