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Businesses Your Teen Can Run





I wanted to cover this subject because over the years there have been several children that have become millionaires by starting their own business ventures. Your child could be the next internet millionaire. Kids are so smart and are living in a time where things change rapidly.

I always encourage my children to think outside the box for new ideas. So far my son wants to try video game testing because he loves trying new games. Many of these businesses are pretty easy to start and gain experience in. The Internet allows us all to create incomes for ourselves and our families and this post proves our kids aren’t left out either!

Teens of today no longer have to flip burgers or deliver newspapers! Of course if flipping burgers is your choice, go for it! ???  I remember being a teen and having so many ideas about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Working online and/or opening a business of your own is quite possible because of technology, and even teens can get in on the flow of currency.

Concluding Thoughts: Any skill we possess can be translated into a business venture. You have skill needed to be a success, you just have to tap into it. Be sure to follow each site’s instructions carefully. Much success in all you do!



Business Ideas

Babysitting –Of course this would be the number one choice for most kids. But especially if they have large families or a large family circle with potential clients. It is ideal because parents can be present to supervise. (Younger teens)

Resources:  Care\ Sittercity \ U-Loop \ Great AU Pair \ Sitter \

Tutoring –Use your skill to teach others what you know. Tutors are always in demand and are paid well. Good in a particular subject? Why not become a tutor. You set your schedule and fees.

Resources: Enroll \ SameSpeak \ Tutor \ Theteenagetutors \ Teens2go \

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker –If you enjoy caring for animals, here is a way to have fun and get paid too. Pet sitters and walkers earn money a this-her leisure.

Resources:  Petsit \ Petnanny \ PetSitter \ Rover \ DogVacay \

Chores –Get paid to complete chores for your neighbors. There are elderly individuals or those who may be disabled who could use your help. Negotiate your fees or what you will charge with each customer.

Resources: Nearjobs \ DoMyStuff \ Agent Anything \

Arts and Crafts –If you like to create or are good at arts and crafts, why not open your own store online. You can even sell them at craft shows in your area.

Resources: Etsy \ Zibbet \ Handmade Artists \ Aftcra \

Sell T-Shirts –If you have design ideas or sayings you and your friends use that you think others will enjoy, share your sayings with the world and earn an income too.

Resources: Shopify \ TeeSpring \ TeeChip \ SpreadShirt \

Voice Overs –If you’ve ever enjoyed cartoons you are acquainted with voice overs. If you enjoy changing your voice frequently, singing, or just having fun, try voice over acting. There are many resources to receive training and find gigs.

Resources: Edge Studio \ Voices \ The Voice Realm \ Voicetoons \

Freelance Writing –There are many companies that hire beginning writers or young writers specifically. If you feel you have the talent, go for it! Most sites provide information to upgrade skill and often exercises that help improve writing style.

Resources: Freelancer \ Writer Acess \ Article \ Writers Domain \ Studio D \

App Creator –If you are good with technology and have some ideas, you can make money creating useful apps, or fun apps for everyone.

Resources: Altova \ AppyPie \ Shoutem \ AppMakr \

Video Game Tester –If you enjoy playing video games why not get paid to try new ones before they hit the shelves? There are methods you can use to get started. Only a true gamer will enjoy this job.

Resources: VMC \ Microsoft Playtest \ GameTesters \ Product Testing \

Data Entry/Typing –There are sites that pay users for his-her freelance writing skills. Most often there is room for new typists or sites where there is no specific wpm requirement.

Resources: VirtualBee \ TypeCaptchas \ DataPlus \ Rev \ Scribie \

Customer Service Rep –If you like talking on the phone and don’t mind a part-time schedule, there are companies that hire teens as young as 16 years old to answer phones. There are also ‘Mystery Phone Shops’, users usually must be 18 years of age.

Resources: U-Haul \ Call Center QA \ Intelichek \ ARC \



More Teen emploment \ resources

Boostapal –A resource for teens to sign up and earn when their families shop online.

Paid Surveys –These sites allow users to answer questions and earn money for participation. See sites for age requirement details.

Test Websites  -You can get paid to test websites. This should be considered extra money as jobs do not come often. New websites are created often and the owners want to know what your experiences are while you use a particular site/app.







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