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If you are an avid gamer or have thought about creating your own games this could be a lucrative avenue to pursue. Gaming isn’t going to disappear any time soon, it will just advance and expand. At the rate new games are created, I’m positive writers were/are involved.

As with most jobs, those with more experience can usually receive  desired pay based on job/organization’s requirements. Most sites have an age requirement of at least 18 years of age: though you may find one or two that allow 13-14 year old gamers (usually not to write).

These positions are for avid gamers, people who can’t live without gaming, gaming news excites you or intrigues you, and you eat, sleep, and breathe gaming! These jobs always sound fun looking from the outside in (especially to newbies), but if you’re not committed to it, you will experience burn out fairly quickly! Be mindful of the requirements to apply for each site. Much success on your journey!




GameCrazy —


Game Crazy is now looking for regular contributors. (Currently, we are not looking for one-time contributors or content farmers.) This is a great opportunity for writers looking to reach a larger audience, or anyone who’s got something interesting to say about video games and gaming news.


  • Regularity: A minimum of one post per month.
  • Originality: Make sure your content is 100% original – we will NOT publish duplicate content or content consolidated for SEO purposes.
  • Good Grammar: A competent grasp of the English language.
  • Legal Agreement: All bloggers must sign a legal agreement with us. This is for your protection as much as it is for ours.
  • Fairness: No bashing, spreading rumors or defamation. (There are other blogs for that!) You’re free to express constructive criticism, and to have your own strong opinions, as long as they’re supported by logic and evidence.

    What Our Contributors Get

    • Author’s bio with picture to run with every post.
    • Your author’s bio can contain one outbound link to a reputable domain. NO LINKING TO SITES DESIGNED FOR UNDERGROUND MARKETING, LEAD GENERATION OR ADVERTISING REVENUE. All links are vetted prior to publication. Links to personal websites, social media pages like FaceBook and Twitter, etc. are fine.
    • Access to a platform that reaches a wide audience.

      Ready for a Monthly (or more often) Column?

      Then email us at Be sure to include links to previously published work, or examples if links are not available.


Killer Guides









Do you have what it takes to write for Killer Guides? Find out below how you can earn money with your gaming knowledge.”We are always looking for talented and skilled writers. It’s a freelancer job that allows you to share your gaming know-how and make a profit off your expertise. If you meet the following requirements, we kindly ask you to contact us for more information:

    • You have an excellent understanding of an online game or parts thereof


Your writing skills make it a pleasure to read what you write


    • You feel comfortable working together with an editor


  • You take a structured approach to your work and keep deadlines

We will gladly answer any questions you might have about writing guides.




Our goal is and has always been to gather people who live and breathe videogames and have a solid grasp on the English language. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do, everyone is welcome to apply for the available positions. To do so, send us the following information about yourself by using the contact formor by e-mailing it to


  • Your full name
  • Age (18 minimum)
  • Which position interests you?
  • Where do you live (country, city)?
  • A few descriptive lines about yourself.


That’s it! We look forward to hearing from you and, even though we receive quite a few applications, have made it a habit to get back to each applicant.”


Gaming Debugged






“I am looking to grow into an essential blog for all gamers, indie game developers and designers. I could do it on my own, but its much more fun to get others involved in order to get different opinions, highlight different issues and of course share essential and useful information. Give it a go… Write for us!” Articles must be written in English, make sense and be useful, interesting, informative, or funny. Please see site for further details.








You do not need to have any relevant experience or hold any particular qualifications, but you do need to:

  • Possess excellent creativity
  • Have a keen eye for detail
  • Show a passion for content creation
  • Stay on top of trends

    List-driven written features are our bread and butter. But we’ll also consider Video submissions or News pieces.

    • Film, TV, Gaming, Sport & More
    • Recommended minimum 1500 words for lists
    • Have your work published
    • Share it on Facebook/Twitter
      £30 per published list

      You will earn revenue for every article that is published.

      • News or List-based articles considered
      • No limit on articles published
      • Must be 100% original content
      • Paid out via PayPal

Retronuke —




A platform for gamers who enjoy retro gaming, Indie games, and want to write about them.

RETRONUKE is always looking for great people to write reviews, opinion articles and even live stream games. We work tirelessly to bring the indie game community breaking news, reviews, and interviews from the games that matter most!  Just send an email to the address below and one of us will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


GamePur —

  • Gamer who can provide quick Walkthough, gameplay videos.

If you are interested to be part of us then send us the following details:

  •  Full Name
  •  Location
  •  Contact Details (Email & Cell phone number)
  •  Your Blog or website (If any)
  •  Also inform us if you have any prior experience in this field or you have contributed for any publication before.
  • Position you applying for.

Email us above details at info(@)




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