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Best Methods To Find Work At Home Jobs



Do you want to work at home, but don’t know where to look? You are not alone. I have talked to many people who still believe ‘working at home’ to be some type of fallacy, as if we haven’t watched television or movies from the 60’s and 70’s that showed individuals constantly on the phone, or in later years sitting by the beach on their computer. Guess what….? Those people were contractors who worked ‘virtually’. I digress…where to look when seeking to work virtually.

The first place I always look is Google because there is so much information, and often from a single query/search. This let’s you know how many entries there are for the topic you’ve chosen. Wondering how many entries for ‘work at home’? Let’s see here. This query shows how many entries there are on this subject, quite a few, eh? Many of us want a more flexible work schedule because of family or other issues that don’t allow us to work a traditional 9 to 5 position.


Google_doodle_3528050bQuite often you will not find the answers you seek strictly from asking Google a question. Research is always necessary when planning to do anything online. When you visit websites, don’t just take them at their word. There are many ways to discover whether or not an organization has been honest or not. I also would not recommend checking with the BBB as most organizations pay for the service. Look for online reviews, these will uncover much you may need to know.


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I still take issue with sites or ads for remote work and the result being not remotely close to what you were looking to find. Through most of my trial and error, I learned to correctly search for specific job boards. What do I mean by that, right? What that means is, say you want to work in the medical field, you wouldn’t search a data entry job board, you’d search the one dedicated to medical professionals. By narrowing down your search you save yourself time and frustration.






I believe in asking the ones who’ve done it it before or are currently doing what you want to do; often you can gain insight into important details or facts others don’t know. Often with work at home we still find that people don’t really like to share what they do or how they applied for the position he-she holds, that is why you just go to the source! The source I’m referring to is any popular organization you may be interested in working virtually for. Most larger companies in this day and age have a virtual office with virtual employees, why not be one? Companies like Wal-Mart and Target have virtual employees, most large organizations will.





With technology pushing us in a different direction with regard to communication, many of the processes we performed 10 years or more ago are done quite differently. I can only speak for myself, but I can’t remember reading a newspaper in the last 10 years! I do however, remember the pages and pages of classified ads that were always gathered way in the back, until increased numbers made it require a separate page. The newspaper is still a good resource for finding things we thought were un-findable?? Is that even a word? 🙂





All-in-all there is no perfect answer or best way to do most things! What worked for you, just might not work for someone else. Whatever you do or have as a plan for your life, stick to it! If you can’t find the answer in one spot…check another! The best thing I can tell you is to prepare for whatever it is you’re looking for. If you don’t have medical or legal experience, it would not be wise to apply for those jobs. Get it? 🙂 Soon I will be posting about the best job-boards to find remote work, so stay tuned! I did write about different resources for bloggers for those interested. You can see that post here.





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  1. Hi, Liz. I’m so happy that what I’m doing is needed! You are not alone in your need for ‘extra income’, most people I’ve talked to are just getting by. 🙁 I hope you find something you like, and please message me with any questions you might have! 🙂

  2. You give me hope that I might find a position that I can do from home. My health is not that good and I can’t physically do a regular 9-5 anymore. I really want to supplement my income, since we are getting by, but not much more. It would be nice to have a little extra cash for other activities we would like to do.

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