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No, I didn’t misspell it, that’s how it’s spelled….EMPOWR! This is a social website that claims to allow its users to earn FREE from their regular actions. The same things you would do on most social networks like sharing pictures, liking things, posting an item for sale, following others, etc,. All of these actions are said to be paid on the Empowr Network. The site also claims to share its revenue with active members.

I tried the program for close to two weeks. Of course I was a spy trying to see whether or not the earnings were free or what the catch was…if there was one. Once I became active and uploaded a photo I started to receive likes to my content and people also started following me. (I’d actually had the account for a couple of weeks before I became active on it!)

After such a short time I had already 4 friends and 135 people following me, which of course was supposed to help add to my earnings. During this time I was asked to add more “power” to my earnings by upgrading, which I did with the monies accumulated within my account. I thought that was good, it made me believe the opportunity may be something to investigate further. Here is a photo of my account balance at last login;


The first thing I was asked today upon log-in was to verify my location and my PayPal address to help verify my identity. No problem! I’ve had to do this before. Once the screen went to PayPal its saying that I set up “automatic payments”! Huh?? That’s not what the previous screen told me! Automatic payments for what? Once I looked around a bit more, I discovered the FEE was for something called an IPL, which I assume are the fees to use the site’s platform..though that is not disclosed in any of the videos they want you to watch to acquaint yourself with the program.

This is where these “programs” mess it up for themselves because once you show me you’re not being honest, I’m out! lol I will not voluntarily be taken advantage of and my time be wasted by these people who make money from the things we do, though we don’t see a red CENT! Yes! Websites that we visit regularly get paid EVERY time we do anything on their websites! Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest receive funds for our actions.

Anyway, I wanted to share the screens I kept receiving when I tried to deny access to my location (which seems to be a requirement).








Now from the explanation within the screens that I shared, it says that 1 penny would be removed and immediately returned to my account just for validation. If that’s all it’s for why does the next screen ask me whether or not I want to approve automatic payments? I mean, it’s not rocket science. Any person who has an online account like PayPal has gone through the verification process, yet are not asked to set up automatic payments.

It’s the trickery of it that gets me upset! STOP saying things are FREE when they aren’t! Users should have a choice whether or not they want to be a member of a site or not and should certainly be informed whether it costs or if it’s FREE. There is nowhere in its ads that says that there is a charge to use the site or its services. This is what moves sites and services to the Not Recommended list!

I wanted to show you what I found when I searched the site looking to see what other users had to say, it was almost laughable!



These are supposed actual reviews of the website, but as you look closer the names are the same…so what did they do? Pay a few people and loop all of their comments together? I could have copied more but the entire page or should i say page-s were all of the same people commenting how great his-her experience was. This is what I found when I searched for proof of whether or not they’ve paid any users.

I actually found quite a few videos where users are posting proof of successful payments from Empowr Network. I cannot outright say it is a scam because users are currently getting paid. Do I care for their advertising practices? Not particularly! The platform does mimic Facebook, the only difference is you are supposed to earn here, you don’t on Facebook.

As with any opportunity just use caution and be smart when fees or dues are associated with using certain platforms. I guess I was also turned off because I have only been on the site for 14 days and they’re already talking about paying fees! If you’re not afraid of an investment of this type, I guess it could be a good idea (for those interested). I can’t exactly say I would ‘recommend’ it, but it’s currently Not a Scam!! There are often legitimate sites that go scam, so I will keep you posted.

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  1. Audra, this is a great review! At first, I thought this was a review for Empower Network. Right off that tells me Empowr is sneaky. The comment they made about validating someone’s PayPal account was shocking! Most companies would send you a micro transaction of a couple of cents. The member would verify the amount they received. Empowr is just penny-ante. Just another red flag.
    It is a company I would avoid.

    1. Hi, Glen. I thought this network was the Empower network until I recognized the spelling. That was the first deception. I just don’t want to deal with any shadiness online. Lol Not in the mood…and I’m sure my readers aren’t either! The PayPal transaction was a huge red-flag! Thanks for stopping in today! Come back soon! 🙂

  2. I always get suspicious if two things are involved:
    First, secrecy and hiding, or “fuzziness” in regards to the Why of an action.
    Secondly, when I have to wonder what my performance consists of!
    Thank you for shedding light on the quality of platforms where this constant uncertainty is present!
    Best Regards

    1. Hi, Therese. I agree. Any type of ‘shady business’ and I am out! lol I couldn’t prove it was a scam, but I won’t be recommending it either! 🙂

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