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Cici’s Pizza Review


I LOVE pizza! It has always been my favorite go-to meal/snack. Throughout my life I have tried many different pizza brands, but there is one I can’t get off of my mind…Cici’s pizza! I wanted to try it because, I mean, it’s pizza! It was at an affordable price and at the time my munchkins were still little, so I wasn’t worried about spending too much.

The decor was cool and appealing (it was a scalding hot summer day ? ). It actually put you in the mind of how Wendy’s use to look back in the day…at least to me anyway. And kids are usually excited to eat out mostly anywhere! Lol

It is an all-you-can-eat restaurant, so everything is set up buffet style! My eye caught the salad bar first because it’s closest to the door. It was set up nicely and there was every choice you could think of for salad fixin’. I love salads too. I was shocked that even the kids wanted a salad…most munchkins aren’t lettuce eaters. Got me wanting a salad!

The next or middle section was for the pizza choices they had…cheese, sausage, ham and pineapple, and pepperoni were the choices that were up and ready. I chose a pepperoni slice and one with cheese…I mean how could anyone get those two choices wrong! There were also dessert choices and we all wanted some cinnabons. They looked so good, they were hot with the icing dripping off of them.



Yes! I took a bite of the Cinnabon after we got our drinks and sat down…I like them hot…I know, bad example for the munchkins. We were already about to gorge on pizza so….??. Anyway, my first bite of the pepperoni slice was a bit dry. No biggie. Bite #2 was not impressive…still not tasting even a hint of sauce. Which is a biggie for me because many pizza makers create their own. Bite #3 And the last of the pepperoni slice, was just as dry and tasteless as the first two.

Maybe I just grabbed a bad slice…I’m open to keep trying…I mean we’re talking pizza here! I actually chose to dive into the salad I had made with a bit of everything and some Italian dressing! It also has to have a nice crunch to it so plenty of croutons, bacon bits, cucumber, and tomatoe. The salad was the bomb! ???  

When we eat out we’re looking for quality and flavor, I mean sure McDonald’s is popular, but if they didn’t have something that tasted good, who’d go back? I know we all have different views when it comes to food and the way things taste, we all like different textures…or don’t! Lol We also expect certain items to taste like they should taste…at least the basic flavor. When you order a shake…don’t you expect it to taste like the flavor you requested?

I didn’t forget about my second slice, I dove right in… the driest, most tasteless piece of edible anything I’ve ever tasted! What the? I mean, what could you possibly do to mess up a pizza? Kids make pizzas…and they taste good…what’s going on with Cici’s??? I am so shocked that they are still in business. If you can’t make a pizza in a pizza restaurant, what is your purpose? Cheese is the plainest flavor and it was gross, not because it was cheese, but because it was gross!


See why I could never be paid for reviews? I’m giving my honest opinion to inform my readers, and not to impress some company paying me pennies to say or not to say certain things! Everyone won’t agree, that’s life! I prefer food that is tasteful and flavorful and just wish people who can’t cook would stay AWAY from the kitchen!




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  1. Who doesn’t like pizza? It’s a great choice (CiCi’s pizza) when you have 2 hungry kids. I have tried their salads too and it was fantastic. Did you know that CiCi’s will make any custom made pizza that you want too? I have requested a custom pizza a couple of times. It takes them about 15 minutes to make.

    1. Hi, Garen. I had no idea. I actually thought it was gross! Lol. But that’s just my opinion. Lol. Thanks for stopping in. Come back soon. 🙂

  2. Love, love, love pizza, best pizza I ever had was in lanzerote from a guy who i think nintendo modelled mario from I just couodnt eat it fast enough and ordered another to eat cold in the morning.

    1. Hi, Steven. We all have that one place we went where the pizza was Sooo good! Love those memories. Lol Thanks for stopping in. Come back soon. 🙂

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