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Would you believe there are just as many sites that save us money, as there are sites for us to make money? It was hard for me to grasp at first too. I don’t want to discuss apps today, but I will mention apps like ibotta and Checkout51 have been known to save shoppers quite a few dollars regularly. My focus today are the websites that offer pretty good Cashback deals. My motto is, every little bit helps!

To be frank, most of us can make use of these websites. We know no matter what the economy does, prices go up! So why not have every method possible at your disposal to save? We all get the FREE coupons in the mail, which by the way are usually for products we don’t use. But every now and again there will be coupons that we can use, but especially if you eat out a lot! I’ve received coupons for restaurants I hadn’t heard of, but are in my area, I’m sure you have too. (That’s Marketing ? )

The one site that was always my go-to for the best Cashback, just fell off!! Not literally, but they still haven’t sent my payment that has been sitting in my account for more than 12 months! And still have the nerve to send account updates! What the??!!! I’m referring to Ebates. Cannot say that I am a fan anymore, but other users claim to be receiving continued payments. Of course the more online shopping you do, the bigger the payouts will be. Those who have received thousands, have already spent thousands! I will list the sites I’ve found to be at the top with regard to Cashback percentages.


Cashback Sites

Mainstreetshares –Formerly@Bigcrumbs is a Cashback website that features many of the popular retailers and has other features and ways for users to earn. Users also earn a percentage of the site’s revenue.

Be Frugal –A Cashback site that offers a $10 bonus at sign up! Site also offers deals users can take advantage of immediately. Sign up is free.

Topcashback –A Cashback site that is growing in popularity with more than 6,000,000 members strong across the USA. The site also has an app that features deals and coupons.

Fatwallet –A Cashback site that offers coupons and deals. Popular online.

Shopathome –A Cashback website that offers a $10 sign up bonus.

Extrabux –A Cashback site that has more than 2,500 stores for shoppers to choose from. Earn up to 30% Cashback.

Coupon Cabin –A Cashback site that offers deals as well as coupons and other offers here users can earn even more Cashback.

Coupon Cactus –A Cashback website that offers a $3 sign up bonus. Sign up is free.

Pennyful –A Cashback website that also hosts deals available.




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