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Blue Ray Disc player (Internet Capability)-Review



A Small device that packs a big punch!  I’m referring to the Samsung blu ray disc player with enabled internet access. I was shopping online and this little player caught my eye. At the time of purchase I paid  $59.99 + tax , of course. I was in search of one device compatible with my TV and internet accessible where I could also watch my DVD collection.

I always look for the item I want online first: many deals shown online you can’t find in the store. Because I wanted the purchase the same day I verified online of its availability in-store. I stick to the brands I know and already use and Samsung is a trusted brand. It has the basic features of the average DVD player with internet accessibility. It came with a remote control and the connection cords.

I like such devices because they help us get out from under the big cable companies, but you get to keep watching your favorite programs. I can watch Hulu and Netflix with this device as well as Amazon, HBO GO, and Starz and Showtime. (paid services must be paid for separately). I have an antenna attached to my TV that streams ‘local broadcasting’ and switching between the blu ray player and the TV is just a flick of the wrist. 


The selling point for me with these new devices is ease of use, being that I am not technical often if it’s too difficult to figure out, it’s going back. 🙂  I haven’t had any problems since I’ve had the device. In most instances, if it isn’t working, blame it on your internet connection. Another plus for this device is that it’s portable, so as long as your destination is internet enabled, you’re all set!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short review. I think many have been hooked on cable for so long that the thought of changing is scary! It’s TV! lol  There are at least 100 channels in the roster you never watch. Go get one! Get rid of your cable bills, and continue watching your favorite programming.


I wanted to conduct a price comparison between these two products and their popular merchants. Please keep in mind that the ‘Amazon’ player comes with Wi-Fi already enabled. Similar products through Walmart could be found at prices at or near the level of Amazon’s products. Here are a few opinions from Amazon customers who have tried this item;


Top Customer Reviews

Style Name: Blu-ray Verified Purchase

This player is for someone who wants a simple, fast, high waking Blu-ray player that will simply play a disc on your television in the best manner it can.

I have a Roku 3 which takes care of all my streaming needs, so I just wanted an uncomplicated player that would load my discs quickly and play.

So far, this unit does just that. It quickly loads discs, faster than I’ve ever seen in a player. I’m bitstreaming audio to my receiver so that I can hear DTS-HD Master. All is well. It’s fast, plays every disc new and old, at the highest quality possible with Blu-ray discs

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Style Name: Blu-ray Verified Purchase

First experience out of the box was fast. Setup ran without a hitch and once we inserted a Blue Ray, it loaded up with a very, very short lag and went straight to the menu. Navigation was seamless and the picture seemed to be even better than my old Sony put out…go figure. The box is incredibly small and lightweight. I have so many smart devices in the home I didn’t even bother to wire this one up and there was no opposition to running it this way when configuring.

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Style Name: Blu-ray Verified Purchase

Actual Performance is excellent. Clean, quick playing. I have a few beefs though…

1. Look cheap. I mean, it looks really really cheap. Sitting there among the x box and the Wii, etc, etc, etc it’s like “which one of these things dosen’t look high tech?”. Answer… the DVD player.

2. The menu and set up is not slick. In fact it’s so ugly as to be almost retro.

3. There is no light!!! You can’t figure out if this thing is on or off half the time! There is absolutely ZERO indicators as to whether or not there is power on or off! More then once I have had to hit the button multiple times to actually get it on because one of the kids left it on and I could not tell.

Yeah, I would buy it again but the no light thing is so annoying I probably would look for a different one instead.

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Style Name: Blu-ray

First the bad – there is no power light AND the printed directions for advanced functions are poor or even worse than poor.
And the Good – this player will do things that it is not listed to do. So here goes, I bought my BD-J5100 to play movies but when I hooked to my wired network and began to explore the window that comes up when there is no disk inserted I saw the following areas Play Disc, and to the right Photos, Videos and Music.
Below Play disc were the few apps that are up and a Change device and Settings buttons.
So I looked thru the Photos, Videos and Music Apps and saw nothing. Next I explored Hulu plus, setup Amazon, explored YouTube, Set up Netflix and so on. I clicked on the more button but there is not much more as of today.
Then I struck gold I clicked on the Change Device app and up popped everything that was connected to my wired network that was currently turned on. My computer was listed but I couldn’t access it. BUT also listed was my GoFlex Home NAS and I clicked on it and it let me in and there were all my lossless folders under music. Despite not indicating support – this player will play .flac files and access then from a GoFlex NAS.
What a pleasant surprise a relatively easy way to play my lossless music from my NAS and the sound is great…………
So if you have the right NAS and music on the main drive you will get the bonus of playing .flac files and who knows what else it can do.
Finally – I have so much music that in my explorations I came across a window for playlists, genres, albums , etc. and I thought I would paly around. Big mistake with 1.5TB of albums – I messed up everything because it went on and on analyzing each topic that I chose and then I would exit and more and more of my music would disappear.
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