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Bye Bye 2017!


Hello WAH, family! As we close out 2017, I’ve decided to post several opportunities I’ve been holding onto that we can earn from. By now most of you should know I try to share opportunities for all skill-levels but can only post those opportunities available. My favorites are micro and work when you want to jobs.

These new sites (not these listed) are often confusing and off-putting with the language they use. If I can’t understand it, I’m definitely going to have an issue sharing it with you. (Chuckles). Often if they don’t explain enough or have no TOS (believe it or not) I won’t share it here. I actually found another site that promised $100 payments for surveys, but of course found no good reviews nor proof of payment(s).

I will be (hopefully soon) adding a chat box to the site so we can communicate with one another. If you are already subscribed to my site you should be able to share in the chats. Am I the only one excited about the New Year? I hope not! I love being able to have a fresh start! Too bad we can’t do that with everything! I’ll just take what I can get!

As we say farewell to 2017, let us remember some of this past year, I know some parts I already choose not to carry with me into 2018! Life is full of ups and unfortunately we can’t stay up forever, so in come the downs! I know I laughed and cried happy tears this year, I danced (because for the most part, no one was watching), I watched great movies and TV shows, I read (3) books that were awesome, I ate good and mostly went to sleep thankful! May your 2018 outdo your 2017! 



Earning Opportunities

Winrgames –A platform where users can play free games and earn real money. Choose a game and earn lots of tickets. The more tickets you earn, the higher your chance of winning the cash prizes. When the time runs out, the tickets are tabulated and a winner is chosen. (Proof of winners on the site) App available on Google Play and iTunes. I also noticed that they are open to Software Developer and Lead Artist job inquiries.

Spare5 –A platform for freelancers to complete small tasks in their free time. I believe I’ve spoken about Spare5 previously, but decided it was worth mentioning again. I know many families who can’t always leave home to earn, so these sites are awesome aids to supplementing income. Compatible with PC or Mac operating systems. iPhone app available also.

Makeculous –An earning platform for users to earn income by completing tasks like; taking paid surveys, completing offers, performing data processing tasks, competing in contests. They also have an affiliate program. Mobile device compatible, so you can use a smart phone or tablet if you don’t have a PC. Users must be at least 13 years of age to participate. Minimum payment for PayPal and Payza is $10. Bitcoin minimums will vary by the market. Pays via PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza, Gift cards, CoinBase.

Edit Crowd –A platform based in the UK that allows users to earn by performing book reviews. Your first (2) books will be on a trial basis, so you will receive no pay. Normal reviews will be submitted with feedback within two (2) weeks and get paid. Readers are paid for the previous month in a lump sum once threshold of £50 is reached reader submissions are tallied and can be located on your personal membership page (coming soon!) choose to earn credits instead of cash (coming soon!) see FAQs for further information see T&Cs for full details. They will also be launching a platform for young readers and encourage them to apply. You can also sign up to their newsletter for updates.

acx –Seeking Audio Book Recorders/Narrators. Are you an actor or producer and already have a recording? Your recordings will be featured on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. See info for Narrators to understand how it works.

Penpee –A platform where users read, write, and get paid for short stories. Everyone’s got a story, whatever your story someone’s waiting to read it. It’s certainly an interesting way to earn and/or get your work seen by many. Pays via Bank deposit or PayPal.

Strictly surveys

(Didn’t I say I knew I’d find more survey companies?? Well, here they are!)

Survey Squad –Get paid by sharing your opinion. Users must be at least 13 years of age to participate. Users cash out once they’ve earned 20,000 pts. or $20. Other rewards also offered. Rewards may vary per assignment. Pays via check.

Engage Studies –Engage in research. Two different panels to choose from. One for consumers and one for healthcare.

insfe –A platform to earn by taking polls and surveys. Receive a $3 bonus upon sign up. 1,000 pts is equal to $1. Must reach the sum of $15 to request payment. Pays every Monday via PayPal and Payza. There is no reference to age, but most sites require users be at least 13-14 years of age to participate.

OICS –Earn by completing surveys. Users must be at least 18 years of age to participate. No minimum to request payment, it is dispersed after successful survey completion.  Pays via PayPal.

Esearch –Earn by completing surveys. Users only need to accrue at least $1 to request payment. Pays via PayPal.

MyOpinionNow –Earn by completing surveys. 100 pts equals $1. Must have 20,000 pts to request payment or $20. Pays via check.

Hagen Sinclair –Earn by completing surveys. Incentives vary according to the project and can range from $45 to $500 or even more, depending on the time commitment and level of expertise called for. Payments are made by check, store gift cards, Visa or American Express cash cards, gift certificates and/or charitable donations after the study has been completed. You will always know up front what form of compensation is being offered.

Mobrog –A platform to earn by taking surveys. App also available. Earn on average between $0.50 and $3. Minimum to cash out  is $6.25. Must be at least 18 years of age to participate. Pays via PayPal.

Wondough –Take surveys and earn rewards such as PayPal, Amazon, Nexflix, Walmart and more. Earn extra points by signing up via Facebook.

Curizon –A survey platform associated with Toluna that offers surveys to the healthcare community. Users must be at least 25 years of age and currently work in the healthcare field. Request payment at any time. Paid approximately (6) weeks after request.

Nectar Canvass –A platform where users complete surveys and earn rewards. Rewards are digital.

Opinion-people –A platform where users can earn by completing surveys. Points per survey will vary. If redeeming cash doesn’t appeal you may prefer to swap your points for instant gift vouchers. There is also the option to donate to a charity. Users must be at least 14 years of age. Cash out is $15. Pays via  PayPal.

ViewFruit –A survey community. Users must be at least 16 years of age. Points can be redeemed for gifts.



EIN –Easy Internet Now is a platform that offers an alternative high-speed internet service. 3 step installation. No credit check. Free Wi-Fi modem. Every EIN customer gets a unique referral link to share with friends and family. When they use your link to sign-up you get a $10 credit, and so do they! See site for area(s) of service.

Feiyr –A platform where users can upload their audio books and sell them to earn money. A good way to earn from your work if you often make audio recordings. You keep 80% of your net profits. – There are no monthly or yearly costs. – The publication fee is €2.36 regardless of genre/selected shops. – You have several promotion tools at your disposal (e.g. download codes and press releases). – “We promote your release on our social media channels.”

Concert Window –A platform to broadcast live to the world and connect with fans for free.

CDbaby –Sell your music everywhere. Global music distribution. Get paid weekly. No annual fees.

Referme-app –A platform/app where users sign up to earn rewards. Build your referrals here and share deals and/or information with other users. App available on iTunes and Google Play.

BizProfits –A platform with high converting CPA affiliate offers.

GetJoya –An awesome text messaging app that allows users to send video messages and more. Free to sign up. App available on iTunes and Google Play.

SnapMedia — A platform where users are paid when their video(s) sell. If you are a video publisher who does how to’s or you teach a skill, I’d give it a try. Multiple income streams is the goal.

Earn –Get paid to answer messages. Replace your public email with an inbox that pays you in Bitcoin. You can also complete tasks here like paid surveys to earn. Keep the money or donate it to your favorite charity. App available on Google Play and iTunes.

Blast Earn and save while playing games. Earn more interest with gaming than with most bank accounts. Site currently in Beta.

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  1. I came across penpee a while back when looking for means to make money online and it looks promising.

    Thanks for this list; will check the others out.

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