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Hello all. I’m at it again. This is the 4th post of the series. My last blog was titled “50 MORE Businesses You Can Run From Home“. There are just endlesssss possibilities and ideas that can be used to start a business venture. You may have the next big idea and not know it! Again, I’ve tried to put together a list of opportunities that you may not have thought about. Take advantage of the resources listed here, as well as visiting previous posts to grab resources posted there.


Real Estate Investor —A Real Estate Investor may not have the desire to be a landlord. Many investors will buy properties that are not distressed and sell them, often doubling his-her investment. You can purchase a home online see an interested investor, and sell it without ever having laid eyes on it! 3 Ways To Become A Real Estate Investor —Wiki How, Becoming a Real Eatate Entrpreneur: Everything You need To Know. —Cleverism, NuWire –Tools, Top 14 Real Estate Investor Tools–DealMakers,  Bigger Pockets.  #1

Personal Chef —A Personal Chef may cater to specific needs, for instance one could prepare meals for those on special diets, for social occasions, or even for families who just don’t have time to prepare a meal every weekday. Study–step-by-step. Chron –How to. All Food -resources. Live Career –resume samples.  #2

Mobile Health Care —There are seniors and others who cannot leave his-her home conveniently to receive treatment. Those with medical experience/certification would fare well regarding opportunities: Not many doctors make house-calls these days. Gaebler–How to. Slide Share –How to. NCBI –Tools and resources. Next Web -8 resources for funding.  #3

Solar Panel Maker/Installer —Solar energy is used in many areas across the nation. I believe this is a lucrative business for anyone wanting to break in to an industry that is STILL (in many areas) untapped! Did you know there are sites that show you how to build the panels yourself? I’ve been looking into this for quite sometime. Instructables –How to. Green Optimistic –How to. Wiki How –How to with pictures. Simplify Solar –Tools and resources. Solar Nexus –streamline your solar business. DIY –How to install.  #4

Therapist/Psychiatrist —Most professionals have the opportunity to work for themselves, all it takes is a little marketing and a client base. Most professionals already have regular clients. This could be lucrative for those who may have clients who come in sporadically. A home visit encourages comfort for the client. RPP –checklist for starting a private practice. Psychology Today –starting your own practice. Good Therapy –resources for Therapists. Psychology.Tools –Free CBT worksheets for Therapists. Capterra –Tools.  #5





Peer Counselor —The average salary in the U.S. for peer Counselors is upwards of $50,000. A peer counselor is skilled in mental health and addiction issues. Must be at least 18 years of age with a HS Diploma or GED. Training consists of a 5-day 30 hour training program. Peer Counselor Training Manual –Tools. HBR –tools. Google Books –A guide to peer counseling.  #6

Handyman —If you have skills to fix things or even simple installs, your services are always needed. The number of single parent households is a clue that a handyman’s skill(s) may be required. The disabled may also need help getting things done/repaired around the home. Wiki How –How to.  Ask The Handyman –How to. Pro Referral –A service sponsored through Home Depot that seeks handy pros. Sign up and get started! Task Rabbit –An app to sign up and find jobs to complete near you.  #7

Carpet Installer — I have laid carpet and had zero skill. Carpet Installers can make good money depending on the area he-she services. Many businesses and individuals may require your services. e-How –How to. Study –resources. CRI –tips. Home Advisor –Sign up to be a pro.  #8

Electrician —This is a skilled trade, so any person seeking this field should already be trained and certified/licensed. Believe me, this is NOT a field you want to fake experience with…it could be deadly. Chron –How to. Bplans–Business plan. EcmWeb –Tips to grow your business. Insurance Bee –Insure your business. Granite City –Resources.  #9

Plumber —A Plumber is also considered a skilled trade. If you’ve ever had to call a Plumber you know they are paid well. They do the dirty work….literally! They do much more than unclog toilets, the last time I needed a Plumber they had to go into the ground and it took 2 days. Wiki How –How to. Chron –Starting a Plumbing business. Copper –Resources and tools. PHCC –resource.  #10

