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When I think of direct selling the first company that comes to mind is Amway! I realize here lately the organization has not had the best reputation. All I remember was Amway products throughout my home as a youngster. I always thought my mom was the selling champ! Lol There were several other companies products that I remember also that still resonate. 

Seeing that experience as a child let me know….I would not be able to sell a thing! It takes a special personality to sell to the public…people can be rude, or just too many uninterested….in a row can be disheartening. I do find encouragement in that the Internet opens us up to a much larger audience. Maybe years ago where going door-to-door was necessary, most often today people hit your email, your phone, Skype or Face-Time you, etc., to get in touch. It’s really not too different conducting business online.

As technology advances, we see more ads just about everywhere we look, including our phones and other personal/Internet-enabled devices. Having a larger audience greatly increases the potential for a sale! You probably have several audiences created already if you belong to any social media networks. And within those networks are groups that want to see what you’re selling!

Direct Sales is different because you are usually locating your customers, instead of the other way around, where the customer would come to the retailer/seller. There is usually no skill requirement for these opportunities, you use the skills you have and sell, sell, sell!





The start of a business in sales often begins with informing people closest to us; friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, even the mail man/woman! This is a good start, if you’ve accomplished nothing else, you’ve started to get the word out about your business. Where friends and family may not purchase from you (some may…I don’t know your circle. ??), they are excellent resources to help spread the word about your venture and often do.

I always advise all business-minded individuals to be visible socially. Facebook is a good start, but other networks have gained in popularity and aid in increasing the audience of any business. Google +,Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Reddit are all great FREE advertising resources. The best thing would be to create pages specifically for your business. I cannot stress enough the importance of a social presence for your business, it’s necessary!

One of the first things I did once my website was established was to order business cards to pass out or leave for people to take. There are always FREE ways to advertise…though paid advertising may render quicker results. You can advertise at grocery stores, party stores, salons, and anywhere they allow patrons to either advertise or leave and exchange business cards. How often have you found a business card on your windshield, in your mailbox, on your door/door handle, or in correspondence? I’m sure at least once it’s happened! In other words, you have to be aggressive! You know the sales person we can’t stand on the phone or at our doors because they never let up? Now, that has to be you!

Before what I said is misunderstood…..I am in no way encouraging any person to get physical, nor to be physically aggressive. If you have never heard if an in-your-face sales person, you may be too young for this blog. Lol Seriously, it’s basically that person who will sweat blood to get that sale…whatever it takes. Sometimes that whatever translates to an encounter involving said sales person, that is unforgettable. (Did you sing that like Nat King Cole? ??).





Agressive in sales! Just wanted to reiterate that…y’all know we live in a world of mixed nuts! ??? I think it is important to always choose to do something that not many others are doing, therefore you keep an edge over your competition that may have 1 million competitors to your 1,000. I say that to say this, I tried to locate companies that are just gaining momentum or that may be new to your area in the market, this way, when you try to sell your wares, there have not already been 300 reps that have introduced the product(s).

For example, you will NOT find Avon on this list…I know 10 people that sell it…quite sure we all do. There is a such thing as market saturation and that eats up profits! A real world example of market saturation is WalMart…you can find at least one or more in close proximity….I live near (3). McDonald’s has also saturated it’s own market…how many McDonald’s are near you? I count (4) near me! 

Concluding Thoughts: Direct Sales has opened up avenues for or

many women to work for themselves. If you have an enthusiastic

personality and enjoy meeting new people, you may find a

career choice today. Use your social reach to network and meet

others who do what you do/want to do. Oh, yeah, sell, sell, sell!

Much success on your journey!





Votre Vu –Sell high-End cosmetics at affordable prices.

Scentsy –Sell home fragrance items.

Chloe & Isabel –Sell jewelry.

Mancave Foods –Sell quality meats to grocery stores

and more.

Pampered ChefSell high end kitchen ware, cookware.

US, UK, Canada, Germany.

Mix Party –Yes! Throw parties and showcase different

kinds of alcohol. How fun!

Wild Tree –Specializes in healthy ready-made food

mixes. Wide selection of food products from cuisines

around the world.

Damsel in Defense –Specializes in personal and

financial security. Complete line of non-lethal self-defense

weapons. From pepper sprays to stun guns, portable alarm

systems, child monitors

Jamberry Nails –Become a nail art consultant.

Perfectly Posh –Specializes in personal care, pampering,

and beauty products.

Do you bake –Sell healthy food choices.

Party Lite –Sell items from decorative candles and

accessories to gourmet food products and recipes.

USBorne Books –Sell books deemed for kids and for


Close To My Heart –Become a scrap booking consultant.

Stella & Dot –Become a fashion stylist.

Jordan Essentials –Sell bath & body products at home


Simply Fun –Become a host and introduce fun and

educational games for kids.

Tastefully Simple — Host parties and your guests sample

food choices and learn about saving meal-prep time.



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  1. Hi! Do you vouch for (in some form or other) the sites / businesses listed here under Direct Sales?
    I must say that the site has a encylopaedia type feel with so much information. It can potentially save me a lot of time. Thanks

    1. Hi, Subra. I am in no way affiliated with any of the opportunities/companies listed. What I do is research opportunities for you to try. It is a recommendation based on what I’ve discovered online and I cannot vouch for companies I have never worked with…I’m not a seller. Thanks for stopping by. Come again soon! 🙂

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