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Hello all. I decided to write about a few opportunities I have found that are good choices to earn, even when you have only a few moments to spare. I am certainly ALL about earning whenever I can! I’ve also become addicted to MTurk which is what brought me to this post. I just had to search again to find similar sites, or sites where users could earn as easily.

If you are like me and allllways have something to talk or write about, quite a few of these sites could earn decent income. When you have lots to do during the day but still need to earn a few dollars, these sites will help. There are always tricks to most sites to earn more or be offered better opportunities, and users can find this info usually within the community’s forum.

Take advantage of the opportunities listed. If these sites don’t interest you, feel free to share them with others who may be in search of extra income. Sharing is caring! Look for my next post that will be featuring another strong force within Black American history. Much success on your journey!



Job Sites

SNIPS –A platform to earn from your views, shares, and interactions via social media. Users also earn a percentage of what referrals earn on the site. Monetization tool for social media advertising. Users are paid the first Monday of the month. Cashout threshold is $1 via PayPal, or $10 via check.

SNIPSLY –Snipsly enables you to post nearly any kind of content you want.
Create a Google AdSense Account & Keep 80% of your article’s advertising revenue.

Why Use Snipsly?

1. It’s fast, easy, and fun to use
2. “Dofollow” links help build publicity and credibility for your site
3. Receive 80% of AdSense revenue
4. Snipsly welcomes users from all over the world

Use the site’s ads from categories such as; Business, Culture, Lifestyle, and Current Events, or create your own. Must sign up with Google Adsense.

Get Ad Simple –Register FREE on the site and start earning by writing articles, visiting websites, watching YouTube videos, and completing external offers. Minimum Cashout is $1. Pays via PayPal or Payza.

Social Super Store –Discover your favourite products from thousands of brands. Share content with other users and across social media. Earn Money. Users can set up his-her own store and earn commissions through sales. UK based.

In order for you to be paid commissions, your Social Superstore Wallet must show an available balance of £5 or more. Payment of commissions to you is limited to between £5 and £250 per day. You must either (i) open and maintain a PayPal account, and / or (ii) provide your UK bank account details to which payments should be made.

PayPal payments can take up to three working days from the date we issue the payment and BACS payments can take up to five working days.

Starbytes –A crowdsourcing freelance site that is completely in Italian. So, you’d need to be a Native speaker or know the language to use the site.

Tassleem –A platform for freelancers and others to find professionals, experts, gigs, and more.

MyLot –An enormous discussion board, blogging community, questions and answers hub, social network and online hangout that pays you for your valuable contributions. Any myLot user with accumulated earnings greater than or equal to $5 by the end of the month are eligible for payout the following month. Payments are made to everyone eligible on or before the 15th of every month. Pays via PayPal.

CrowdGuru –A freelance platform that is totally in German. Sprechen Zie Deutsche?

Prolific –A freelance site where users earn completing tasks and answering surveys.

After you complete your first study, you will need to wait until your submission is approved by the researcher (usually within 1-3 days, sometimes longer). This short waiting period is important to ensure quality control.

The initial payment threshold is only £5 (with a small PayPal fee). If you want to minimize PayPal fees, then wait until you have accumulated £20. By doing so you will avoid PayPal fees if you’re in the UK, but unfortunately you won’t avoid them entirely if you’re outside the UK.

Yubster –A platform for freelancers. Get paid to complete micro tasks. Pays via PayPal.




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