Workout Instructor/Personal Trainer —These persons make a good living. With the wave across the nation encouraging us all to live healthier lifestyles and move/exercise regularly, there may be a steady flow of those interested in regular exercise regimes. AFPA –Personal Trainer tips. PT Direct –Personal Trainer how to. Udemy –Upload your workout videos and charge a per view fee. FRNation–improve your business.  #11

House Flipping —This category will require one to perform up-to-date renovations on a property to increase its value and to sell said property for a profit. This choice can be tricky depending on where in the world you reside. Bigger Pockets –Step-by-step. Chron –How to. Fortune Builders –6 tips for house flippers. Go.Homebay –10 free online resources for house flippers. For Dummies –11  ways to cut renovation costs.  #12

Teach Skilled Trades —I think this is a lucrative idea because we have so many young people (male and female) who have nothing to do, who need a skill to survive in this world where jobs (to most) seem to be disappearing. People who have skills can be successful anywhere and are less likely to become burdens on society. Modern Trades –How to teach a trade. Trade Schools –Learning resources. PHCC –Resources. Skilled Staffing –Construction staffing.  #13





Medical Spa — Medical Spas offer such services as; Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Massages, Cosmetic Services, and Facials. Chron –How to. Value-Med –10 Tips toward success. Schedulicity –A scheduling and marketing tool for Medical Spas. Orchid –Medi Spa software.  #14

Diaper Cake/Divorce Cake Designer —These particular specialty cakes are quite popular. (At least I know the diaper cakes still are ??). Why not use your artsy talents to tap into this industry. Brandon Gaille –How to. Cake Boss –Software. Pinterest –1000 ideas about the cake business. Love To Know –Cake decorating websites.  #15

Mobile Barber —We live in the age of convenience, those who provide such services can earn quite a decent income. I would advise anyone choosing this option to create videos of your work and post to YouTube and Facebook to gain customers in your area. Chron –How to. How 2 Become –Mobile hairdresser, how to. Capterra –Software. Go Canvas –Barber apps.  #16

Self Defense Training —I think it’s important for every person (especially women) to know how to defend him-her self. Those with the skill can earn by showing others skill and technique to get away safe! My Small Bizz –How to. SDI –How to. Thousand Waves –Resources. Attack Proof –tips.  #17

Interior Design —A person skilled at designing and decorating.  Interior designers make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. They read blueprints and must be aware of building codes and inspection regulations, as well as universal accessibility standards.Chron –How to. Entrepreneur –How to. ASID –Software. Choice Warranty –101 resources for Interior Designers.  #18

Online Grocery Delivery —You can set up your own website after speaking to a few grocery stores in your neighborhood, and advertise your services. Or you can join a ‘host’ company in your area and accept jobs at your leisure. Chron –How to. We Go Shop –resource. Dukeo –How to.  #19

Community Garden —This is a great idea because we are always learning about something new they’re doing to, or putting in our food. I’m sure your neighbors would appreciate it. Community Garden –How to in 10 steps. Let’s Move –Resource check list. ACGA –Tools. Green Satx –resource. Nal.USDA –resource.  #20










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  1. It’s amazing what the power of the computer can do. The computer allows you to start your own business. Your site provides very good resource to people who want to start a business from home. You have a great list of ways you can start a business.

    Thank you for a great resource.

  2. Wow, you have done some serious research! 🙂
    I really like your site but I just can not take it all in today so I have it book marked. I imagine I will be referring to it quite often as i refer people all the time to sites like yours.
    Excellent work!
    How long have you had this site up and where did you learn how to do this?


    1. Hi, Shawn. I’ve always had a passion to run my own business, and because we have the Internet we have more ways to work from home now than ever before. I just enjoy research and especially as it pertains to making money. I believe it is important to us all to learn how to be self-sustaining. Thanks so much for your comment. Come back soon! :

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