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I know so many talented artists that I get excited each time I see an open opportunity for a freelance artist. I have always been an art lover from when I was a youngster. I have family members who can create anything they see into works of art;  that is so impressive and beautiful! Artists do much more than draw pictures. The internet and technology have opened up more possibilities to aid in creation as well as to cause an increase in the need for creators.

If you enjoy drawing and have raw talent, there are many companies that need what you have! An artist could find positions in such categories as;

  1. Creative Designer
  2. Commercial Artist
  3. Cartoonist
  4. Multimedia Design Specialist
  5. Caricaturist
  6. Illustrator and Graphic Designer
  7. Graphic Artist
  8. Storyboard Artist
  9. Advertising Artist
  10. Sign Designer
  11. Computer Animator
  12. Pictographist
  13. Poster Artist
  14. Web Designer/Graphic Designer
  15. 3D Animator

There are many opportunities to advance either in freelance endeavors or to work with great organization seeking the skills you possess. Most advertisements we see have some graphic(s) attached to it to enhance the experience; We are all walking potential customers! lol If you thought about how many times per day you were marketed to, you’d laugh about it. Everywhere we go we see ads, whether we want to or not! Artists are the ones creating those ads!

If you are creative and enjoy it as a hobby, why not make money from it? You have talents that you are not utilizing, we all do! I know that I can’t draw too much more than stick people, but I have other ‘artsy’ talent. lol I think artists just come here with talent (though I’m sure some learn through training). Any talent one has can be translated into a business venture, what are your talents?




Freelance in any industry just about says it all, FREE! There is a certain freedom associated with working remotely: One may even ‘look forward’ to working. If art is your passion, Go For It! If it’s just a hobby, Pursue It! It is much easier and cheaper to start your own business online, than any other avenue. There are many resources that allow users access to build FREE websites and resources to help prospective business owners; Wix, Yola, Weebly, WA. Just to name a few. 🙂

If you don’t already have a portfolio of your past work prepared, please start that process soon: Your work samples are proof of your talent(s). You may also want to be prepared to create on the spot: If the prospective employer decided to test you on the spot, would you be prepared?   I located a few sites that allow users to create online portfolios;






ArtPromotivate –List of sites where artists can

create free portfolios online.



Artist Jobs

Indeed –A job board with various artist positions available.

Outsource –A freelance job board with open artist positions.

FacepunchStudios –Has openings for programmers, artists,

animators, and something else…seriously, that’s a category! 🙂

AuthenticJobs –A job board for creatives.

Guru –A freelance job board with openings for artists.

SimplyHired –A job board with openings for remote artists.

ArtStation –A job board for artists. Location specific.

GameArtisans –A website for freelance game artists.

CareerJet –A job board with open artist positions. Location specific.

GamaSutra –Openings for artist jobs. Location specific.

CreativeCow –A job board with artist openings in ‘remote’.

GreenheartGames –Looking for experienced unity game developer

and a 3D game artist and animator.

MotionographerJobs –Openings for designers and graphic artists,

plus more.

ArtJobs –A freelance job board for artists to find gigs.

AllStartUps –A list of start up companies seeking talented artists

and designers.

VitaminTalent –Open artist positions.

BlenderNetwork –Open artist positions. Location specific.

theCreativeLoft –Open artist positions.

Krop –A job board with open artist positions.

CAR –Cuppa Coffee Studios, Toronto, Remote. Artists wanted.

ChicagoArtists –A job board for artists. A remote position for web

designer and other non-remote positions.



WAHMS –A list of companies/websites looking for artists.

RoyGBiv –A non-profit gallery for emerging artists.

FlyingArts –A resource for artists.

SquireFoundation –A resource for artists.

PersonalSpaceOnline –A resource for artists. Explains the

importance of having a domain name for your brand.




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  1. Very Good Info, put all together. It makes easy just compare and choose from one post. I feel like reading wikipedia..:) I like your website, so going to explore more on it as you got some interesting posts. Thanks

  2. Hey Audra thank you for a great post and a lot of useful information. I’m really into graphic designing and I’m really looking for some free trials. With the list you have provided I will for sure try them out and see where it gets me. Thank you again for the help and guidance. Have a good one.

    1. Hi, Jaime. If you prefer graphic design you should look at the ‘Professional Jobs’ page, there are jobs for designers there! Thanks so much for stopping by. Good luck on your journey, and come again soon! 🙂

  3. Hi Audra, thanks for your interesting post. I have bookmarked it and shared it on Facebook. I believe this post can be very helpful for artists out there who don’t know how to market themselves. It is awesome to show them different path and opportunities. I am not very artistic, but my husband is a wood carver. It takes a lot of resilience and passion for following an artistic career.

    1. Hi, Anke. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 It is not easy thinking of advertising that will bring results, believe me, all of us (marketers) are in the same boat. lol It can’t be easy being an artist, but the internet opens up many ways to become successful. Thanks for stopping in and come back soon. 🙂

  4. Hi Audra,

    I wanted to be a web designer before. I know how to work with websites but not I am not very artistic. I wish I can turn back time and focus on that aspect. Because right now, I see a lot of part time gigs that requires web design and programming.

    thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi, Von. Performing so much research regularly makes me think about many careers I ‘could have’ had. lol I’ve seen a lot of neat/fun jobs…just don’t have the knowledge needed. Thanks for stopping by, come back soon. 🙂

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