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CTFO Review!



I discovered a program called CTFO or Chew The Fat Off. I found it partly because I am constantly in search of easy ways to earn money online. And since most of us share tons of information quite regularly, it would make sense to inform you of an opportunity to earn by sharing.

I searched for a secret or a catch to this program and found none! You earn absolutely free!

No start up costs!

No administrative fees!

No products to store/ship!

No business licenses!

Your own website totally FREE!

Sounds waayy to good to be true, right? So I researched further to find any catch or loophole and came up empty! No tricks or gimmicks here! All associates do is share the opportunity with others and have the potential to create a lifetime residual income!

What is CTFO offering?

Chew The Fat Off is a platform for those trying to maintain health and energy and to lose weight. We all may not all want to lose weight (nor need to), but many if not most of us could probably use a little help in the energy department. Associates have an opportunity to earn a 20 percent bonus by utilizing their offering of CTFO clicks!

What is CTFO clicks?

Are traffic packages for your website. When ads are clicked they instantly send interested parties to your offering. Anyone can buy them, they work automatically. They help you get qualified for pay. They also help you earn company profit sharing. They are fully commissionable.

They offer a 75 click package for $99.97-you earn $20 from each purchase/sale. You aren’t required to purchase anything, you can still earn from people you bring in under you that make purchases, up to 7 levels deep. Keep in mind when consumers buy products they like and that work for them, they buy more!

Residual Team 

This helps associates that have started to obtain associates under them. You only need 3 referrals on your first level, so If you obtain 5, 2 would be placed at your 2nd level. All is needed is for the referrals or someone in the ranks (under you) to purchase, or refer others who do. You can also purchase and try qualifying products that would help you earn: you will earn from your own purchases too.

I already want the energy supplements. Of course that would be my first purchase, but I still need my 3 referrals in order to earn residuals. All products are backed by their 60-day money back guarantee! I located a video of a current user of the system and he explains what he’s done to become successful with this business.



With any business it will take time to create your audience to a level where you can relax and make money. There are many sites where users can advertise their opportunities for free to thousands of new prospective customers. Large or popular traffic exchanges would be a good place to start! This could also be a lucrative opportunity for those who have large social followings. I believe it is the perfect opportunity for those wanting to delve into a business, but don’t necessarily desire to pay start up fees. There are NO FEES to get started. And don’t forget they also give you your own FREE website where your customers can go and make purchases.

I was so excited, I’ve already signed up! You can investigate this opportunity further by visiting MyCTFO.

I hope you find this opportunity exciting! If not, be a pal and share it with a pal! Much success in all your endeavors!



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