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Bitcoin Rising!!



Hello, WAH family! I’m here again reminding you of the rise and influence of Bitcoin! I believe it was Friday (12/08) or somewhere thereabouts when I heard Bitcoin had risen to more than $11,000. Many believe Bitcoins are a new concept, but that’s not true. If memory serves Bitcoin has been around since 2008-2009. 

How/When did Bitcoin start?

Nakamoto implemented the bitcoin software as open source code and released it in January 2009. The identity of Nakamoto remains unknown. In January 2009, the bitcoin network came into existence after Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first ever block on the chain, known as the genesis block, for a reward of 50 bitcoins. I also learned that Bitcoin is a way to regulate currency without government interference! I also want to point out that most of the  business pages I follow constantly post about/discuss Bitcoin! Wikipedia.

How much are Bitcoin worth?

At the present time, Bitcoin are worth more than $17,000. I believe alternate currency is taking off because we don’t trust the dollar (Euro, Rupee) anymore!! Most of our governments misuse and misappropriate funds regularly, and this is a method that helps to thwart outside/governmental control. I’ve accumulated quite a bit just by utilizing free earning sites. My method is to invest what I’ve earned to earn more! You can do it too! 

Even if you have money to invest, but still aren’t sure you want to risk your money….do it free! There are so many ways that we can increase savings/income, even when we don’t have much, I just don’t want to keep missing out! The Internet provides us many methods to catch up to the big guys and we should take advantage when we can! The sites are free to join and the wallets (Bitcoin banks) are also free. Much success on your journey!


Investing –A site where users can earn by investing Bitcoin. Get income every minute with just 0.005 BTC minimum deposit, and withdraw funds any time you like. Play by your own rules! Earn 3.4 percent of daily income. Earn Bitcoin every minute.

BitcoinINV –A site where Bitcoin users can invest and earn a Bitcoin payments. Minimum deposit is 0.001 Bitcoin and will give you a return of 7 percent daily. The more you invest the higher your earnings.

Privcoin–A platform that allows users to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. There is also a “mixing” agent available. The site says that mixing allows users to retain the privacy of their Bitcoin addresses. 1 Bitcoin, 10 Ethereum, and 20 Litecoin are the minimums for investment.

Bitcoin-double  –Invest your Bitcoin here and have them doubled within 12 hours.

Moneyinvest–A neat platform I discovered that allows users to earn from their investments in start up companies, and also earn from helping them complete small tasks like placing ads for them. One I saw pays you $0.90 just to place an ad and advises that funds would be dispersed once it was verified…it’s basically copy and paste. You can also earn from people you refer to the site. Minimum cash out is $7. Pays via PayPal, Bitcoin.

Bits2u –A Bitcoin mining and investment site. Other payment options available.




Btcminer–A platform where users enter their Bitcoin address and earn Bitcoin every so often. There is a minimum investment of .001 Bitcoin to upgrade earnings, this allows users to earn more and often faster.

Bitcomine –A platform where users can create their own mine and earn from their workers to earn Bitcoin.–A mining site where users earn free Bitcoin in increments. Users can also earn by referring new members.

Paid to Click

Btc4earn –A PTC site that pays in Bitcoin. Cash out for standard members is 0.002 and is a stepped Cashout system, so with each redemption you will be required to earn more to request payment.

Adzbtc –A PTC site that pays in Bitcoin. Cashout threshold is 0.001 Bitcoin. When users earn points they can be converted to advertising or to cash. I like this option on PTC sites because often you can earn many points per session and they add up quickly.–Similar to PTC. Users view websites and earn satoshi which are bits of Bitcoin. Cash out threshold is 15.000 satoshi, paid usually within 48-72 hours.

Bitsforclicks –A PTC site where users view ads and earn satoshi. Cash out threshold is 15.000 satoshi.

Adzforbtc –A PTC site where users earn Bitcoin. Cash out is 10.000 satoshi.

Btcclicks–A PTC site where users earn Bitcoin for viewing advertisements. Users can also earn by referring other members. Minimum payout is 0.10000 mBTC.

Coinbulb–A PTC site where users earn Bitcoin for watching ads. Other ways to earn. Cash out is 0.03 mBTC.

Faucets –A Bitcoin faucet where users earn free Bitcoin every 5 minutes as well as earning from any of their referrals.

Faucetgame–Play games and earn free Bitcoin. Deposits are not accepted nor required. Offer walls and other earning opportunities available. –A faucet where users can earn free Bitcoin. Users also earn by referring others to join.–A faucet where users can earn free Bitcoin. Users also earn by referring others. Has a list of many other faucets available.


Smsprivacy  –A service that allows users to purchase phone numbers with Bitcoin and have complete anonymity with regard to its communications; phone calls, text messages, etc.


Btcheat –A slot game that allows users to enter their Bitcoin address and spin the wheel to win real Bitcoin. No deposit needed to win. There are also offer walls and other ways to earn free spins like inviting other users to join. Users earn 25 free spins when friends sign up. Your spins replenish at 5 spins every 3 hours without referrals. Cash out threshold is 0.03500000.–An online platform that allows users to earn free Bitcoin by using their music streaming service. Users earn Bitcoin for blocks of listening time. You can also earn when you invite others to join.

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