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Perssist is an online platform for those who choose freelance work. An Assistant (traditionally) usually runs errands or regularly completes tasks to assist a business owner. This position is listed as remote. The following are responsibilities and requirements for this position. Apply here.


  • Working with a number of other customers as a non-dedicated assistant
  • Responding promptly to clients’ questions and requests
  • Working in a fast-paced environment on multiple projects across the technology stack
  • Taking ownership of your responsibilities and making them your own
  • Working with people of various personality-types, and be able to handle each in stride


Comfortable with technology and highly proficient with the internet as a work tool 
Experience with Google Docs, Calendar, and similar tools 
Fantastic attitude and likeable personality 
Lots of patience and ability to add insights to requests made by customers 
Strong organizational skills 
Strong internet research skills 
Strong communication skills 
Strong problem solving skills
 A high-speed internet connection

There are no special skills needed for this position except for being comfortable with using technology and being personable. There were no age limits/requirements listed under this classification so I (as I usually do) checked the site’s TOS. Nothing there mentioned about age either, though I would assume any person at least 16-18 years of age would be able to perform the tasks for this position.

If this sounds like you… Email your resume to with “Perssist Assistant” in the subject line. Include one tool you would use on the job that you have strong expertise in, and for this technology, explain why you are a cut above the rest.

There is also a position open for a full-stack Lamp developer. Details on the website.

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