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Earning With Bitcoin



I discovered Bitcoin approximately a few years ago. I am always researching to find innovative ways to create multiple income streams, which I believe to be the best method (multiple streams of income) to become financially stable.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. I located a video for you that explains the process of how using Bitcoin works in the real and virtual world.

I decided to write about this subject because I believe digital currency or crypto currency as it is often referred as is more important than we’ve been lead to believe. How long have we been hearing that our government is not responsible with its spending? If we’re in debt but our government continues to print money, does that not make them counterfeiters? In other words, our money is not worth as much as we are lead to believe it is. I think that when I was in high school in the late 80s, America’s dollar was worth more than the Euro and other currencies. Have you done the comparison lately?

Quite frankly, none of our governments are innocent of money fraud which leaves us all scrambling for ways to protect our assets and savings. Now, if this information shocks you and you’ve never heard such information before, I’m so sorry that you’ve been in the dark for so long, but I encourage you to look around, do research, and prepare yourself! If banks were to shut their doors tomorrow do you think they’d be concerned with their customers assets? NO! People with money have never cared about the little guy, but will enjoy the little guy’s money for as long as they can make money because of it!

Did you know that silver and gold were both big commodities and still bought and sold?? If our money was safe, why are the rich guys investing in alternate currencies?? One rule of thumb when researching business, always peek to see what the rich are doing, they only make two kinds of moves; Make money, Save money, period! I believe this to be a money saving tactic because they realize what most don’t: You can’t get blood from a turnip! Banks are constantly bailed out of messes they create, so tell me again how safe you really believe your money and investments are.

It is important to have alternate sources to put your money for savings as well as investments. FDIC insured will mean Nada when the banks AND government close simultaneously! Don’t think it will happen? It’s fine, just remember a little short, black, lady, tried to warn you. ???  It is quite evident that soon the dollar as we know it, will be worthless! Be smart and research! Much success!

Open a Bitcoin Account

BlockChain –Create your Bitcoin wallet.

BestWallet BTC –Create your Bitcoin wallet.

CoinBase –Create your Bitcoin wallet.

MutilBit –Create your Bitcoin wallet.  Desk top/IOS.



Earn Bitcoins

Jobs4Bitcoin –Earn Bitcoin by performing freelance work. A job board through Reddit that posts jobs for payment in Bitcoin.

CryptoGrind –A job board that pays in Bitcoin.

XBTFreelancer –A job board that pays its users in Bitcoin.

WatchMyBit –Create videos and charge users per view. Pays in Bitcoin.

Sato.sh –A site for content creators to get paid for sharing their content with other users. Pays in Bitcoin. Site is down for maintenance.

BitForTip –Earn Bitcoin by finding a better deal or giving the right tip to someone. Tsk site where users are paid to task and answer user questions.

JoyStream –A file sharing site with streaming capability and users are also paid for seeding. Pays in Bitcoin.

Satoshi Box –A file sharing site where users are paid in Bitcoin.

Bitter.io –Earn free Bitcoin by entering yourBitcoin wallet address.

BitsForClicks –Paid to click site that pays users in Bitcoin.

BtcClicks –A paid to click site that pays users in Bitcoin.

Ads4Btc –A paid to click site that pays users in Bitcoin.

BitcoinGet –A site similar to Mechanical Turk. Users are paid in Bitcoin for completing tasks.

BitcoinReward –A reward site that pays in Bitcoin. Complete actions such as watching videos to earn.

FaucetFM –Earn Bitcoin by listening to the radio online. Users are paid every 10 minutes upon entering a Captcha code. US, UK, AU, Canada.

Coinality –A freelance site that pays users in Bitcoin.

LandOfBitcoin –Get paid in Bitcoin for completing small tasks.

StuffPoints –Earn Bitcoin by completing small actions.

TakeFreeBitcoin –A site where users earn free Bitcoin every 5 minutes.

GameFaucet –Play games and get paid via Bitcoin.




BestChange –e-currency exchange.

BitStamp –A Bitcoin exchange service.

bsave.io –A savings account for your Bitcoin currency that earns interest.

CoinLearn –Learn about Bitcoin and earn Bitcoin while you learn.






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  1. Hello Audra,
    thanks for this interesting and informative post. I have been interested in Bitcoin investments for the last two months.
    There are also different programs related to it, and it looks like many people are making money through them.
    I would be glad to know your opinion about them.
    Keep up the good work

    1. Hi, Francesco. I think Bitcoin is a new currency that we should all be interested in. If what we hear about the dollar is true, Bitcoin and other digital currencies like dogecoin are the wave of the future. I believe it would be wise to sign up and start earning them free. Bitcoin are worth more in USD than the digital balance also. I like that aspect as well. Thanks for stopping in, love. Come back soon!

  2. I have always been curious about Bitcoin but dare not venture further than just glancing through the headline.
    Your article gave a better insight of this product and I guessed I am now well informed. The next step now is to go through your recommended step/link to open an account etc.

    1. I felt the same as you in the beginning. I researched for quite a while before I actually tried it. It’s worth investigating! Much success

  3. This is an extremely interesting article. I have known a little bit about bitcoin for quite sometime but never made the correlation between it and the lack of stability of our current forms of money or currency. Described the way you have done, I now see how greatly important such a form of currency is and am very interested to learn more. Thank you for this great resource.

    1. HI, Robert. I just think it’s important for us to watch the currency exchanges, how money is used, different currencies used and more until we’re positive our funds are secure. The rich guys don’t tell us anything, so we have to research. I’d rather be over zealous than unprepared. Thanks for your feedback. Much success to you

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