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As I find more opportunities to earn online I save them until I find the right time to share them. As we steadily approach the holiday season many of us may be able to use a few extra dollars. Keep in mind that although I try to discover opportunities for all skill levels, I am not in control of what is currently available.

I would put most listed here in the extra money category and not something one might want to do 30+ hours per week…or they just might. We all have varied schedules and different reasons why our schedules are what they are. Examine the list of sites I’ve provided, be a pal and pass it on. Most people are looking to make extra income this time of year. Much success!

Disclaimer: I am in no way afilliated with any site listed, nor will I earn anything by sharing these opportunities with you.



977Music –A site for music lovers to earn while listening to and sharing music with other users and their social networks. Earn cash and prizes.

Gengo –A site that hires translators. Site administers a test for pre qualification. Pays on the 10th & 25 of each month.

Payhip –A site for digital creatives. If you create videos, podcasts, instructionals and the like, this site is where you sell and make money.

Viewsbank –A Survey community where users earn by answering short surveys.  Socialize and more. Cash and prizes.

Yokaboo –A site where creatives can open his-her own store online FREE.

MyHotSpex –A survey community. Earn cash and rewards. You can cash out via PayPal, Amazon, or Donate to a charity.

House Party –An awesome new site I discovered, where users search for upcoming promotions of their favorite brands. See a product you love? Apply to be the House Party host! The site doesn’t mention payment, but the party packs are free! May be a good opportunity for those wanting to start a party business and want a bit of practice.

MomsMeet –A site where users try products and services and give their opinions on those products and services. Also an opportunity for bloggers to write reviews and gain readership. Earn rewards.

Swap –An online Consignment store. Sell your gently used items here.

Article Document –A site for Content Writers. Write and receive feedback from the pros to improve. Monetize your brand.

THW Global –Video sharing community. Get paid to do the things you already do online and get paid for referring your friends and family who do the same. International Participants, of legal age in the country in which they reside in, are invited to invest up to 10 hours a week giving comments on videos, TV pilot programs, movie trailers, video surveys and shopping from the site. Participation can be done in the comfort of your home, or on the road, from the convenience of a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone at anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. FREE to join. Opportunity open Internationally.

Valued Opinions –Survey site. Earn rewards for giving your opinion.

Life Fun & Everything –A survey site where users share opinions on products and earn gift card rewards.

Writers Weekly –Seeking Freelance Writers.

Freelance Careers –Seeking to hire Freelance Writers. Also hires Translators and CopyWriters. Pays via PayPal, AlertPay, Skrill, Wire Transfer. –Seeking to fill Freelance Writing positions. Bachelor degree in any subject preferred. Open Internationally.

Hire Writers –Seeking Freelance Writers. If English is your first language, join today for FREE and you will have access to HUNDREDS of paid writing jobs. Clients post writing assignments and you can then accept the job and get paid when you complete it! Hiring in the following Countries; U.S., Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, & New Zealand. Pays via PayPal.

InfoBarrel –Seeking Freelance Content Creators. Earn by number of views via Adsense. –A GPT site where users are paid to complete small actions like trying offers and completing surveys. Pays via PayPal, Skrill, and direct bank transfer.

EcoRevenue –A site where users earn by recycling waste material. RECEIVE PASSIVE INCOME WORKING WITH AN ECO-FRIENDLY BUSINESS IN EUROPE. GET PAID EVERY 2 WEEKS. Pays via PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa/MasterCard, wire transfer.

MyAppware –Earn by trying apps and writing short reviews. Users are paid $1 for each review and $3 for trying and playing iPhone apps. Pays via PayPal.

Campus Mystery Shopping –Seeking Mystery Shoppers.

athpower –Seeking Mystery Shoppers.

fpitesters –A site where users are paid to perform tests whether in store or in their own homes.

Story Hunter –A freelance site for Video Creators. Connect with the world’s leading media companies, brands, agencies and production companies to pitch bigger projects, showcase your work and build long-term working relationships.

Update Legal –Seeking Legal Freelancer Contract Attorneys to practice in the following areas; New York, New Jersey, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia.

Toptal –(Formerly SkillBridge) A Freelance site for Business Professionals. Not easy to get in: Only hires the top 3 percent of business talent.

ArtWanted –A site for freelance artists to showcase their work and sell it. Free artist portfolio website.

Min –A Job Board for Freelance Media Professionals.

AdRants –A job board that showcases jobs in advertising.





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  1. Hello.
    Pls I want to take an online job from one your provided sites but I want to find out if it is possible for me to work at home from Africa , precisely Cameroon?
    Thank you.

    1. HI, Eric. I try to post jobs of an international/worldwide nature, but I can only post those opportunities that are available. Please search your interests on the site to see if your area is serviced. I also encourage you to check in the international jobs page for assignments in your area. Thanks for stopping by. Much success!! 😊

  2. Thanks for sharing that information! I’ve been looking for freelance jobs to do on the side. I never heard of most of those companies listed. I am with HireWriters, but since I got to the skilled level, there’s hardly been any writing jobs. I have your site saved, so I will check out the other companies!

    1. HI, Karin. I often find jobs for writers and add them to my “writers” page. Thanks so much for stopping by. Come back soon

  3. Thanks for sharing this Audra, this article and this website in general are an invaluable resource for people to learn about legitimate earning opportunities of all kinds.

    If only the governments around the world could be as supportive to helping people earn a good income.

    Well one thing is for sure, i know that anytime i need info on making some extra money online, then this site is on my bookmarks for future reference.

    1. HI, Marley. You’re so welcome. Thanks so much. The government has no interest in us all succeeding, good idea though. Lol. I hope you can come back soon. Thank you for your kind words today. 🙂

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