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Can You Really Make Money Stuffing Envelopes?



I had to dig as deeply as I  could on this one because after 30 years people are still asking the same question: Can I Really Make Money Stuffing Envelopes? Believe it or not, I didn’t have to go too far before Google told me what was up! Before I get into the details I want to tell you how the “stuffing envelopes” system works;

Were all drawn in at one time or another by ads no matter where they’re placed. These ads you will usually find in the backs of magazines, newspapers, and other written material, as classified ads. Once you respond to the ad, to get the system, you pay a fee. Instead of receiving a kit with envelopes to mail, you are sent or referred the members like you, who are also signing up to make money stuffing envelopes! Once you sign them up and they order the system, you get paid!

What service is the envelope stuffing company selling? 

There isn’t an actual service they are providing! You’re not selling anything, nor are you teaching anything. The main idea for this scheme is for each person who signs up to sign others up under them. Because there are no payment proofs found for this opportunity, the average person can be sure they will NOT receive a payment!

Does this sound legit to you? You can find millions of entries on Google that talk about this very subject as being a SCAM!!!  Why is it that people are still wondering about this position then? How can you on one hand think everything is a scam, yet on the other hand still be wondering about a scam uncovered more than 30 years ago??  Yes!!  30 years ago we found out this opportunity was not a real one!

Think about this for a moment…the average postal worker makes: Across the nation, U.S. Postal Service clerks report an average wage of $25.41 per hour and an average salary of $52,860 per year. As of May 2011, 80 percent of USPS mail clerks received wages of between $23.87 and $26.56 per hour, and the median wage reported was $25.53 per hour. According to Google. So explain how one could make double or often triple their salary with much less effort? Why wouldn’t the postal workers quit and take the better pay?




When something sounds too good to be true, IT probably IS!!  Where are all the people who have been paid by these companies to diffuse the SCAM allegations??  If you are looking for a way to ‘get rich quick’, you’re setting yourself up to be scammed! Why? Because if all you want is quick money with NO work involved, that is what you will find online!!  The EXACT SCAM you’re looking to find! Most landing pages tell you how to make thousands per week, or instruct you on how to explode your PayPal account!!  Mine is still intact, and I’ve tried several programs.

If you are interested in performing micro jobs, you could do them and make money with reputable companies that have a history of regular and continued payments to their members. I even went out on a limb to see if there was a such thing as a remote mail job. I wasn’t being humorous at all, and believe it or not got quite a few hits for different mail-handling positions. If you want to handle the mail, this is as close as you will get to stuffing envelopes!


Mail-Handling/Letter Writting Jobs

Remote OK –Job board with opening for Mail Operations

Administrator. (Living Social)

US Post Office –This is where you can take the postal

exam for Your area.

Write-On –Company is said to pay you for your neat handwriting.

Upwork –A job board with open ‘handwriting’ positions.

Quotas –Sign up to be a mail decoy. See site for details.

The Hauser Group –Become a mail decoy. See site for details.

SBKC –Sign up to become a mail decoy. See site for details.

Quad Readers Club –Receive mail and verify by phone. See site for further details.

Local Influencer –Become a mail decoy. See site for details.

Reportez –Sign up to be a mail monitor.

US Monitor –Become a mail decoy.

Those were the ONLY jobs I could find that had anything to do with mail!!  So can we finally put this question to bed? You will never find an opportunity to stuff envelopes (unless you work on political campaigns), and you will not make thousands of dollars per week doing it!

Concluding Thoughts: With all things you do online, be SMART! We all need money to survive, but it is your desperation that will also be your demise! We don’t live in a world where money is given freely with no effort, so stop expecting to find TRUTH in LIES! 



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  1. Great post!

    It is amazing how many people try to scam others just so they can make a quick buck. But with people like you informing others about these scams you are helping so much.

    Thanks for the great info!

    1. Hi, Derek. I plan to uncover as many SCAMS as I can find! Lol Life is too short to waste our time on too much of anything. So glad you stopped by. Come back soon! 🙂

  2. Hi Audra

    I really enjoyed the post, It’s a shame there are so many scams out there but thank god for the few good ones.

    1. Hi, Peter. I agree, scam artists need to cut it out. Lol Good thing not everything is a scam! Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon! 🙂

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