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Many of us have already heard about Bitcoin, though many don’t seem to know exactly what it is or what it’s used to do. Its currency! Bitcoin is a digital currency that is currently used around the globe for regular purchases and those we carry out online. I believe it is significant because there are several other Bitcoin that are created regularly. (Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Ethereum, Mastercoin, Namecoin)

Bitcoin was the original crypto currency, though they are all considered Bitcoin because the earnings usually represent fractions of actual dollars, or bits of currency. I have come across several websites that allow others to invest in Bitcoin, trade, buy and sell Bitcoin, and quite a few sites referred to as faucets, that allow users to earn Bitcoin FREE. You all know I love FREE.

I have seen many businesses that we use regularly accepting Bitcoin payments, so don’t start to think you can only shop online with them! Not true!! I found a resource where Bitcoin users can have their own debit card to access their funds. You’re welcome! 

Get your Bitcoin debit card

 WeUseCoins –5 places to find a Bitcoin debit card.

Bitpay –Load Bitcoin from any wallet to spend. 

To spend or accumulate your Bitcoin, users will need a Bitcoin wallet. I have listed a few in the resources section, though CoinBase is a popular one used often,  I use Blockchain, which is also popular, but you can choose the one that works best for you.

I try to provide FREE methods for those of us without the funds to buy bitcoin, some of us have to work at it and wait out the reward. There is an option to purchase Bitcoin if you choose to as well. You can find more ways to earn with Bitcoin by visiting a previous post ” Earning With Bitcoin“. Take advantage of the FREE methods to earn Bitcoin, we could all miss out on something big if we don’t! Much success on your journey!

Bitcoin Sites

Coinurl –A platform to shorten links and earn Bitcoin.

BtcMatrixClub –A Bitcoin faucet where users earn by remaining on site for a period of time. Users solve captchas to dispense Bitcoin.

TrustBTCfaucet –Earn FREE Bitcoin every 5 minutes you remain on the site.

KoCurrency –A crypto currency site where users with investment know-how sign up and earn for their predictions/assertions about the market. An investment/prediction site.

Coinbucks –A GPT site where users can earn Bitcoin for downloading and trying apps, surveys, and more.

Coinad –A platform for advertisers and publishers to earn Bitcoin. Must have a high-traffic, and branded website to qualify. Users are paid weekly in Bitcoin or PayPal transfers when requested.

BitcoinYellowPages –A platform where users can earn Bitcoin by submitting businesses to their directory. For every 20 successful submissions, users are paid between .0025 and .02 bitcoins per submission based on quality. 

OpenBazaar –An international platform to buy and sell anything around the world. List items for free. Paid in Bitcoin. 

Bitlanders –A social media site where users are paid to share.

 Bits4bux — Users earn Bitcoin by viewing websites. Paid to click. –A FREE Bitcoin faucet where users earn free Bitcoin every so often depending on time spent on the site. –A FREE Bitcoin faucet where users earn free dogecoin depending on time spent on the site. 

 Bitcofarm –A Bitcoin mining site where users raise chickens that lay eggs. By renting one chicken instead of hundreds of rental referrals, collect eggs everyday and start to get FIXED INCOME! 

Bitcoinbux –A paid to click platform where users earn Bitcoin by visiting websites.

 Cryptobear –A FREE Bitcoin faucet where users can earn free Bitcoin depending on the time spent on the site. –A URL shortner where users earn by shorting URLs and sharing them. 

PaidBooks — Here you can read hundreds of books, completely for free – and even better, you can even earn rewards while you’re reading from our brand new Digital Artists Online widget on every single book page! No sign up required to read, but users must sign up to earn.

 CoinAdNetwork –A Bitcoin advertising platform. Publishers can also earn by monetizing.

Bitfortip –A platform where users give advice for tips. 

Multiplier –A Bitcoin multiplier faucet. Make a deposit and double your investment. 

EthereumClix –A paid to click platform that pays in Ethereum.



 Scam Test –A platform that helps users determine if a Bitcoin earning platform is a Scam.

BlogSpot –A Huge list of Bitcoin faucets where users can earn Bitcoin FREE. 

Luxstack –A Bitcoin wallet.

Virtacoin –A Bitcoin wallet.

Bitbond –A Bitcoin lending/investment site.

Loanbase –A Bitcoin lending/investment site for citizens of Latin America

Spectrocoin –A Bitcoin exchange wallet. Users can send and receive Bitcoin.




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