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Clixsense is a paid-To-Click website that has been around and paying its users since 2007. The premise of the website was for users to be paid to view websites for a specified amount of time usually 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds. The longer the ad view, the higher the pay for that ad.

More ways to earn;

Users can also complete several other tasks on the site to earn money like; taking surveys, completing tasks, completing offers, and shopping online. There is also the possibility to earn from your referrals: those with large social networks or experience recruiting would benefit the most from this feature. The site also offers an affiliate program.

How Are Users Paid?

The cash out threshold for regular members is $8, the threshold for premium members is a bit lower at only $6. The payout is via PayPal, Paytoo, or check. (You must have at least $50 to request a check.)

  • 10 second ads pay .001
  • 15 second ads pay .005
  • 30 second ads pay .01
  • 60 second ads pay .02





Premium Membership

The cost of a premium upgrade is $15/year. Premium members receive more ads at higher pay out rates than regular members. Premium members also receive a higher percentage return for what their referrals earn on the site. I have upgraded twice (2x’s) since I became a member, yet have still been paid more than $300. 

Clixsense has an excellent reputation online and continues to pay its users on time. I have never received a late payment nor have I ever had problems receiving my payments. If you are new to earning online and want to try a paid-to-click, Clixsense is my best recommendation!


Who can sign up?

Users of Clixsense must be at least 16 years of age. Clixsense is open to US and International members and is void where prohibited by local governing laws. You can sign up at the Clixsense Log in page.


Concluding Thoughts: Clisense has been paying its users on time for more than 9 years! That says a lot for a micro-job site: most disappear within their first year. This is a site to earn extra money, but some have created incomes with large down lines! I definitely recommend Clixsense to any person looking to earn an extra income, or who just needs extra money to supplement an income. Sign up is FREE!

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  1. Great article! So are you payed any time someone comes onto your site and has to watch the ad? Or are they ads that are just on the side? Does the person actually need to click on the ad for it to play? Thanks for a great review! I had never heard of them!

    1. Hi, Sam. If you are an advertiser you are paid through website traffic. If you signed up to micro task, you have to watch the ads. The longest ads run for 60 seconds and pay 2 cents per view, but you will only receive those maybe once per day. Once the ad stops the system will verify that you’ve been paid (to your balance). You must click on the ads for them to play. You also have ads that may be attached to a blinking timer which means, first come first served and they disappear quickly. I hope I clarified it for you. Thanks for coming by! 🙂

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