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Clickworker has been around for quite a few years now and I’ve actually been a member for a good while. Surprisingly, I hadn’t earned more than a penny on the site, Yes…ONE PENNY!! Okay, okay, so I admit I try things rather sloowwlly! Lol

I usually take my time with such sites because I would rather earn slowly , than to mess up every task and be banned from earning further. Most often workers need to maintain a percentage of proficiency to be considered for some jobs. I’m excited because in the last week alone they’ve paid me close to $30 without my request. Payment is made I assume once you reach a certain dollar amount. I thought it was $10, but have received payments as low as $6.

What is Clickworker?

Clickworker is a Micro Job site. Many of the assignments are things you or I would do on a regular basis just surfing online. Some assignments may require you to drive to a location and take pictures of merchandise, and there are those that require simple Google searches. Depending on your chosen device, there may be assignments you cannot do. For example, they need you to download an app to an I Device and you don’t have one.

What I enjoy most about the site is that users can earn whenever they decide to. There is no schedule: Though, most assignments do have a time limit once it has been accepted. Of the micro sites I have tried, I have to admit this definitely sends the payments the quickest!!

What do users earn on Clickworker?

Each assignment has a different payout. I have seen assignments that range from a $0.01 to $10, but it will always depend on the tools you have at your disposal to complete available assignments, whether or not you’ll be eligible to earn from them. Users can also earn by referring members. Once a user you’ve referred earns their first $10, you as the referrer earn $5. Pays via PayPal.

This is not a job that requires certain skill, though there is opportunity for those applicants to be assessed and earn by way of their skill/ability. So if you are looking for a way to earn a little extra money I definitely recommend  Clickworker! Sign up is FREE. You can sign up to Clickworker here.



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