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This is another category of work whenever jobs.  Most of the time we complete our own chores and Errands, but technology has opened the door for us to ‘outsource’ those tasks.

This trend of outsourcing has also allowed for those who want flexible work to sign up and complete those tasks for pay.

Most tasks require no real skill because many we already do in our own homes. There are also tasks available that will require skill, like painting, or certain repair work.

A vehicle may be required for many of the available assignments, though there are also tasks available that can be completed by phone. Short and sweet! Much success on your journey!



Near Jobs –Complete chores for others and make money. The app is on Google Play and ITunes.

Agent Anything –A tasking site for college students only! New York and New Jersey.

Gigley –An app in pre-launch where users can complete chores and gigs or request services. App soon to be available on Google Play and ITunes.

Do My Stuff –Sign up to complete Chores and/or Errands for others.

Be My Eye –Find Chores and Errands near you. Jobs posted weekly. App Available on Google Play.

StreetSpotr –An app that allows users To Complete Chores and Errands. App is available on Google Play. Says they pay in Euro.

People AG –An app that allows users to complete chores and errands in his-her area. App available on Google Play. For German speakers.

Just from 5 K –A site that allows users to sign up and complete tasks near them. App is available on Google Play. Nigeria.

Errand Champion –Sign up and complete Errands near you. App available on Google Play. Australia, New Zealand, USA.

Care –Seeking to fill Errand positions. In these areas; Houston-TX,
Chicago-IL, Los Angeles-CA, New York-NY, Austin-TX, Atlanta-GA, San Diego-CA, San Antonio-TX, Denver-CO, Philadelphia-PA, Charlotte-NC, Orlando-FL, Phoenix-AZ,
Dallas-TX, Miami-FL, Minneapolis-MN, Seattle-WA, San Francisco-CA, Washington-DC, Boston-MA.





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