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Hello, WAH family! I wanted to share these neat new platforms I continue to run across that allow us to use our talents to make money by connecting to our communities digitally. Today, mostly anyone with skill or drive to work independently, can! Each platform will have its own list of chores or jobs that they accept/perform.

We all have talent(s) even if it’s just keeping things tidy or organized, people need your skill. Making use of technology can also help your business by growing your regular customer base, but especially if you are just starting out in business for yourself. These jobs also seem to pay much more than one would probably receive from a traditional company. This way, you have no boss!

Here are a few of the benefits for contractors who use these sites:

  • Build your portfolio
  • Build your client base
  • Gain experience
  • Network with like-minded professionals
  • Most platforms handle your invoices
  • Your business has the potential to increase exponentially with the power of the internet.
  • Payments are guaranteed, you won’t have to chase your earnings
  • Work on your own terms

The new apps are some of the most innovative methods that allow contractors who are just starting out, and those seeking to gain more customers and/or freedom expand and grow. Visit the sites that peak your interest. Feel free to leave comments if you’ve had experience with any of these companies. Much Success!




1. Tidy






A platform for Cleaning contractors to obtain employment. You can work full or part time, you choose when you accept work. TIDY’s online schedule lets you get more cleanings done (and dollars made) per day. Easily manage clients, cleanings, schedules, & payments from your phone. Signing up to become a Homekeeper is completely free.

  • You set the times you want to work.
  • You get paired with great clients.
  • You clean between 1 to 4 hours in their home.
  • Manage everything with the smartphone app.  No bosses!
  • Payments sent weekly, make up to $1,200 per week and up to $27/hour.
  • You just need a smartphone, bank account, and reliable transportation.

You can download the Tidy app here.

2. Takl






A platform where users can sign up to perform chores for those in their area. Prices for chores are already predetermined so no haggling necessary! Chores here are varied and do include cleaning, fixing or putting things together, and possibly mowing lawns. Use your skills to help others complete small jobs and household chores. An orientation and background check will be performed before being eligible for paid assignments. App available on iTunes and Google Play.

3.  Chore Relief









A platform for contractors who want to earn by completing chores in their area. These type of apps and platforms help those who need extra income or choose to work at their leisure. Chore Relief  provides REAL jobs, not leads. It allows growth for the independent and small business. Automates scheduling, invoicing & payments via a dashboard. Supportive educational resources and professional development. Work when you want and where you want. You are your own boss. After you complete your job you get paid via the app. Earn money today. App on iTunes and Google Play.

4.   Your Mechanic






This is a platform for skilled Automotive Technicians to find steady customers and build their network to grow their business. I love this one because many of us need mechanics year round, it’s just hard to locate those who are actually skilled. This app takes care of that. If you are a mechanic looking for steady work, I’d sign up to this app. We need you! Work evenings, weekends, or full-time — you decide! Make $40-$50 hourly — 2-3x what shops & dealers pay you. You choose the type of jobs, where to work, and when to work. No politics or managers!

“We focus on basic repair and maintenance work — brakes, tire rotations, timing belts, 30/60/90k service, alternators, A/C, etc. No engine overhauls or major transmission work.” (verify that they are hiring in your city)

5.  Zeel

A platform for Massage Therapists in need of clients or looking to expand their small business. Having someone come to your home to give you a massage? That used to only be for rich people (or I guess just those who could afford it). Join Zeel’s Massage Revolution. Connect with clients near you, make your own schedule, and earn what you’re worth.

  • Therapists on the Zeel platform earn, on average, 75% of the total cost of every appointment
  • Weekly direct deposit payments.
  • 18% gratuity is automatically added to the price of all Zeel Massages. 100% is passed on to you.
  • Customers pay a fee for late cancellations. We respect your time.

The only thing I don’t particularly like is that users must bid on open massages. I guess it becomes less cumbersome once you gain experience and have your own list of regular clients.

  • All Zeel customers must register a valid credit card and pass a high-tech, non-spoofable ID verification system (above and beyond just connecting to Facebook).
  • Massage therapists use a check in/check out system, so Zeel knows you safely completed your massage appointment. App available on iTunes and Google Play.

6.   HelloTech

Earn money solving tech problems with this platform. A fun and flexible way to earn money on your own time! Customer needs help with technology – schedules appt. Tech claims the job. HelloTech Tech arrives at home and resolves the problem! You will be given a skills assessment. There will be a phone screening with the onboarding team. You are required to pass a background check. Once your background check has been successful, you can start accepting tech assignments.

Jobs are paid on a per-service basis. Payouts can range from roughly $30-$90+, depending on the level of difficulty. “We submit our payouts twice a week, via PayPal, every Monday and Thursday.” Choose your own hours! Take jobs whenever and wherever you want to.


A platform for contractors who have a snow shoveling business. This site may be a bit late in the season to start, but an interesting platform all the same. SnoHub Has Revolutionized Snow Clearing to Help Contractors Earn More Money.

  • Simply download the FREE app to your phone and enter your information
  • Home Owners will request snow clearing services
  • Contractors can quickly identify jobs in their area and accept the jobs they want
  • SnoHub automatically keeps track of every job and transaction on your cell phone
  • Accept a job and we will send you the location all tracked by GPS
  • Drive to customer’s home and take a picture of driveway and other areas to be cleared
  • Complete job per customer’s request
  • Take another picture when job is finished to show job is “complete”
  • Receive payment with direct deposit within 3 days of completed job
  • No invoicing, or chasing customers for $$

App available on iTunes and Google Play.




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