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I have always been interested in dispatching in all of its many forms. I knew I’d never be a 911 dispatcher, who needs that kinda pressure? Lol I drove a cab for 2 and one-half years and almost had an opportunity to dispatch…Once…and it was one call! I weighed trucks at a waste water treatment plant but could only tell them when they could move from the scale. I always viewed dispatchers as powerful people. Why? Well, they can actually lead you off of a cliff if all you do is follow directions! That’s power! Lol

What does a dispatcher do? Google says: “Dispatchers are used in the semi-truck shipping industry, taking orders for trucking companies and sending truckers to pick up and drop off materials. Dispatchers are also used in the emergency services field, dispatching police, fire and ambulances when someone dials 9-1-1 or non-emergency numbers.

So, dispatchers do have a big responsibility and a job that is important in many industries. We have seen in the past via news outlets what the outcome can be when the dispatcher has not performed his-her job correctly!



What training is needed to become a dispatcher? Of course that would depend greatly on the type of business you dispatch for: each industry or even company, will have different training methods. According to Chron: “The education required for a truck dispatcher varies based on the hiring company’s policy. For instance, a high school diploma or equivalent is often required. The company, however, may request an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in logistics or transportation. They may also require previous experience in the shipping or transportation industry, since the dispatcher must have knowledge of the state and federal transportation laws regarding load limits, drug testing and other safety regulations as directed by the U.S. Department of Transportation.”

You notice that there are avenues other than the ‘host’ company to get loads from. The potential is certainly there to be successful. The dispatcher would have to possess certain skill(s) to succeed in this industry and they are as follows;

  1. Organization
  2. Time management.
  3. Proficient at relaying information.
  4. Excellent record keepers.
  5. Knowlegeable on the laws and regulations of the business model.
  6. Computer program efficient.

Let’s get a bit of inside information on the industry by consulting one already in the industry that is willing to share. I often find quite informative videos on YouTube that represent most industries. Here are a few I found as good resources to get started.


These are just a few to give you an idea of what training is out there. And that was just Youtube! Most of the information I found was from established companies that may be seeking independent drivers/dispatchers. I want to try the dispatching end myself, not too much interested in driving truck….but I can tell them where to go!!  ???

How much do dispatchers earn?  According to Google: The nation’s 33,770 truck driver dispatchers earned a mean $39,860 per year, or $19.17 per hour, as of May 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their compensation was slightly higher than the average $37,910 yearly, or $18.23 hourly, earned by all 182,310 dispatchers for non-emergency transportation. I believe that is a decent wage, especially if you decide to work from home.

Is truck dispatching an easy field to get in to? Most times not more than a high school diploma is required, but often a company may require that drivers are certified in logistics or transportation  to be considered. There is training available in the field through several companies that need dispatchers. Newbies can also find training available other places online to attain skills needed.

Concluding Thoughts: My best advice would be for newbies to sign up with a ‘host’ company to become acquainted with the business model before venturing out on his-her own. There are resources to get you started whether it be training, or an avenue to learn industry information. Much success on your journey! 


Jobs/Biz Opps

Freight Mover School –Learn dispatch and run your own


Freight Broker Trainer –Learn dispatching and run your

own business.

Coverloads –Dispatcher training and biz Opp.

Right Now Loads –A job board for owner operators to get

loads to transport, and dispatcher

Direct Freight –Find loads to move or find trucks.

Shipperoo –Sign up as an independent driver.

Simply Hired –A job board with open dispatcher jobs.

UShip –Seeking independent dispatchers.

Heavy Haul –Seeking at home dispatchers.

Dispatch My Trucks –Seeking at home dispatchers.

TDS –Seeking dispatchers with at least 1 year experience

dispatching freight.

Learn Dispatch –Learn dispatch and partner with them once


PJC Freight Haulers –Seeking full time dispatchers.



Spillman Nova –Dispatching software.

Capterra –A list of dispatch software.

Study –Gives you a step-by-step on how to become

a dispatcher. Training and certification necessary is


The Trucker’s Report –A resource for dispatchers to

list their services.

E how –A how-to resource.

Business Name USA –A resource for those looking to

start a home business.



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