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Hello all! I seriously needed that break! I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but this site transfer was a BEAR! As you see many of my photos are missing, I have files that I can’t open and I’m still hanging on! I have not lost my passion, and I refuse to lose my mind, so I took a step back. Much has happened in the World and in my life since the last time I wrote a full post. I have loads of love and compassion for our seniors, disabled, Muslim, the poor, women, and every other faction of the population that will be affected by these new bills and cuts to programs. Often I believe I’m dreaming because our rights are being rolled back and WE as Americans don’t seem to be doing much about it.

I believe on a regular basis, that I not only share things that make me laugh or things that make us think, I also share REAL info that regular people can use on a regular basis. I find it interesting the things that people share. We ALL usually know what the celebrities are doing, we know when 45 made his last Tweet, and that Ben Carson isn’t any more black this week, than he was last week! I say all of that to say this, we need to look out for those who are struggling when we can, and as much as we can. This is only the beginning.

I found myself and my family on a couple of the lists targeted to lose benefits including medical! My household is considered disabled and receive state help for our medical needs. My focus became “How will we make it?” My first thought has always been to replace my PC so I started investigating until I found the right resources! Now, is not the time to be worried, it’s time to get prepared. Financial sustainability is important to us all, even the poor. I’ve started a small garden where we’re growing, tomatoes, greens, cabbage, and spices. It had to start somewhere! Please SHARE posts that can help others, not everyone has sustainable employment and/or housing, and we need to learn to lean on one another, even if just to pass along important info.

Please be patient (as you already have) as the site will go through a few changes while I piece my new home (host) together. I have enclosed a short list of the new opportunities I have discovered! Be a dear and share! It’s free.



Jinglz –An app I use regularly to earn pocket change. You watch ads here. After watching ads users are automatically entered into a pool to WIN coins for viewing the ad. Users are randomly selected and placed in random order…often you may win only one penny, but there are times when you could win $3-$4, which translates to 300-400 coin. Users must achieve a balance of at least 500 coins or $5 to request payment. I’ve already been paid more than $40 using this app. Pays via PayPal. Use referral code ilsbf for a sign up bonus.

IConsumer –Is a cashback website that gives FREE shares upon sign up! I received 100 shares when I signed up. We all know someone who shops online. This site offers cashback AND dividends once the company earns profits. It is risidual income because most things we shop for, we buy on a regular basis, creating a “no work required” method to create another income. All you do is sign up, which is FREE, and tell a friend! Users also have the option to buy shares.


Verydice –A basic dice rolling game where users earn FREE stuff! Seriously, all you do is roll the dice and save up your points to get the FREE stuff you choose! You can spend from 2,000-20,000 points getting neat stuff for absolutely free. You can complete offers to earn rolls, or go the old fashioned route and buy them, but I LIKE free, so I’m patient! You can find Verydice on Google Play and iTunes. Enter code 206596 to get free rolls to help you toward your first redemption.

Adbtc –A site where users can earn Bitcoin by viewing ads. I’ve only cashed out once, but you can earn close to 0.0001700 daily, just by viewing ads. You can also transfer those coins you’ve earned to your advertising balance to have YOUR ads viewed. It’s an easy FREE method to build your Bitcoin balance. Bitcoins are used all across the world.

Pizza Lovers Anonymous –A survey site for, you guessed it, Pizza lovers! Get rewarded for participating in fun,short surveys and earn rewards.

Vocal –A platform for publishers and creators to earn from their content.

Steem –Innovative social interaction website. Users are paid in crypto currency for sharing content that becomes popular or has gained interest of other users. Anyone who has something to “share” can benefit from using this site, users do not have to have their own websites to participate.

Side Money –An app where users earn points for things they already do daily and earn rewards. Target, Walmart, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, PayPal, and Starbucks. The app can be found on Google Play and iTunes.

Pizza Hut Online –Hiring Order Takers. This is a phone position and requires certification, and background check and other fees. This IS a business opportunity and NOT just a job. Workers are paid per call. Please see site for further details.

Cash Academy –A website for teens to learn real-life skills, get ideas, and make money. Sign up is free!


Please keep in mind that earning in groups is how people are making and earning money. Crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, MLM Marketing, sites like Iconsumer, and more are creating wealth for many by using the power of the Internet to create groups and establish multiple income streams. Don’t believe me? Research for yourself! Happy Earning!!

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