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If you would enjoy working when you want to and earning decent pay, you may want a delivery job! I’ve located several companies that regularly seek drivers to make their deliveries and help to improve the company’s reputation. Most often there is no special skill or training required (though there are a few that require both). I have noticed the trend toward delivery type jobs is increasing as more organization’s are following it to not be left behind by the competition.

Delivery jobs or driving jobs period can be so freeing. I miss driving a taxi cab and meeting new people and visiting new locations regularly. It was 12 hour days back then (1996-1998) and unlike now…I couldn’t do it when I wanted to, I had to stick to a schedule.

If you are able to go for any of these jobs you are fortunate. There are still many who cannot work whenever and must be on a regular schedule. All you need for most jobs is a valid license and current vehicle insurance. Often a background check is required as well. So unfortunately, those who may have criminal records would probably not qualify.

Concluding Thoughts: Take advantage of any of the opportunities listed that are near you. It is very freeing to be able to work when you want to. This means that you are in control of your financial destiny! Most positions require that drivers be between 18-21 years of age and have customer service, past experience with services like, Uber/Lyft, and no criminal history. Much success in all you do!





Matco Tools –An opportunity to start your own Matco Tools delivery franchise.

Hello Alfred –Seeking Client Managers to coordinate and manage errands for neighborhoods each week. College degree required. Starting pay is $16/hour paid bi-weekly. PT Mon-Fri no weekends required. Must be reliable. Work when you want to. NY; Brooklyn, NY, Boston. CA; San Francisco, Los Angeles.

Saucey –Seeking to fill Courier positions. Earn great pay, set your own schedule , and be a part of a great community (their words). App available on Google Play and iTunes. Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago.

Eaze.Up –Seeking drivers to deliver medical marijuana to patients. Eaze connects drivers, dispensaries, and patients. Work when you want to. Earn $16+\hour. CA.

Deliv.Co–Seeking freelance drivers. Work when you want to. Paid weekly. USA.

Caviar –Seeking delivery drivers. Earn up to $25/hour. Available in Metro areas across the USA.

Favor –Become a Runner. Runners must be at least 18 years of age. Earn between $9-$20/hour. Paid via direct deposit. Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, N.C., TN, TX, On-Canada.

Amazon Flex –Earn $18-$25/hour delivering packages in your area. Now in Arlington (VA), Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, San Antonio, Seattle, Springfield (VA), Tampa Bay, and Virginia Beach.

Munchery –Seeking drivers for their restaurant. Must have your own vehicle and be at least 21 years of age. Shifts are scheduled 3:30pm to 9:00pm Monday through Friday (Approximately 20 hours per week).
Delivery team members are expected to maintain a clear appearance and be non-smokers. Must be punctual and reliable. Delivery team members must be available for 4 to 5 shifts per week. Bay Area, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles.

BeeLivery –Become a delivery driver and use your own vehicle. You will need a smartphone (Android/IOS). You will be paid for each delivery between £7-£20. Excellent Customer Service required. Site says anyone with a bubbly personality and over the age of 18 can apply.

Tapingo –Seeking Delivery Drivers. Work when you want to. Get paid weekly via direct deposit. Earn up to $25/hour. Driving record and background check required.

WalMart –Seeking Delivery Drivers for their home shopping customers. Company vehicle provided. Must have held a full license for at least 3 years and no more than 3 points on your license allowed. Nottingham.

Deliveroo –Seeking Delivery Drivers. Must have own method of transportation (car, bike, scooter). Flexible shifts up to 80 hours per week. Earn from $300-$2400/week. Sydney, Wales, Australia. Site displays locations but says opportunity is global.

Shipt –Delivery Drivers Needed. Must have own vehicle and be at least 18 years of age. Earn $15-$25/hour. Smart phone and thorough background check required. Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, N/S  Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas.

Yello  –Seeking Drivers to make deliveries for businesses and restaurants. Work the shifts you want to work. Drivers are paid $5/delivery order with a 3-hour shift are paid for a minimum of 4 deliveries per hour. Average minimum is $60/shift. App available on Google Play and iTunes.

Peachd –Seeking Delivery Drivers. Pick up pre-scheduled lunches from one restaurant and deliver them to Boston companies within a consistent timeframe. The pickup will always be at 11:30am and delivery will end at 12:15pm. Uber/Lyft/Side Car experience preferred. Boston, Madsachusetts.

DX Delivery –Seeking Delivery Drivers. Must have own vehicle. You will need to be self-employed, own a vehicle not over 5 years old, have the correct business insurance, a valid driving licence and pass their internal vetting process which includes: a 5 year work history, right to work in the UK; Criminal Record; credit; and address checks. Full details of our vetting procedure can be discussed with you following your application.

Roadie –Seeking freelance drivers. Roadie fees are calculated based on a combination of factors, including mileage and size. The price of Gigs is determined in advance of each Gig, so you can browse Gigs by price, location, distance and size to determine which Gigs you want. Most local Gigs will pay between $8 and $50, and long distance Gigs with oversized items can pay up to $650 and even more for delivering Pets.




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