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Hello, WAH family! Today I wanted to share an awesome opportunity that is especially great for bloggers and/or those with large followings on social media, or that have businesses and want better communication between you and the customer.  Also if you have a business/member site with many members, this could be a valuable tool. You can start your own network! The first time I knew this was possible was about one (1) year ago when I saw an ad on Facebook!

The ad claimed that creating my own network would be less difficult and more lucrative than maintaining a blog. Of course at this point I was all ears! (though I already had a blog) The site said I could start free. Often starting free means just that, in order to utilize best methods there is usually some type of fee to pay. I don’t know of many businesses that don’t require a minimal investment.

Why should I create my own network?

  • You will have creative control
  • You control who can join
  • Share your interests/form closer connections with members
  • Connect with other like-minded people
  • Learn from others’ successes and failures
  • Monetize your content to earn more
  • Show your business to the world

I was thinking….ummmm, I do all of that already with my blog! But there was one aspect that I thought was appealing enough to give it a try, being able to talk to my community! As many times as I’ve tried to install plug-ins or add script to my site, I still don’t have an implemented chat feature!

I was only aware of the one site I saw on Facebook until I consulted with my buddy Google! Google found that there were certainly more than just one platform that allows users to create their own networks, there are actually several! There are really no requirements to start one except having the drive to do so! Users are given useful information about how to make money, and best/most lucrative marketing methods!

If this subject has peaked your interest, feel free to visit the sites and compare features to decide which platform will work best for your network! Again, though many may say you can try them free, the best methods are only revealed under paid memberships! Much success to you on your journey!




1.  Mighty Networks





Where creators can build a community and make money! Transform your fans into a membership community. See, the magic of a Mighty Network comes when the people most important to you––your fans, followers, students, customers, or people who share your interests––start building relationships with those near each other, like each other, and who care about the same topics. When this happens, they’ll take your community to places you never thought possible. Joining Mighty Networks is free!

2.  Ning


Create a social network that rocks! With a customized community management and social media integration. Be loud – share your ideas, target the right people, and raise awareness. With Ning’s help, you will be able to effectively promote any network, be it a political, music, religious, arts, or any other type of online communities. Here you can connect with partners and donors for charitable purposes, or conduct fundraising.

3. SocialGo


This is a platform where family members can connect and share upcoming events! I believe it is a neat idea because many family members may reside in different parts of the world. I like the idea because this way, we won’t have to protect younger ones from seeing inappropriate things stranger’s post. This one you can’t start free, but it’s still worth it! It’s $9.99/month for a basic membership and $29.99 for pro. (get family to chip in)


4. Spruz


Create your own social network! The service is free up to five (5) members and starts at $4.95/month thereafter. Spruz empowers people and brands to build focused online communities designed for growth. There are many features available along with site integration (if you already have a website), though more features require a larger monthly contribution.



5. Social Engine





SocialEngine has powered over 25,000 social websites and online communities, globally connecting over 5,000,000 people. SocialEngine is (CMS Critic’s) award-winning social networking software for easily building your own social network or social media website. Whether you’re starting anew, recruiting fans from other online community software platforms or need more than a forum or blog — SocialEngine helps connect people to you and each other.







Build a community website! With a facebook like newsfeed, a modern look that meets today’s social media standards, and administrative control over your group, you will experience a superb social network. Advantages include the ability to white label your site, use a custom domain, and integrate your own logo to create the look and feel you desire. Signup takes just a few minutes of your time, plus benefit from real-time previews when selecting your name, color scheme, category, and membership preference. No prior website design is needed to get your group started.



 (pronounced “hoopla”) is an enterprise, feature-rich SaaS platform for your branded online community. It provides a cohesive environment for your people to share, interact, provide feedback, and converse. supports public or private communities, can scale to any size, and provides you with total ownership and control of all content and member data. includes blogs, discussion forums, calendars, chat rooms and events, surveys, media-sharing, commenting and more. You decide which types of content you want to support.  All content is SEO-friendly (if content is public) and searchable on the site. Permissions give you control over who can post, view, and manage content.

8. Follr

A platform for sports fans to create their own team/fan networks. “We make it simple to include official content from your team and other sources. You could even become an official supporters club and generate revenue. With a full set of features dedicated to fans and friends, you can keep more of your attention where it should be: on the games.”

9. Tapatalk






Tapatalk is the mobile-first community platform trusted by hundreds of thousands communities worldwide. Start a new community today or connect your community with our mobile app. It’s the infrastructure and service you need to build a great community. Our app is compatible with all major community software so your members can access your community on the go. It’s totally free for both the community owner and the members. Or subscribe to our Paid Tiers to gain control of advertisement, branding and more.

10. ExistSocial


Make a strong brand statement with your very own custom social network platform and create a unique experience for your customers. “Our goal at ExistSocial is to help you make money, not spend it. Your success is our success. From start to infinity we see ourselves not just as a service provider, but your partner and tech team. We are committed to providing you a white glove experience as we tailor-fit a social network to your needs.”




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