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I know there are REAL companies that hire workers to handle emails regularly. This review is for particular companies that claim to pay users $25 per processed email. I joined such a Program about 6 months ago to try it out and discover whether or not it was a viable opportunity to share with my readers.

There is a cost associated with joining the program,  the fee is $25. The organization has a Facebook group that you are encouraged to join. I joined the group and realized that there were many people signing up at that time, which I thought was a good sign of its validity and longevity. Good? Not really!

Any time I run across a new opportunity to earn, I need to know WHAT I will be doing to earn. With this program it is clear that sending emails is the main focus of the program, but what are the emails saying? Is there a product users buy? A service performed as the reason so many emails can be processed daily? I didn’t find any of those options to be true with regard to this opportunity. NONE.

The truth is, users sign up to process emails of other users who have joined the program and receive their $25 payment that the user paid to join. This process repeats for ALL processors and this is how they make money. I truly believe the ONLY ones to make money are the companies requesting your $25 registration fee! There are also companies that charge $75 or more to join their programs. While searching for payment information, I found several checks “supposed” users have earned, but the latest one is dated in 2009. Here’s the most recent image I found regarding payment:




I just don’t believe it for a second. Any organization that is lucrative and in good standing WILL have current payment proof, like 2016 current. Lol  We have no way of knowing if a company that paid 7 years ago is still paying today, without current proof. (Which I still don’t believe to be ‘actual’ proof…people have been making fake checks since I was a kid).

Many people still share and participate in this opportunity claiming to make a decent income, but I’ve found NO payment proof. I’ve never been a ‘blind’ follower, and see no service or anything provided with this opportunity. You earn from users who have signed up and so does every other user. I see no benefit and sooner or later it will factor to be a waste of your time! I will list all SCAM email processing sites I’ve found;


If you ask me, these are all run by the same people. Once they get caught they open new sites with new looks and new names, though the scenario does not change.

So if you ever come across such an opportunity, it would be wise to overlook it, unless it’s found on a reputable website that has been known to pay its users. I searched a bit further on YouTube to see what I could find and there were thousands of entries referring to many different companies. I found one that wasn’t too long (most were 6 minutes or more in length). He explains the program and the success he’s had with it. Keep in mind, if you try this program your results will be different.



As stated earlier, the best method to finding an actual email processing job is to locate reputable companies that have good reputations with regard to paying its workers, and not a company promising you thousands of dollars (unrealistic) in a weeks time that you are not positive will pay you. I did a post a while back called “Email and Chat Support Jobs” that lists reputable companies seeking workers to WFH.

Concluding Thoughts: All in all, I can’t say that I can recommend this opportunity until I see more recent payment proof. I also at this time cannot label it a scam because there are several videos of supposed users who claim to be making money. Of course, when you sign up they will get (whomever processes your particular email) another $25 sign up payment. With any program you try online (because it’s not a job) proceed with caution! Much success!



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  1. Thanks for this post. I was to enroll in one of these email processing websites but thought of checking its legitimacy. You have saved my time and money.

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