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Hello, WAH family! Today I wanted to talk about a platform/website called BTC Heat. I love doing things free so I jumped right in! Bitcoin are still a pretty good investment, so why not? Right? Well, almost! Let’s see how the site operates.

Easy sign up

All you do is enter your Bitcoin address and you’re all set to use every aspect of the site.

How do you win/earn?

There are several ways to earn here (completing offers, visiting websites, referring others, invest your winnings, there is even a mining feature.) The trick is, you will earn free spins to increase your chances of actually winning Bitcoin, you’re not earning Bitcoin. The only way to receive Bitcoin here is if you’ve won it from a spin.

How do I cash out?

You can cash out your winnings once you’ve reached the Minimum amount of  0.03500000. I searched online to retrieve the slightest proof that users are being paid and found nothing! Another issue I found interesting (and don’t particularly like/trust) is that you can accumulate spins like I have at times 15-20 spins at a time, and never win! How?

How do I win?

This is the explanation the site gives from the FAQ about how we win: “The algorithm which determines,  winners has a random factor. However, it is based on the main prize pool and the bigger it is the bigger are the chances to win big sums.”  Sooooo, in double-speak…it’s random, but it’s not! You all know how much I dislike double-talk!!

Random is kind of like the truth, it needs no help or back up, it can stand alone! How is it random and? Random means to be chosen without method or conscious decision. Their method doesn’t even resemble random! I have been a member for close to three (3) months (I think) and have reached a balance of 0.0112-something-or-other. I have 2 referrals (once you obtain 5 referrals you get 5 free spins every 3 hours instead of 3), and I am still only at 34 percent toward cashing out my earnings.

I found a few reviews online regarding pay and users don’t sound happy about their results. And also don’t seem to be getting any feedback from the site’s administrators. Here are a few other proofs of how users feel about the site.


The site only has a 1.8 rating






Users are not happy and have not been receiving any payments often after spending hours trying to win. How unfair to waste people’s time. I know personally I’d sign in at least twice per day to spin. The closer you seem to get to cash out, the less often you actually win. I found a video review for you to watch. The site is still fairly new (BTC Heat).

One other issue I have is the extremely high cash out. Do you all know how much in USD 0.035 btc is? I’m at 0.0112 and my balance in USD reads at over $130, so you imagine how much this amount equals to in dollars…A LOT! It just seems unreasonable for a random slots game. You win in the beginning and as cash out draws closer, your wins become fewer. I found a Youtube video review.

I want to suggest not using this site due to the possibility that it is a phishing site (frequent unusual pop ups). Though I’ve only been credited (2) referrals several friends have admitted to signing up ( more than 2). Also, most sites allow you to view your referral list if only by IP addresses, this site does not. I do believe that even in its short time online, it has indeed become a SCAM site!

If I begin to see proof of payments I will return and update my opinions for this website, but as it stands I believe it to be a SCAM!










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