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Hello, WAH family! I haven’t written a review in quite a while, but this one needed to be done! I always enjoy sharing earning opportunities with you, but not when I believe they will cause an issue. Unfortunately, Engageme.Tv falls into this category!

What is Engageme.Tv?

It is a platform that can be found on most GPT or survey sites and it allows users to earn by watching videos. They also have ads or lists you can view (usually with 25 items) for points and cash. (Adscend Media).

Sounds good so what’s the issue? Well, there may come a time when you will be permanently blocked from earning on this offerwall, or even have previously earned points and cash revoked. How is this possible? Good question! For me, it started about a week ago.

I logged into one of my favorite earning GPTs and tried the engageme.TV offerwall and received an error code 3835. I was sure I wasn’t the only one to have this issue because…well, it’s the internet! So, I went to Google and typed it in to see what Google knew. I found complaints regarding this error across the following platforms;

reddit –complaints. –whole platform affected.

Twitter –complaints.

Facebook –Their community page. Complaints.

They are not shy about responding to complaints, but it’s always the same thing, “We can look into it more closely if you’d send us your IP address.” It’s bull! After I had contacted them the first time about the error (3835), they told me that my account was blocked and offered no explanation or fix of the issue, but were positive they could not remove the block. So, I guess once you’re blocked they don’t unblock you!

I truly believe to be an entire SCAM!! WHY? Here are the reasons I believe them to be a SCAM site.

  1. No ability to reconnect users after error codes.
  2. Reversal of points across platforms that can go back for months.
  3. No fix for any issues, though they will contact you with a BS excuse.

Usually on ANY platform where a user may make a mistake or perform any actions against the site’s terms ( it’s possible, we can’t memorize them all), users are given a warning, especially since it could be an internal error and not that the users are cheating the platform. There was no warning here, nor a way to have accounts restored!

These platforms are paid for every action their users perform, so to have a platform revoking points that it took users hours to earn is a complete SCAM!! I have had to delete several of my GPT accounts just yesterday because my accounts were negative. (And I’m not spending more hours earning pennies for them to take them back).

Becoming inactive on certain platforms is akin to account deletion, just throwing that out there for those who didn’t know. Most sites won’t allow you to delete your account if it’s negative, but they can’t make you return either. Here are the platforms I no longer use as of July 1, 2018;




If you see any links to these sites that aren’t referral links it is because I am no longer a member. I cannot refer people to sites that I believe are allowing Adscendmedia and to cheat their users. If you are connected to any GPT and complete these offerwalls please beware! They are all somehow connected including the videos from Smores.TV.

The only platform I can see that may never have this issue is Swagbucks, because they host their own videos. I would like to be clear in stating that I do not believe the sites where I’ve deleted my profile to be scams, I think they are allowing these video platform hosts to scam their users.

No way thousands of people should have complained without these sites being banned or somehow corrected for their accusatory practices. You’re accused with no explanation, nor a way to correct an issue! I would not waste my time on the videos, but if you’re not experiencing these issues and want to continue, it’s of course your choice. Just remember who warned you! Much success!!



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