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Digital Work For The Underemployed!



Hello, everyone. I decided to write today about two interesting companies I came across during my research. Both companies are “Non-Profit”┬ásocial enterprises that employ marginalized women and youth who would otherwise be excluded from digital work. By giving work, Samasource and Mobile Works help low-income people launch long-term careers and move themselves out of poverty.

I was so moved by what they do because women and children remain the poorest across the globe. How wonderful and useful this program could be to a person, a family that is impoverished and may feel they have no hope. I will get right into what each organization does and how to sign up. They both work with people around the world and not just outside the USA.



Samasource was founded in 2008 in order to lift people out of poverty by connecting them to dignified digital work. Since then, they have employed more than 8,000 people in Kenya, Uganda, India, and Haiti.

Samasource was born out of the belief that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. They help unlock opportunity for low-income people by sourcing data projects from some of the world’s largest companies. Their industry-leading services help their clients achieve their business goals, while radically altering the life trajectory of workers, who earn a living wage and lift themselves out of poverty.

Impact Sourcing

Samasource is a pioneer in the field if Impact Sourcing, which is the practice of hiring from the bottom of the pyramid to complete digital work. “By giving people training and a first job, we help them launch long-term careers that enable them to move out of poverty”. On average prior to joining Samasource, people earn $2.20/day.



Mobile Works

“We’re building the world’s best way to get virtual work done by providing opportunities to underemployed communities in the U.S. and around the world.”

Similar in practice to Samasource, Mobile Works attempts to aid those in impoverished communities around the world become gainfully employed through digital work.

“We’re reinventing traditional outsourcing. MobileWorks provides businesses with an accurate and socially responsible way to get work done by combining innovative software with a community of thousands of vetted, on-demand staffers from all over the world.At the same time, our worker community receives a fair wage and the opportunity to gain valuable computer skills while working with leading companies.”

Both of these organization’s goal is to aid those in poverty into becoming contributing members of society, but also self-sustaining. It must be difficult trying to survive on $2.20/day, could you do that in your current situation? How would your family make it?Many believe that because we live in the USA that all opportunities are afforded to all citizens, but we see this is an untruth. Why offer employment in the states if it is so readily available? Maybe because that’s another untruth we’ve been led to believe as Americans, that we can all make it because we all have the exact same opportunities.

Please share! Even if you think others can easily find this opportunity. The world doesn’t fit into a box because it makes others more comfortable, it is the level of comfort that worries me more than anything else. Most are too comfortable without research nor any REAL KNOWLEDGE, just supposition and assumption. I am referring to Americans here, it’s like we’ve been in a bubble that only a chosen few decided to venture away from. There ARE 3rd world situations right here in the USA! I am definitely doing my part to help! Much success!!





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