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Hello, everyone. I wanted to share with you today some business and/or franchising opportunities I found available. Because they are business opportunities, you will not find anything on this list that you can do free!! Most businesses require some type of investment to remain successful. There are many WAH opportunities one can start free, but most business ventures require investment. 

What is a business franchise?

A franchise business is a business in which the owners, or “franchisors”, sell the rights to their business logo, name, and model to third party retail outlets, owned by independent, third party operators, called “franchisees”. Franchises are an extremely common way of doing business. In fact, it is difficult to drive more than a few blocks in most cities without seeing a franchise business. Examples of well-known franchise business models include McDonalds, Subway, UPS, and H & R Block. In the United States, there are franchise business opportunities available across a wide variety of industries. Source


Once the business begins operating, the franchisee will generally pay the franchisor an ongoing royalty payment, either on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. This payment is usually calculated as a percentage of the franchise operation’s gross sales. After the contract has been signed, the franchisee will open a replica of the franchise business, under the direction of the franchisor. The franchisee will not have as much control over the business as he or she would have over their own business model, but may benefit from investing in an already-established, name brand. Source


Generally, the franchisor will require that the business model stay the same. For example, the franchisor will require the franchisee to use the uniforms, business methods, and signs or logos particular to the business itself. The franchisee should remember that he or she is not just buying the right to sell the franchisor’s product, but is buying the right to use the successful and tested business process. The franchisee will also usually have to use the same or similar pricing in order to keep the advertising streamlined. For example, if you saw an advertisement for $75 tax preparation from a well-known tax preparation franchise, you would expect to find this deal at the franchise operation closest to you. Aside from using the business model determined by the franchisor, the franchisee will otherwise remain an independent owner of the franchise. Pricing would also have to remain similar to the original business model. Source

Concluding Thoughts: The rules for running a franchise are much different than for a person who starts their own original company. If you are interested in becoming a franchisee, please be sure to read all of the rules and requirements needed before signing any contracts and/or giving any money. Much success on your journey!

Biz Opps

AMPStore –A platform that gives individuals the opportunity to become a member of the booming social gaming industry. Become a reseller with minimal monthly investment. There are three (3) clubs in one a kids club, a gaming club and an app club. Eligible for all three(3) with a monthly payment of $6.

Berlitz –Is a platform that gives franchisees the opportunity to open and run their own translation/interpretation company. If you are proficient in more than one language, this may be the opportunity for you. 

EyeLevel –Eye Level offers excellent business opportunities in more than 22 countries to those who have passion and ambition in education! In an increasingly competitive world, academic achievement is at the forefront of parents’ priorities for their children and the Global private tutoring market is expected to surpass US$102.8 Billion in 2018. As a premier supplemental education and enrichment program, Eye Level offers a competitive franchise opportunity for its partners with its effective program, backed up by the headquarters’ strong business related support.

MedAlert –MEDAlert™ makes personal emergency medical information available using today’s technology, storing information on a compact digital memory device. It gives emergency service professionals or police officers with a laptop computer instant access to emergency information which is critical to timely and accurate emergency treatment. What does a MEDAlert Professional do ? It’s easy, you simply record the personal medical information from the completed customer form on the special MEDAlert™ device and provide updates for your customers. It is the perfect home based business! 

Repair –A platform that helps repair persons take their businesses to the next level. Many resources available. All skill levels considered. Dues are tax deductible.

PLRProducts –A platform that hosts thousands of products users can purchase and resell the rights to. Cha-Ching!

Lovewinx –Host parties with Love Winx and earn commissions.

Voltage –A platform that gives individuals the opportunity to run his/her own software company.

Peaches Enterprise –Sign up here to become a national Love Angel Ambassador aka a boss! “Your START PAY $2,000 WKLY w/me HOT Non-Stop List Provided to You Get Paid2Text Share/Can You Text 24/7 Automated System Sells4u ONLY 4 REFERRALS A DAY Superior Products Sizzle Info-Line.”

Buckstore –If you’ve ever wanted to open your very own dollar store franchise, this is for you. Resources and start up info.

ConversionPros –An opportunity to start earning cashback and increase earnings through referrals. All for just $1/month.

MyWineFunnel –“New Wine Company Pays People To Share Their Bottles From Around The World!”

MCA –MCA has a vehicle coverage plan available to all customers that starts at only $9.95/mo. We pride ourselves on offering 24-hour towing (up to 100 miles) and emergency services such as fuel delivery, battery jump starts, flat tire changes, and auto locksmith with tons of other benefits to keep you and your family safe. Users/afilliates are paid commissions for each referral sign up. Paid weekly by direct deposit. MCA services are available while traveling anywhere in North America (USA/Canada).

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