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Chat support jobs are jobs that entail answering customer inquiries by email or live chat session. These positions usually do not require a telephone, but an internet connection, a home computer and certain customer service skills. At the entry level typing 35 wpm is acceptable, but in an advanced position applicants need to type between 60-80+ wpm.

This job could be a good fit for single moms with little ones still underfoot! lol The position does not require any phone conversation so background noise wouldn’t be a concern: They could be playing football in the house, your customers won’t know it! I believe you’d have to be a decent typist, customers would expect almost immediate answers through live-chat, and emails should be answered just as quickly.

One would need to be organized and able to toggle several screens at a time (often),  patience and the ability to keep calm in strenuous situations would be ideal, willingness to help others, ability to work independently, dependable, and have a professional demeanor while interacting with current and prospective customers, and proficiency at trouble shooting is usually required.



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Closing Thoughts: This is a position that can be obtained with minimal skill. Most who have basic typing skills and a touch of phone etiquette should qualify!  I have discovered that with many work from home positions not much more than a computer, internet-service, basic internet surfing and typing are needed. Any one of the companies I have listed may require placement testing to test your abilities, be prepared to put your best foot forward. Much Success! 🙂



 Apple –Open chat support positions. Jobs may be location specific.

SiteStaff –Open ‘chat host’ positions.

Needle –-Hires for online chat support speacialist. Helping customers

find the right products.

LiveSalesStaff –Open customer service position.

MyLivePro –Hires for chat support. Not currently hiring. Check back frequently for openings.

WWWH –A web hosting company with open ‘live chat’ positions. Pay is around $13 +/hour.

Support –Open positions in ‘client services’ and ‘remote service tech’.

Both positions are remote.

ModSquad –A company that hires chat agents.

UpWork –Open freelance chat support positions.

Indeed –A job board with open chat support positions.

PrestoExperts –Hires experts to assist their customers.

GlassDoor –A job board with open chat positions.

BeautyCare –Open chat support and beauty advisory positions.

WhichBingo –Open positions for chat host. Australia/Sweden.

SimplyHired –A job board with open chat support positions.

LiveChat –Open positions for live chat support.

Cebu –Openings for email chat support. Entry level available.


HomeBased –Seeking home-based chat support agents. Philippines.

JuJu –-A job board with open remote chat support positions.



FreeCodeCamp –6 things to ask when interviewing for a remote job.

LiveChat –Resources to help improve customer service skills.

ZohoChat –A resource for collaboration.



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  1. Hi Audra – I never knew that the sites that I have used for live chat help work from home. This would be a interesting idea for me. Not sure how I would do on the typing skills though. : ) They should be free sites, as they are the ones looking for help. I may have to check in with a few of these. Thanks!

  2. Hey Audra

    Great post and a great way to work from home.

    I am glad that you have listed some honest opportunities to find email and chat support jobs… The amount of shady opportunity I see on Facebook about this kind of work is ridiculous.

    And worst of all, when you sign up and pay to get the opportunity it turns out to be nothing like what was promised.

    Finding legitimate email and chat support jobs can take some work, but it is worth it in the end if it suites your personality.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Hi, Marc. I agree there are so many scammers. Just know that this is a scam ‘FREE’ site. lol There are many companies I overlook because they charge fees when most are free! Glad you stopped in! Come back soon. ?

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